Chapter 5: Justice Is Served

Silence enveloped the car. Olivia glanced out the window as Elliot drove the car around the sloping curves of the New York City street, heading towards Buddy Fowler's building.

"Uh, guys, we've got a problem," Casey piped up suddenly. "Even if Buddy Fowler is home, I can't prosecute him."

"That's OK," Elliot told her. "We'll find another ADA to prosecute him. This won't go unpunished."

"Elliot's right," Olivia chimed in. "We will get this guy."

"Looks like this is our chance, Livia. There he is," Casey said, pointing.

Olivia nodded. "It's show time. Cover me. I'm going in." She opened the door and stepped out, closely followed by Elliot and Casey.

"Buddy Fowler?" she asked the man in the front yard.

The man turned. "Detective Benson, it's good to see you all again."

Casey scoffed. "He's hiding something. He knows why we're here, and he's trying to butter Livia up so he can distract her," she thought to herself.

Olivia scoffed, too. "Buddy Fowler, you're under arrest for two counts of rape in the second degree. You have the right-" Suddenly, Buddy began thrashing in her grasp. She tightened her grip on him and continued as Elliot came over to help her.

"Let Detective Benson arrest you, or we'll do this the hard way," he threatened as he grabbed Buddy's shoulders.

With that, Buddy stopped thrashing and allowed Elliot and Olivia to lead him to the car.

Once Buddy was in the car, Casey called, "Livia, can we talk for a sec?"

Olivia turned, putting up a finger to tell Elliot she'd be back in a minute. "Sure, Case, what's up?"

"Do you have room in the front seat for one more?"

"Sure. I think Elliot was planning on sitting in the back with Buddy, anyway."

Casey sighed. "Thanks, Livia."

"No problem. Come on, I'll drive."

"Oh, it looks like Elliot could use some help."

Olivia turned again. Elliot was struggling with Buddy in the back seat. "Elliot, easy!"

"This doesn't help anything!" Casey called as they ran. When they reached the car, she threw the door open to allow Olivia inside.

"Elliot, get off him! Calm down! What happened?"She pulled him away, placing a hand on his shoulder. Casey closed the door, turning her back to Buddy.

"He was begging to see Casey, and when I wouldn't let him, he started swingin' at me."

"So, you were defending yourself."


"El, you're shaking. Breathe. It's OK. I already told Casey I'd drive back. Come on."

"I shouldn't break down like this."

"Elliot, this case is enough to rattle anybody's nerves."

"Livia, we see horrendous things every day."

"But this time, it's personal. His attack hit home."

"Well, let's hope we can make the charges stick."

"Elliot, DNA evidence is irrefutable. Justice is as good as served." With that, she led him back to the car, slipped into the driver's seat, and drove back to the precinct. "Oh, I hope I'm right," she thought to herself as she stared out at the open road in front of her.