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New Students?

An old man with long silver hair, a long silver beard, twinkling blue eyes, and half moon glasses sat at his desk in his office, which was hidden in the Eastern part of the large castle which was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, looking though his mail, which of course came by owl, and he came upon a very import looking envelope, stamped with the Minister of Magic's seal. He carefully opened it, and unfolded the think parchment to read the letter inside.

"Dear Professor Dumbledore,

The Ministry of Magic has discovered five young adults, young women to be exact, with magical powers, however, these children are in their late teens, and every other school of magic we have notified that is closer to their country of residence, the United States, has rejected them because of their age.

You are the last person we have contacted about them, thus, if you turn them down, they will not be able not learn the art of magic.

Please consider taking them as students.


Cornelius Oswald Fudge

Minister of Magic'

Dumbledore thought about the letter, seeing no reason to turn away these young women, regardless of their age, the talent would always be there, and they should gain the knowledge of how to use it. Already making his decision he read the second, smaller letter in the envelope.

'This is information about the young ladies in question.

First, Wilhelmina Vandom age sixteen of Heatherfield, New York, a muggle born with power that little is known about.

Second, Irma Lair age fifteen of Heatherfield, New York, a muggle born with power over the Greek element of water.

Taranee Cook age fifteen of Heatherfield, New York, a muggle born with power over the Greek element of fire.

Cornelia Hale age sixteen of Heatherfield, New York, a muggle born with power over the Greek element of earth.

Hay Lin age fifteen of Heatherfield, New York, a muggle born with power over the Greek element of air.'

'All from the United States, and all with power over the Greek elements. How did muggle borns get such power? I wonder, might they be a hazard?' Dumbledore looked over the letters again, deep in thought, but ultimately still arriving at the same decision he had come upon before.

He put down the letters on his desk, pulled a piece of parchment toward him, picked up his quill, and began to write.

"Dear Minister Fudge,

I will accept these girls as long as you allow me, and not the Ministry, to inform these students of this. I see no reason to deny these girls the knowledge they may need to control their powers, despite their age and any other powers beyond our knowledge.


Professor Albus Dumbledore,

Headmaster of Hogwarts,

Order of Merlin, First Class,

Grand Sorc.

Chief Warlock,

Supreme Mugwump,

International Confred. Of Wizards"

The man put down the quill, taking a moment to look over his letter (and his long list of titles) and called in a surprisingly loud and clear voice, "Fawkes! I have a task for you."

A beautiful red and gold bird appeared in a flash of golden flames and landed on the desk, looking dutifully at his master, as if asking what task he was to do.

"Please deliver this to Cornelius Fudge." Dumbledore said, holding out the letter for the beautiful Phoenix, and the bird took the letter in his beak and disappeared in another flash of gold flames.

Dumbledore sat back, and stroked his long beard. "These girls have great powers, there can be no question of that. Seeing as that is, I wonder if Tom knows of them. Anything of this magnitude rarely escapes his attention." He muttered to himself.

In a dark cave, a tall, thin, man was pacing, this man looked more like a snake than a human, as he had long, boney fingers, large red eyes, and slits for nostrils.

A short balding man ran forward and bowed, obviously nervous and afraid of the tall, thin man.

"This had better be good, Wormtail." The tall man said, coldly, his red eyes drilling into the balding one.

"My lord, we have found three teenage girls with very great powers." The short man replied, never meeting his master's eyes.

"What kind of powers?" The tall man asked sounding slightly interested.

"Power over the Greek elements, sir. Power over water, fire, earth, and air." The short man explained.

"Where do they live?" The tall man asked.

"We're not sure at the time. But your Death Eaters are looking for they as we speak, my lord." The short man answered. "We will find them, I promise."

"When you find them, bring them to me." The tall man ordered.

"Yes, my lord." The short man said, backing away and turning to run once he was ten paces away from his horrible lord.

'With the powers of the Greek elements in my control, I'll be unstoppable.' Voldemort thought, as he smiled a very cold smile. 'These girls will obey me. I will make sure of it, and that damned Harry Potter will not meddle this time, he instead will be destroyed once I get these powers.

End Chapter One

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