Okay, folks! This is really meant for my friend Kym. This is bewteen Dracula and a roleplay character and how they met. It's pretty good, I think. Others like it, apparently. It has plenty of suggestive detail, but nothing explicit. Don't worry! It's okay for virgin highschool (hey, look! an oxymoron!) eyes.

Favorite Mistake

It wasn't something I entirely planned on, at least not in the middle of battle as we were. The foolish mortal called it upon herself- she was the one who got between my prey and I. She was defending her little brother, apparently. But that mattered not to me. I'm not choosey. Blood is blood is blood, and blood tastes good, no matter what blood it is or what blood it came from, just so it's blood.

This mortal female was able to resist the hypnotic powers I attempted to use on her, much unlike anyone in the village; even the Valerious' could not resist my spells. However, she was able to keep her mind clear and her wit about her.

This human was difficult to bite. When I had worn her out by fighting, I literally had to lay my weight against her on the ground to keep her still enough to get my fangs close to her throat. Once restrained, however, she became quite tame and almost frightened.

Her heart was pounding in her chest, almost as if it would burst out. An evil smile played upon my lips, as an idea for revenge of the sword she shoved in my shoulder planted its self in my mind.

My hand moved from holding her leg down to resting upon her chest, right above her left breast where her heart butted against my hand as if pleading to be released. With a hiss of vengeance, I thrust my claw into her chest and pulled down, opening the tender pale flesh that held in the sweet crimson goodness I was hunting in the town for. I cut the wound longer and deeper, then leaned my head down and slowly lapped the iron-tart liquid. My tongue grazed her cut skin, sending shocks of pain through her body with each contact. I could help nothing to smile.

She squirmed beneath me. To keep her still, I shoved my claws through the other side of her chest, piercing her lungs to the ground. A small gasp escaped her lips, and her breathing increased. With each heartbeat, more blood poured out and she damaged her lungs more and more. Taking a pause from my indulgence, I stared at her face. She was sweating and panting, but not making any other sounds. Why hadn't she screamed yet? Why hadn't she called for her puny mortal allies to help free her?

She stared back at me, matching me eye for eye. Hers burned with fiery determination and bravery.

"Hurry up and kill me off, devil's scion!" She ordered. I smiled and decided to grant her wish. Amazing, she was. Not even when my fangs speared into her jugular did she scream, cry, or yell. Her hand, though, shot to my shoulder and squeezed a testament of her pain.

I purred happily. There it was… the sweet taste of adrenaline. It was like wine… delicious, unmistakable, and intoxicating. Her blood trickled over my tongue and drained down my throat. I allowed myself a small smile.

Finally, her grip weakened and her hand fell from my shoulder. She barely had any blood left enough to keep her alive. I was still angry at her, and thus left here there, half alive, yet dead enough to slowly die of starvation, pain, and lack of water. Her own fault, I thought, as I flew away into the night, listening to her gargled chokes of pain while her entire body burned with fury.

A month later, at the next full moon, I was back in town, looking for my next meal. It was then we crossed paths again.

My previous prey was there again, wanting to take revenge on me for something, possibly for killing his sister. I laughed and charged at him, only to be tackled out of the air by something I could not see. My vision was blurred from the blow to the head temporarily. When my sight was clearer, a shot of surprise ruled my mind. It was her, and she was glaring at me; she herself remained silent, yet her eyes screamed out a vast pain and deathly blame. She let out a yell and lunged at me again. I dodged and smiled.

"Alive, are you?" I asked.

She kept her silence. We stared a short while at each other. The humans ran off as we circled each other. I blinked when a sharp scent reached my nose. I could not recognize it at first.

Eventually, the quiet faded and she spoke to me. The moonlight glinted off two lengthy, sharp fangs in the upper jaw of her mouth. It was only now that I realized the smell I smelled. It all made sense now.

"Look at what you did to me!" she yelled. "Look at what you have done!"

Wings sprouted from her back and a tail formed behind her. Light, moon-blue fur covered her body, silver shadows expressed by the lunar illumination lying emphasis on her every bodily curve. Beautiful, I thought.

A vampire, she was now… a vampire female at the full moon… a female vampire at the full moon in heat. She probably didn't know the last part, but I sure did, and it called to me like a beacon to a ship.

