Spider Web: Erosion

Rei Hino

Rei sighed. It didn't matter how exotic she made herself, the sweet good girl always kept the guy. The "dark, exotic beauty" all her friends claimed had was apparently a beacon to all males, "Hey! One night stand central!". Her stomach flipped at that thought. Sure, she was secretly voted "most desirable" in an underground poll at her school, but all that really meant was that they wanted to shag her. A bitter laugh rose from Rei's throat at her simple fuck up. She had everything under control, all of her life at her fingers. One simple rule kept her where she was: You do not sleep with or date the guys at your school (Poor Minako). It worked well, all the older college guys wanted her anyway.

But one lied. Turns out that this one guy she slept with was a senior in a rival high school (to Rei's credit, he seemed much older). Not so bad, Rei decided. Until he transferred to her high school. That moment ruined everything. This kid saw her as a right to popularity and many more passion filled nights once he learned her reputation. Then any and all thought they had a chance.

Rei sighed. 'It's not like I just slept around… my relationships lasted until the guys found a better girl…' (The average length was about a week). But now any hope of finding a steady guy was ruined. Why?

Because the sweet, innocent girl got the guy. Not to be cruel, but Rei found women like that … boring. Bland. All the same. Her unique, dark world went for a spin and done all in the same round.

Hugging her pillow close Rei closed her eyes, tearing her eyes away from the full, white moon, glistening perfectly against the clear midnight sky. 'I will not cry. I will not cry. I'm not that girl' Rei chanted to herself over and over again. Letting herself fall back onto her mid sized bed, Rei let her body go. Her body fell into complete relaxation. Somewhere in the background Rei could her grandfather shuffling around the hallways. Recently he had become very worried about her detached attitude.

Surprise. I mean really, when the general quality of life goes to hell, you learn to not care. She was probably giving up her Salutatorian position of her class. Something she worked so hard for, even though her aim as Valedictorian. Her friendships seemed less important, though getting away from it all with them was top priority. An escape, anything. "Hehe… anything" Rei said lightly, then giggled, as out of place as it felt to her.

It started with curiosity… then it became a constant itch in her arm. But it was her escape, with her other friends. Friends who weren't really friends at all. These people stood in the same social ring as her. People who did the same thing, all for different reasons. They didn't look out for each other, but they could always get a conversation going.

Rei lay on her bed for hours, eventually opening her eyes to see the bleary red digits on her alarm clock softly glow 5.59. The minute changed and her alarm clock began screaming a loud rock song. She winced; it being a little too early for music, then slammed the alarm clock into the wall. Rubbing her hand Rei shed yesterday's cloths and wandered to the bathroom for a scalding shower. The thought of one more school day struck her with a dark, sickening jolt.

'Calm down, you only have two months left… then you cans tart your life… two months… wait…' Rei lifted her head for the first time this morning. 'Saturday…' Her eye twitched as she shut the faucet off.

The next two hours passed by as Rei dried her hair and slipped on today' clothing. A simple white leather miniskirt with a black cashmere sweater that hung low on around her shoulders and black stilettos in a three inch heel. Over dressed for work, but if felt good to have the soft material wrapped around her body.

Arriving fifteen minutes early to the Book Cellar store Ami greeted Rei warmly from behind the counter. Rei stepped beside her and punched in for work. Simply the bet job on the planet, Rei and Ami both agreed. Quiet, plenty of time to think about, and the customers were intelligible life forms.

She really enjoyed working with Ami, a quiet and polite girl who attended some other school, Juuben High or somewhere. A very mature girl, Ami was the Valedictorian of her school. And she had a personality too. The very girl Rei thought she hated, but this girl wasn't quite there. Her pier social skills seemed lacking, though really Ami was just an introverted person (the type of girl Rei hated was out going and up beat). Her beauty was simple and quiet, the kind of beauty you have to see by reading between the lines. She had deep eyes that analyze you to your core, with soft hair as light as the sky. Ami carried her body very modestly though, a regular knee length skirt and dark blue baby tee; nothing that screamed "hey look at me", but was very playful at the same time.

