Pin Stripes

by Ebony

x The thinnest line is that which lies between love and hate… x


Where is the line between hatred and love?

Or does this line even exist?

Can you hate someone so much you love them?

Or do you love somone so much that you hate them?

It didn't matter. Sango loved to hate Naraku.

But in return, he loved how she loved to hate him.

And she hated how he loved how she loved to hate him, and so on and so forth. A never ending spiral, caught always in a draw.

Hedid not hate her, for he was hate. A manifestation of the darkness that collects in every corner of the earth, deep within the hearts of every being. No matter how pure a soul is, the darkness only becomes that much deeper. The two cannot be separated, else reality would cease to be.

Even so... it was irksome that she was still able to love. He had thought he had stripped her of that. That he was the only one who could give her that pleasure, her heart revelling at the spilling of his blood.

And it was irksome that this love caused her pain, and mock-hatred. He was supposed to the only one who could wriggle inside her heart, laying eggs of malice within her. It annoyed him that sometimes,she was smiling, and kindly so.

He loved it when she smiled, sick and weary, her skin feverish and sweat dripping from her hair. When she was covered in blood, eyes wide with excitement. Pushing her, pushing her closer to the edge. This gave him great delight.

But she was learning to resist.

And she was relearning to love.

Love to love, and hate to hate.

But they are never really separated. He was hate, who couldn't quite find his way out of love.

And he was not pleased that she had learned to love.

No matter how much he hated to admit it.