The Felloship Goes Dr. Suess


LiL Pippin Padfoot


Disclaimer: This came to me this morning while I was half-awake. It's funny.


How it happened, no one was sure. But it did.

Maybe it was becuase this authoress, snuck into their camp while they were sleeping and read them a collection of Dr. Suess stories. But I doubt it.

When they woke up, it started with Aragorn.

Aragorn had made breakfast, and had somehow aquired eggs to make.

Boromir was the last one up, and Aragorn offered him eggs.

"Would you like some eggs Boromir?"


"Would you like them on a box?"

"I would not like them on a box."

"With a fox?"

"I would not like them with a fox."

"With a mouse in a house?"

"I would not like them in with a mouse in a house

"You do not want some eggs and ham?"

"I do not want eggs and ham."

Next it was Legolas.

They were to chop firewood. Legolas went absolutly nuts.

"I speak for the trees, for the trees can not speak for themselves! Do not go cutting down these trees!"

"We're not cutting down a tree, Legolas." said Gandalf "We are cutting down branches."

"I speak for the trees, for they cannot speak for themselves!" he screamed

So they gave up on firewood.

Then it was Merry and Pippin.

"Big feet." said Pippin

"Small feet!" said Merry.

"Hairy feet."

"Unhairy feet."

They went around talking about everyone's feet.

Frodo and Sam were supposed to be fishing

"One fish!"

"Two Fish!"

"A Red Fish!"

"A Blue Fish!"

They were so caught up in counting and describing fish, they forgot to catch any.

"Lookit! A fox in socks!" said Gimli

Everyone looked. There was no fox in sockss.

"I just want to fit in!" wailed Gimli, who ran away crying.


Guess which 5 Dr. Suess books I used.