And, aside form being paid about 7.50 per hour there was one last perk to Rei's job. His name was Mamoru Chiba. His dark midnight blue hair and even darker eyes that pierced through you captivated Rei as she worked. Every other day at five pm He entered and sat for a while with a new book each day, read for an hour and a half, then purchased it and walked out the door. This man wasn't a nerd, he wasn't anti-social, he was mature and an intellectual. Someone who could engage you deeply and not let go until your on the edge of your seat. He also seemed like a major player. The way he set his gaze on a woman, the sensual way he pursued her, and then the cold way he dropped her. Rei was fine with admiring from the sidelines.

Ami glanced at her. "You okay Rei-chan? You seem… detached. Can I help?" Always intuitive. It made Rei smile lightly, just the fact that Ami cared enough to notice, and then cared once more to ask. The girl was loyal to the very end, something Rei had with no other human. And Rei was every part loyal back.

"Mmm, it's just one of those mornings. I woke up early thinking it was Friday, then I came here. Just one of those days." Rei said and spread her smile further, lying through her teeth. 'Sorry, it's not that I don't trust you, it's that… I just don't like talking about it… I don't like admitting that I'm not okay…' her mind silently apologized. Ami tilted her head slightly to the left, her eyes scanning Rei.

"If you say… hey, something to brighten your day—it's three minutes to five."

Rei quickly whirled around so that she face the door, and sure in enough just in time to see the light of her day walk in. He strode fluidly over to a book shelf, selected a book and too his usual seat on the red, over stuffed love seat. A chestnut wood coffee table sat in front of him, and opposing him was full length couch, of matching colour. And, connecting the two pieces of furniture was a single chair, equally as red and overstuffed.

"Why don't you go talk with him?" Ami asked, nudging Rei gently in the side. An almost bitter smile came across Rei's face.

"Because he'd much rather talk with you." A simple sentence. Rei thought it spoke volumes, and to her it did, though the rest of the world was sure to pass it by completely. Ami didn't react to it all too nicely though. Her own expression darkened slightly, but the same smile Rei had dawned fell into Ami's features. Rei seemed taken back; it just didn't fit on such a sweet, lovely face.

"Yeah, right. C'mon, we both know you can get any guy you want." Ami said. Rei was definitely taken back by this statement, it almost hurt. She opened her mouth to respond, but something in her heart tugged it back. 'Yeah, for one night, maybe three if I'm lucky.' She bit that thought back.

"I don't have time for a guy." Rei retorted quietly. She then went back to shelving newly ordered books and re-organizing books that had been carelessly thrown on the shelf. Ami bit her lip, realizing something had been triggered in Rei's brain and now she was going to be secluded—

"Hey Ami, what was the most recent movie you've seen?" Ami jumped when Rei spoke, but turned around smiling bright as ever.

"Nothing recently, why?"

Rei grinned. "Great, then you, me-- tomorrow at eight. We'll go catch a flick and maybe some dinner!"

"Sure, sounds great!" Ami smiled and returned to behind the counter to ring up some books for a customer.

Laughing, Ami and Rei left the Crown Theater and headed for the closest restaurant. Finding a family run Coffee shop Ami and Rei slid into a booth by the window. A tall girl wearing a white apron walked over to them, pulling the pencil from behind her ear. Her wavy and curly chestnut hair was pulled up into a pony tail, her emerald eyes glistening against her hair and pale skin. As Rei inhaled she caught the slight fragrance of roses. The girl lifted an eyebrow at them, signaling to go head.

"Yerba Mate, please" Ami said sweetly.

"Korean Coffee and a cinnamon bun thanks." Rei said shortly. The girl didn't even bother writing the orders down as she headed back behind the old wooden bar.

"She's gorgeous…" Rei said quietly, as to not be overheard. Ami nodded.

"Yeah, and did you catch the scent of roses?" Ami nodded again. Rei's eyes followed the girl for a few moments, the turned back to Ami.

"She owns this place, and she's only a senior. Kind of a tough girl, but at the same time she's very feminine. Her parents died, I think. So she's all alone here…" Ami continued.

