Minako's Secret
by Zandrellia - zandrellia@excite.com

In this story Minako knows a mysterious guy and all of her friends are trying
to find out who it is! Who is it and what will happen?


Minako squealed in delight as she ran into the arcade and found the table
where her friends were sitting. She smiled and sat next to Ami who was, as
usual, reading.

"Hey Minako! Why are you so excited?" Usagi asked, hoping for some gossip. It
was a rather boring day today. Miss H hadn't even given her detention!

"No reason." She said as she ordered herself a drink. Rei came in and began
to fume over how ignorant Yuuichirou could be. Everyone laughed at the
thought of Rei beating the young man with her broom.

They sat and talked over the usual subjects as they drank their colas and
laughed over a joke Makoto had heard earlier that day.

"Oh I'm going to be late! I have some places to go and then I'm going to pick
someone up before I go home. Would you all meet me at the park entrance in
about an hour? Then you can meet him! Bye!" She said as she stood and waved.

Before anyone could say anything she was gone. All the girls began to wonder
who this guy was that Minako was picking up. They all schemed and made bets
on who the mysterious guy was.


Minako ran up to the park entrance and greeted her four friends. "Hey! Let's
go! I don't think he'd like waiting."

They began walking away from the park and ended up in a neighborhood which
they all were familiar with. "Hey, isn't this the neighborhood where Hotaru
lives?" Usagi asked with confusion.

They were even more confused as Minako lead them to the Tomoe house. The girls
began to worry about their friend and the state of her mental health. She
smiled and rang the bell.

Hotaru answered the door and smiled up at the golden haired girl. "Good
Evening, Minako! I'm sorry but my father said for you to come again tomorrow.
He's sick and needs to wait another day."

Minako frowned and sighed. "Ok. I'll be back tomorrow around six. Tell him I
said hi!" Hotaru smiled and nodded before closing the door.

"Well, I guess we better all go home. You'll have to meet him tomorrow. Be
here at six!" She ran off towards her apartment leaving her four confused
friends behind.


The next day was a typical school day. Usagi had found out that the
mysterious boy had brown hair. Ami had found out that he had one blue eye and
one green eye which they all thought was weird.

Later that day at the arcade Makoto and Rei had found out that the boy was
short but had a happy personality. His name was Maxfield.

Apparently Maxfeild was staying with the Tomoe's due to an illness and the
professor had been kind enough to help him during recovery to be sure he did
not go into relapse and get the illness again.

Everyone was very curious about this mysterious boy and couldn't wait to meet


They all walked to the Tomoe residence together and found Hotaru waiting for
them. She smiled at Minako. "He's inside and waiting for you."

Minako ran inside and down the halls, searching for the professor. Her
friends and Hotaru soon followed.

"In here Minako!" The professor's voice rang out.

The girl opened the door and ran in. She glanced in a box and smiled. "Thank
you professor!" She hugged the man like a vise.

The four friends were wondering if maybe the boy Minako was hiding was a
fraud. And then the golden haired girl pulled out a small puppy from a box.

"Everyone! I'd like you to meet Maxfield!" She grinned and held the puppy up
for all to see.

The puppy with brown hair, one blue eye and one green eye, and a happy

The four girls groaned and fell in a heap on the floor. A puppy. No
mysterious person to meet. No surprises. Just a puppy.

"What's wrong?" Minako asked.

"Nothing. Nothing at all Minako." Makoto said as she stood and brushed
herself off.

"Let me see the cute puppy first!" Usagi squealed and everyone else

***THE END***

I don't own Sailor Moon, it was never my idea and none of the characters
represented in this fictional work were my origional ideas.