This is the last chapter of 'When the Tears Fall Down'.

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Nedia was a cute baby. She had an adorable smile, and seemed to always be giggling about one thing or another. Everyone loved to play with her, especially Rikku. She was completely wrapped up in the infant, always baby-talking with her, or wiggling her finger. Nedia loved the games as well, and just kept smiling and laughing. Lulu too grew close to Nedia, but wasn't as openly excited as Rikku was. She mainly just would smile, and occasionally rock her to sleep.

Yuna gladly stepped out of the spotlight during the early months of Nedia. Everyone was fussing over the newborn, that it gave Yuna time to think. Her thoughts were much happier ones now compared to before the birth. Her thoughts wandered mainly to Tidus still, but how he would be so happy and excited himself. It would have been perfect, if he was still here.

But Seymour did his part as well. He kept up with the commotion, and made sure that Yuna and Nedia were always cared for. He was unnerved by the unexpected child, but tried deeply to accept her as his own. This was to be the easier part; the harder being Nedia accepting Seymour.

The fuss of the newborn began to die down as she approached one-years-old. Life began to return to normal- as normal as it can be after the first child. Yuna and Seymour never wavered in their commitment or love for eachother. If anything, Nedia seemed to strengthen their bond. Yuna was now comfortable talking to her husband about Tidus. She would have lapses and become depressed, but not to the extent of before.

Nedia had beautiful sandy blond hair, a direct tie to her genetic father. She had cute dimples, and loved to laugh and show them off, another trait from Tidus. Her eyes were bubbly, but also knowing. As if she somehow knew what was going on— and deep secrets that are untold. Her eyes were unique in another way. They were purple. She eyes were light purple, a pastel color to match her innocence and age. Yuna was unsure where they had come from, and assumed it came from Tidus.

Nedia loved to sit quietly and listen to the whispers in the wind. She would just sit down and tilt her head, trying to hear the muffled voices. Her favorite spot was the garden, a quiet, beautiful secluded place. She would often spend her whole afternoons sitting in the garden, smelling the flowers and listening to the bees.

Her parents enjoyed the quiet, they had heard enough of the problems of fussy and crying babies, but Nedia seemed to be past it all, and it slightly worried them.

To end long periods of solitude, the family would often travel to Besaid and visit Wakka, Lulu, and their new son, Vidina. Vidina was eighteen months younger than Nedia, so they got along fine. Vidina had the fiery orange hair that Wakka did. He inherited his red eyes from Lulu though.

The two would go off and play on the beach, often times arguing over petty things like whose sand castle was better, or who had prettier clothes. The two would always resolve the argument over a game of blitzball. Vidina had the advantage of playing it almost everyday, but his age hurt him. So, the outcomes were sketchy, and by the time the game had ended, the two had made up. Nedia and Vidina would spend countless hours together during these visits. The two couples found it adorable, but never said a word to the two children.

As the years wore on, and the children grew older, Yuna got more and more time to herself. Often she would relax in the garden with her daughter, listening to the low hums and basking in the sun. She would often lie down and fall into a sleep, dreaming always of her lover. She would often revisit that one special night, and yearn for it again. She would begin to want Tidus more and more. To be able to talk to him, kiss him, embrace him— even just see him alive once again.

It was during one of these dreams that her emotions overpowered Yuna, and caused her to begin to cry. She woke up, and finding dry tears on her cheeks, began to recall the dream. I t was like all the others, but this one seemed different somehow. She couldn't put her finger on it, and then she remembered when she saw her.

Nedia was off in the corner, squatting down and picking flowers. Yuna remembered her carefree days, the days before her father left to vanquish Sin. And remembering how truly special, how honorable, it was to be alive then, to have a daughter, Yuna began to cry. Nedia, acute to other's emotions, walked over and sat on her mother's warm lap.

She was comfortable here. The garden and her mother were the only two places that gave her true security. She snuggled into her mother's chest and looked up after being hit on the head with a teardrop.

"Mommy, why are you crying?"

Yuna laughed awkwardly. She stifled her tears and wiped her away. She smiled and looked down at her adorable daughter. Nedia reminded her so much of Tidus; it almost hurt to look at her. She stroked the blond hair, reminiscing about Nedia's father. She was brought back by her daughter's tug on her arm.

"Mommy, why?" She had a fake pout on, the look she gave when she was confused and frustrated. Yuna smiled again, and answered her daughter. "Mommy was just thinking of daddy."

Nedia plopped off and began to skip back to her flowers. Yuna admired her carefree spirit. She wished she still had hers. All the while, there was one thought going through her mind.

Tidus, I know you are still here. I love you with all my heart and I miss you everyday. I wish so badly you could be here. Our little Nedia is growing up, and she's so beautiful. I wish you could see her. We will find a way to bring you back, I promise.

And with that she looked over at the three-year-old and grinned.

"We will, I promise."

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