"How do you know her? I didn't think you were a coffee house kinda' gal Ami."

Ami blushed. "I'm not! She uh—she goes to my school, and I've talked with her a few times. She's an amazing cook and seamstress."

About half an hour passed as Ami and Rei conversed, eventually growing bored. Ami stood up, announcing that she should get home to study. Rei quickly jumped up.

"Aw, so early? C'mon, the night is young! Let's go to a club! I know a great place—"

"Rei, I'm not dressed enough to go to a club! I mean, you're already—"

"Ami, forget how I look—would you really be comfortable wearing this? Anyway, who cares how you look? Dress as you want!"

Ami stood still for a second. "All right…"

"Great! Thanks Ames', you're the best! Just let me go to the bathroom before we leave!" Rei said quickly, disappearing into the bathroom. Ami sighed, though not in exasperation. She loved how Rei got excited about some things. It seemed so rare these days. She wandered over the counter where the Brunette was working.

"Hey Makoto, how are you doing?" Ami asked as Makoto took out change for Ami's five dollar bill. Makoto seemed surprised for a brief second, then pleased.

"Great, how'r you?"

"I'm all right. I like it here, it's very cozy." Ami said, her eyes wandering.

Makoto laughed, blushing lightly. "Thanks, it's not quite what I had in mind, but it serves it's purpose."

Rei then walked out of the bathroom, now wearing a different outfit (pulled from the all mighty purse). Not she was wearing a dark red halter top. The back of it was several straps pull to the center of her lower back, held together by a satin black rose. Her leather skirt had turned into a black pleated mini skirt. Ami blinked, almost surprised.

"And where's that come from?" Ami asked with a bit of a joking sarcasm. Rei laughed.

"Ah you know, I have my hiding places!"

"Great, can I borrow your skirt?" Ami tilted her head a little to the left, an undeniable look on her face. Rei seemed slightly surprised, but laughed and tossed the white leather mini skirt to Ami. Ami hurried to the bathroom. Rei glanced at Makoto, a pleasant smile on her face. By the time Rei had thought of something to say Ami grabbed her arm and tugged lightly.

"What are we waiting for huh?"

The club was vibrating with commotion as the two girls entered the scene (heads turning). The music thumped loudly, slightly throwing off Ami's breathing pattern. She glanced to Rei, who seemed slightly stunned, but then recovered. Rei grabbed Ami's arm and linked them. Ami smiled and obediently was led to Rei's favorite seat. It was where anyone could be seen, checked out or found. On the way there Rei called out to a few people (though not seeming overjoyed to see them. Like pleasantries). They sat together, ordered drinks. Rei ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri and Ami ordered a Coke and Rum. The waiter disappeared. A comfortable silence fell over the two of them as they both checked out the underworld.

Ami didn't mean to stare, but she couldn't help feeling insignificant next to Rei. Rei was in her scene, she was in her territory. Ami could never have felt more out of place or inadequate. Already guys were checking her out, good looking guys, guys that Ami knew would never look at her. The most dazzling thing on Ami was the black silk screened Japanese characters for Harmony. Oh, and the mini skirt. 'Cuz' guys want a girl all about harmony…' Ami's mind thought glumly. Rei's head snapped back to her.

"Well, you like…?"

"Of course!" Ami called out (as that was the only way to hear each other over the thumping beat of the music), putting on her most ecstatic smile she could. Her night didn't have to be bad; she just had to make herself enjoy it. And anyways, time with friend definitely beat being alone.

Rei smiled as soon as the bouncer pulled back the velvet rope for her and Ami, the door being swung widely open for a dramatic entrance. Automatically heads, both men and women alike, turned and stared. Yes, this is where she, Rei Hino, could go and relax. Truly relax. Something then caught her eye.

Mamoru Chiba. His wonderful frame glided by them, and then disappeared into the crowds. She wanted to turn tail and run. Run far, far away. Ami then stepped into her peripheral vision, snapping her back to the vibrating world. Ami was absolutely gorgeous, and she didn't even have to try hard. Tons of guys were straight right through her to get to Ami.