"I see what I have done," I smiled to her. She growled when I walked towards her. Once I was within arm distance, she backed away, but not before my fingers trickled against her cheek bone. The fur along her tail and the puff of hair at the end stood strait. She took in a sharp, shaky breath, pausing as my fingers left her face. I stepped forward again towards her. She didn't try to escape. I held my hand beside my face, smiling slightly as I moved stray hair out of my face. I allowed myself a chuckle.

"I see what I've done, and might I say, it's a masterpiece," I told her, advancing yet again. The only thing she did when my hand cupped her cheek was flinch from a swollen eye. I stared at it a moment, wondering from where it came; perhaps an annoyed or startled kick from a horse, or an angry- possibly defensive- punch from a human she tried to feed on. My claws ventured to the back of her pointy elf-like ear and scratched the skin gently. A shiver ran down her, filled with delight.

Moving two paces and a half closer, I tilted her head upward. She was shorter than me, though not by much more than a foot. She was much more petite, not as muscular as I. It would be horrendously easy for me to crush her, destroy her, break her every bone. This quality I expressed as my arms wrapped around her. A loud gasp escaped from her when I tightened my grip on her. Her head fell back and she begged for air to the sky. I heard a gargled moan rain from her when the bones within her chest started to give way to my strength. I let go and she dropped to the ground, holding herself. I sighed and knelt down, hugging her around her shoulders tenderly, letting her know I could definitely hurt her as well as comfort her.

No words were exchanged while we courted one another. She was all too willing to go with me when I picked her up and she wrapped her arms around my neck. Her head rested on my shoulder. When my transformation took place, she was frightened to the point of yelling in fear and attempting to get away. Nothing else was there to do to keep her calm but bite her and inject my paralyzing poison. Not enough to kill her, just enough to keep her still so she couldn't knock us both out of the sky, sending us crashing to the ground. She went limp in my arms and I flew to my castle, landing in the room I claimed as mine.

My gaze turned from her face to the empty coffin that had always lain empty beside mine. Now, however, it would become occupied by a beautiful creature tonight… possibly two creatures tomorrow night…

After laying her in her coffin and closing the top to protect her from the sun that threatened to rise shortly, I laid in my own and sighed deeply. I folded my arms across my chest in my usual, comfortable fashion and let a single thought race through my mind… a female's heat lasted only five days… two before and two after the full moon. That meant I only had two more days.

Two days to make her fall in love with me. Two days to indulge her in me. Two days to make her mine, two days to make me hers. I had only forty eight hours to create within her my heirs. Forty eight hours were mine to make her scream out for me, moan her pleasure, and beg me not to leave her. Not that I ever would, and after that forty eight hours, neither would she. That thought confirmed, sleep took me until the next setting of the sun- one of my only enemies.

The next night, I was woken by the sound of my servants opening my new bride's coffin. I rose out of mine, watching as they conversed amongst themselves while looking down at her and making their strange sounds. I looked over and witnessed what they stared upon. She was huddled in a small ball, as huddled as she could get in her oddly shaped sleeping area. She was panting and sweating as if fighting against something.

I barked out an order to the servants to leave us. When they did, I jerked her from her defenseless pose and straitened her on her feet, laying my hand against her face to snap her out of her daze. She gasped sharply and looked at me as if I were crazy. I sighed and looked her over. When I inquired about her craze, she informed me she was claustrophobic, and the coffin had set off her fear. With a sigh of understanding, I lead her down the hall by her hand to a room I used to sleep in before I became what I am now. She seemed grateful to be granted my old, unused feather bed.

She bowed lowly to me, then walked to the bed, her figure moving gracefully. It caught my eye and I was powerless to not stare at this magnum opus vampirism beauty. I followed her, helping her under the covers. I then sat beside her and gently rubbed her stomach, which she seemed to enjoy, almost like a feline. Speak of which, a purr even came from her as I continued to pet her. I allowed my hand to seep under the thin nightgown she wore and let my claws tickle her flesh. Her hand laid itself on my leg lovingly, and I stared into her eyes. She stared into mine with great hunger.

