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Spoilers: References to Window of Opportunity, Chimera, Affinity, but really, any episode up to and including season 8 might be referenced. Takes place either in season 8 before Threads or in an AU where some of the events of Threads did not happen.

Chapter 1 – The Briefing

General O'Neill entered the briefing room from his office to join Colonel Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c and Bra'tac. He quickly covered his smirk at seeing Daniel squirming in his chair, practically beside himself with excitement. 'Oh this is going to be fun', he thought to himself. 'Probably lots of talk about rocks.'

"Bra'tac, buddy, what brings you to our little corner of the galaxy?"

"O'Neill, it is good to see you again. Zimbar, of the rebel jaffa, contacted me with information which may be of some value in our mutual cause."

"Does it involve getting us some big, honkin' space guns?" Jack briefly looked at Carter as he asked and was rewarded for it with one of her killer smiles which always disarmed him momentarily.

"You never know", a way too cheerful Daniel offered, snapping him out of his reverie.

"Zimbar discovered a planet with a building of the Ancients. There are many unknown, advanced devices throughout the building as well as extensive writings on the walls discussing many devices of power." Bra'tac explained.

"Zimmy reads Ancient?"

"He does not. The site appears to be under the oversight of another group of people who told him of their discoveries."

Daniel chimed in, "That's where we come in. There seems to be a scientific expedition from another planet there now. They've laid claim to the site, but have apparently heard of us. They say they'd be happy to share any knowledge obtained with us if we help them."

Teal'c added to the discussion, "DanielJackson's mastery of the Ancient's language is well known, as is ColonelCarter's skill in working with new technology. It is not surprising these people would request their help."

"What about you, T? You're famous, too."

"I would merely be going along for the ride, as it were."

Bra'tac added, "Your leadership is well known as well, O'Neill. It has been requested that you also go to the site to work out a diplomatic arrangement with this group."

With the grin he always had when about to blow something up, O'Neill said, "There's a request for me to go off-world?" The grin faded quickly when he realized, "It's a diplomatic meeting. Maybe I should bring SG-9 along?"

"Jack! These people specifically asked for you. We don't want to overwhelm them with a bunch of military people."

"Uh, Dannyboy, have you ever noticed the stars on my uniform?"

"Yeah, but you're not, you know, SG-9."

Deciding to have as much fun with Daniel as possible, O'Neill continued. "Well, be that as it may. SG-1 has a busy schedule right now, and I've got all those important menu item selections to make for the commissary, not to mention wading through my backlog of Carter's and your mission reports - do you think you might be able to tone down the 16 syllable words just a bit in the future?"

"What are you saying, Jack?"

"I'm saying, it might be better, if this is an extended operation, like it sounds, to send SG-9, Felger and maybe Nyan. He could use some fresh air. And you know how much we'd all benefit from having Felger and his little disasters on a different planet entirely."

Daniel couldn't believe what he was hearing, "Ja-ck!"


"You can't do that!"

"I can, I'm The Man now."

"You can't."




Carter stepped in before the whining started to get even more irritating. "Sir, we don't know what might be at this site. We can't just send any group of people we choose hoping that we won't offend some potential allies by ignoring their request for specific people."

"OK, OK. So we've got old scribbles to interpret for you, Danny, doohickeys for Carter and a boring meeting for me. Don't say I never did anything for you, kids. Bra'tac, Teal'c, make the arrangements. Carter, where exactly is this planet?"

"We've designated it P4X-559. It's almost on the opposite edge of the galaxy from Earth. It's actually surprising that Zimbar stumbled upon it, since it's very far from most occupied planets in the gate system."

At the newly discovered building of the Ancients on planet P4X-559:

"Master! Zimbar has returned. The arrangements have been made. They will be here tomorrow."

"Good. Once that shol'va Zimbar has left, pack up all of the devices and equipment. By this time tomorrow, the galaxy will finally be rid of the most meddlesome of the Tau'ri."