It didn't take long for them to find the usual table. Rei scanned the crowd again for Mamoru, a light hope taking off in her heart of hearts. Sure admiring from the background was nice, but it wasn't her. Rei did not stand around in shadows. The two drank their drinks in silence. Once both were finished, Rei stood up and seized Ami by the wrists, pulling her out to the dance floor. Ami seemed stunned at first, but quickly understood.

The song was rather fast and upbeat, and the two of them cut loose. Rei watched Ami for a little bit. At first she seemed a little awkward, but she at least got the hang of it. She then closed her eyes and began dancing, no longer worried about Ami (she had only a few doubts, the girl was adaptable). Soon a pair of hands fell on Rei's body. Completely natural for a night club, and Rei wasn't about to shove this guy away, unless he didn't mean her "standards". This man's rhythm was in perfect tune with hers, their bodies flowing together in perfect time with the music.

His hands wandered down her hips, one found it's place on her inner thigh while the remaining hand wandered over the rest of her, cupping over her breast. His touch was sensual and enticing, leaving her wanting plenty more. Then both of his hands returned to her hips and spun her around. Rei opened her eyes to see this guy, hoping he was a total knock out. Rei's mind stopped, and her body almost lost it's momentum, until Mamoru nestle his leg between hers. Rei recovered quickly, placing her hands in his shoulders and flowing with his body. She welcomed his wandering touch, feeling every inch of her. He pressed her body tightly against his, allowing her to feel his arousal.

'Don't get carried away Rei, it's just a dance it's just a dance, don't lose control—how many drinks did I have! Calm down! It's… him ...'

Mamoru pushed Rei back, letting her fall onto his bed. He soon followed, his shirt already off, pants undone. He climbed over her, kissing her neck, his hands wandering over her body, cupping her breast. Rei let her own hands explore his body, every muscle now gleaming in the darkness with sweat. While one hand reached back and slipped he satin rose from Rei's halter top his other hand slipped up her inner thigh and pulled her thong down by her knees, sliding her skirt down after it. Mamoru left Rei's neck and began suckling on her nipple.

'Rei stop, Rei stop, Rei STOP!' Her mind kept screaming at her. The consequences began to run through her mind with the speed of sound, to inaudible to be distinguished, extinguished by sheer desire. She gasped at the pleasure he was invoking, more and more intense. His pants and silk boxers came down and Mamoru thrusted into her. Rei cried out, and he went deeper every time he entered her. Rei grabbed his muscular arms to brace herself as she cried out, her body convulsing with his.

Rei's chest heaved as he lowered himself on her, filling her with his hot liquid. Mamoru rolled off of her and out of her, lying flat next to her. Both were breathless, chests heaving form the blinding pleasure. Mamoru then reached over and pulled Rei on top of him. Neither spoke as they slipped into sleep, their breath becoming rhythmic again...

Rei bolted upright in the foreign bed. Her violet eyes darted around the room, and her heart then shrank. The previous night had been absolutely wonderful... she could still feel every inch of him, all the pleasure... but he wasn't there. Gone. Hot angry tears welled up in her eyes, but Rei refused to let them fall. This was her fault, purely. With a quick fury Rei jumped out of the warm bed and found her cloths. When she found the shirt the satin rose was no where to be found, rendering the shirt worthless. Her eyes scanned the room, the rested on a dark blue Hoodie. That would just have to suffice, he wouldn't miss it much. 'He'll miss it more than me...' Rei suddenly thought glumly. Anger then jolted through her, abolishing that thought. Anger at him, but mostly anger at herself for making such a dumb, foolish mistake. Grabbing the Hoodie Rei jerked it over her head, grabbed her purse, and flew out the door.

Silence filled the room, until Mamoru walked through an overlooked adjacent door, a towel around his waist, hair still wet from a scalding shower. His bewildered midnight eyes searched the room for her, but it was empty. A small mass under the bed caught his eye, and he bent down to pick it up. The black satin rose. Sighing, Mamoru leaned against the wall, his head up to the slowly revolving ceiling fan.

'And I didn't even get to tell Rei my name...'

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