A thought crossed my train of mind… I drank her blood, but she had not drank mine… she was currently only half vampire, then. I nodded in understanding then bit onto my finger to make it bleed. When it did, I held her head still with one hand and held my bleeding finger under her nose. With a few smells, her vampirism instincts took over and jolted into control. Her head jerked back against my supporting hand and pain blasted across her features when the two fangs hidden within her tender gums were forced out. The poor child… I remembered how much my fangs hurt the first couple times I called them forth to do their work.

Instinctively she bolted at my throat and sunk her sore fangs into my neck. Inexperienced as she was, she kept removing her fangs and reinserting them in various places. I sighed and directed her mouth to my artery.

When she was done, I was sort of woozy. She purred and pulled me down upon her, laying my head down against her bosom while her arms came around me from behind and her hands uncovered and explored my chest. One hand moved towards my face, caressing my cheek and grazing my lips gently. As a sign of affection, I grasped her finger within my fangs and bit down- not hard enough to draw blood, just hard enough to send the sensation of my sharp incisors through her. It worked, for she stopped moving. I felt her hand on my chest shiver with delight and her claws dug into my skin slightly.

The enthralling scent of her heat filled the room. She was full of energy, and so was I. I got up and closed the window, pulling the thick curtains closed to keep the sunlight out and allow us all the time we could possibly use. I returned to the bed and lay beside her, putting my arm across her thin stomach and cradling her side in my hand. She looked into my eyes and I looked into hers.

That night, we belonged to each other. Sadly, she seemed in pain all night long. I frequently asked her if she wanted to stop, but she protested, saying she would only do so if I wished her to. Obedient… one of my favorite qualities. Truth be told, I didn't want to stop, so she faithfully endured, increasing my love for her.

Everyday after wards during her thirteen month pregnancy, she was in immense pain, often times to the point where she couldn't even inhale by herself, and those days I spend all my spare time at her side, counting as if in a waltz where the down beat was a long deep breath into her small pink lips. Yet, through all this torture and discomfort, she complained nothing to me. If she let her grievances be known, it wasn't around me. Whether this was out of fear of what I would do to her revolts or out of loyalty to her master and stud, I'll never know.

Frankly, I felt bad putting her through this. She was young and inexperienced. I should have waited until she was older and more mature than the local village maiden she was, or completely killed her when we first met. I should have waited, but I didn't… I couldn't… not if I'd wanted to, which I didn't want to…

A year and four weeks later, my bride awoke from her four hour nap after a long five day birthing period. Her tired eyes gazed lovingly at the many lifeless sacs of offspring hanging from the ceiling. The harvest I planted inside her had been put up by my servants, those lucky enough to even come in the same room as my screaming bride and myself. The poor child…

Her eyes turned to me and she let a weak smile cross her lips. Again, there was that sweet scent I had not smelled for the past fifteen full moons. She was heating again, though this one would only last a few minutes, then it would be several months until the call to put her womb to use would surge to her mind, and surge to my nose.

Lying beside her, I placed my hand upon her stomach where there was a small bulge, the remains of the yet-to-be-passed afterbirth. She winced slightly and laid her head against my shoulder.

"My dear… it shall be given a work out," I whispered to her, only to receive a tired nod from her. "You don't seem to mind,"

"Of course not, my master… it's yours to use as you wish…" she responded faithfully and loyally. I smiled and gently rubbed her throat- the most sensitive body part of any vampire. She turned her head to the side, as if she were a kitten who was getting her chin tickled. Her pumping blood-vein pushed against my finger as I laid it against her pulse spot.

"This, too, I claim…" I told her. She nodded.

"Yes, master… yours it is and yours it will remain… any time you want it and however much you want, you take…" she offered, her eyes closed. I watched her breathing slow and deepen while she waltzed off with sleep into the daylight hours where I kept beside her for the next two days until she was awake enough to keep her eyes open, when I brought her three humans to feast on, plus another for myself. We lay in the bed together, sharing the neck of a human- the last human I brought.

Smiling together, we laid in each others arms, gazing at the creatures we created as one and looked at each other with a loving stare. I would not force her again as I had before, not yet anyways… once she was healed from this tiring experience, again… we would be each others… and the night would be ours… and we would be alone in the world, just the two of us together, forever.

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