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Omi had been happilly playing a game on his laptop, ignoring the sleeping Youji in the living room. Honestly, that guy could sleep anywhere! As the Chibi won another round and was about to go to another level, he heard Youji muttering something under his breath. Pausing his game, Omi walked over to check up on Youji to make sure that he was indeed sleeping... finally registering what Youji was saying.

Did Youji even know any foreign languages?

A mental image of a certain red headed German came to mind... Shuldig! Oh god... Youji's been possessed! Backing away from the slumbering blonde, Omi looked to Ken who had currently occupied himself with a bike magazine. "Ken... come here..." Omi whispered...

Things were just not going their way. In just a matter of hours, Ayah had run off somewhere and Nagal had run off into the woods to search for his... ahem daughter. As some villagers returned with the innkeeper's corpse, it was very apparent that Nagal wasn't exactly successful in his search. Ken AKA Dr. Hidakas... in his wiseness, decided that he'd suggest putting a stake through Nagal's heart just in case... Needless to say, the widow was far from happy with the situation, which was very much emphasized when Totka grabbed Hidakas's umbrella and started swinging it threateningly at them.

Youji shook his head at Ken as they were now hiding out in the room they were renting... The Professor needed to work on his people skills.

"Happy now? She was on the verge of kicking us out!"

The professor waved his hands dismissively at Youji as he placed his ear against the door, "Hush... As soon as they leave the body alone we are going to stake it."

"I somehow doubt that the widow will be leaving the body's side anytime soon>," Youji muttered, "Particularly after your offer of mutilating the deceased."

"But it's to prevent him from becoming one of the undead!"

"And somehow that isn't comforting for his survivors... I wonder why."

Youji wasn't sure how long the wait was and neither did he care... he was busy packing the bags while the Professor had his ear to the door... After all...when the widow found a big wooden stake in the chest of her dead husband... he had a feeling she would assume it was them responsible. (I wonder why? ) And when that happened... he wanted to have it possible to make a quick escape before the lady figured out how to make that umbrella (which she had yet to return) more dangerous.

"I think they are all gone now."

Show time.

Youji closed up the last of the bags and walked over to the door...however as he reached the doorknob to turn it, he could hear the faint sounds of a young voice singing a rather depressing number... Something about how being dead is funny.

The professor looked to Youji curiously, apparently able to hear the sounds but not make out the words, "What is he saying?"

"Tot zu sein ist komisch..."

Youji shook his head, "We might have to wait a bit longer... song numbers take a couple minutes at least."

With that, the two moved away from the door as they just shuffled their feet in impatience.

Ken moved over to where Omi was frantically pointing and noticed that Youji was muttering in his sleep. A mean look formed on his face, "You know, it's fun to play with people when they're dreaming..."

Leaning closer to Youji's ear he whispered quietly, assuming that Youji was dreaming about a girl,"You know she's taken by me, right? But isn't she hot?"

After waiting about ten minutes, Youji and the professor snuck down to the tavern area of the inn to 'finish the job'.

"Now I need you to do the staking... since I'm too feeble for this task">

"You just don't want to do any work."

"That too... now remember to feel three ribs down to locate the heart... Once you find the right spot... drive the stake in."

"Yeah yeah ... I've heard it all before..."

Youji approached the sheet covered corpse and walked over to where Nagal's head had been resting earlier... reaching his hand over to where the innkeeper's chest should be located under the sheet, he pressed his hand down to search for the ribs...

What he got instead was someone's crotch.

"The body's been... rotated?"

The Professor looked curiously to Youji and ripped the sheet off the body, exposing not Nagal's body but Omida's... located on the neck was two puncture wounds.

The professor nudged Youji, "You know she's taken by me, right? But isn't she hot?"

"Sie pervert. Es sind Omida! "

Omi went into full alert mode when he heard his name. So Schuldig's after me next, is he? Omi looked to Ken, "Ken be careful. He's speaking German."

"Omi...?" Ken blinked, looked over at the boy in question then looked back to Yohji, "You're doing Omi? But he's so young, Yohji!"

He grinned evilly over at Omi, "So? He's fun to play with." Obvious, the thought of Schulidich didn't enter his head.

Despite Youji calling the professor a pervert, Hidakas didn't seem to leave it at that as it seemed the professor has become even crazier than normal.

"You're doing Omi? But he's so young, Yohji!"

What the hell?

Youji didn't have much time to think about it as he noticed a bit of movement in the corner.

"Er ist hier."

As the missing Nagal was dicovered sneaking to the door, the two vampire hunters chased after Nagal... stakes raised and ready to destroy the undead creature... The chase could only be described as reminiscent of a keystone cops show...


Omi was shocked at the direction this was going. Schuldig was an evil, evil, evil man.

Omi geared himself up for battle.

"Yeah, Omi's right here. Don't tell me you want him again, Yohji? Aren't you going too far?" Ken grinned again, "You both -are- fun to play with." He stuck his tongue out lightly at him.

Omi glared at Ken, "You are so dead."