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Ch.1- The Tenken

"Well, what the heck are we gonna do now?" Yusuke growled as he and the rest of the Rekai Tentei sat on the street curb outside the local movie theatre.

They (the guys) had had to sit through two hours of torment watching some girl movie with the emotionally unstable girls, who at the moment, were busily chatting away about how good the movie was and how hot the main character was.

"What is it that the onnas find so intriguing about these nigen movies?" Hiei asked in a tone of voice that suggested that if he didn't get sweet snow in return for the sacrifice he had made in watching the damned movie, he was going to do something very drastic.

"Hiei, just be patient," said Kurama already catching on to Hiei's murderous thoughts, "I'm sure you'll get your sweet snow soon."

"Hn. I better get my sweet snow or.." Hiei didn't finish his sentence due to the loud ring that filled the air.

On further inspection, they found that it was Yusuke's communicator.

Yusuke sighed, "I wonder what Pacifier Breath wants now." He pulled the communicator out of his pocket and flipped it open. "What is it?"

"I have another mission for you and the rest of the team. Get over here NOW!" shouted the little lump that was Koenma, baby form of course.

"Yessir Koenma sir!" said Botan from her position next to Yusuke.

With that, the communicator went blank and the entire group sighed in disappointment, with the exception of Hiei.

"So much for our off day." Said Botan as they got set to leave for Rekai.

"What are you complaining for Botan? You still have the rest of the month off!" shouted Yusuke. "Stupid power abusing little bastard! Thinks he can just make us go anywhere he wants us to, this just pisses me off!"

"Yeah well get over it detective, at least this is better than watching those damn nigen movies. At least this gives us something to do!" Responded Hiei.


"Owww! Baka onna! What in the hell was that for!" shouted Hiei in pain/anger.

"That's for being an emotionally ignorant jerk who thinks that he can do whatever he wants, and say anything he pleases!" Said Botan in response.

Hiei looked as if he was going to kill Botan but then said, "Hn, whatever onna."

There were wide eyes and shocked expressions when he didn't even bother to insult her back. Silence ensued.

"Are we going to go or not?" asked Hiei, nervously aware of all the shocked expressions on every face.

"Uh, y-yeah, sure! Everybody ready?" asked a stunned Botan.

There were murmurs and nods of "yes" and then they were gone.

As they sat around waiting for Koenma to enter the room and brief them on the mission, Yukina was desperately trying to convince her brother Hiei, to let her go with them on their assignment.

"Please brother, I just want to go this once and see what it is that you do, please!" she begged to Hiei.

"Yukina, we already have enough people going and…" he stopped when he saw the puppy dog pout which even effected him.

"Oh, let her go Hiei, besides, she'll be away from Kuwabara, who isn't even here." Said Yusuke putting in his two cents.

"Hn. Fine, but just this once." Hiei said, finally giving in. "But you have to stay close to me alright?"

Yukina nodded enthusiastically as she reached up and hugged her brother.

Hiei blinked still not being used to hugs or with physical contact with another person. At his count, since Yukina had found out that Hiei was her brother, she had hugged him about twenty-one times in total. Awkwardly, Hiei hugged his sister back with something close to a smile on his face.

Botan and Keiko looked on the scene with satisfaction.

"It's so nice to see that they love each other. I didn't think Hiei was ever gonna tell Yukina that he was her brother." Said Keiko with a grin.

"Yeah, I just love happy endings!" Botan replied.

As she said this, the door to the room swung open and in strode the teenage form of Koenma, pacifier and all. He took his seat, and when settled in, started to speak.

"Okay you guys, there have been reports of a master thief and mass murderer last seen roaming around in Rekai. Said person is alone, their weapon of choice- a katana. There are only two known facts about this murderer. One, this person is a male, and human. And two, his name is Tenken. I want you to find him, arrest him, and bring him here to be sentenced." Koenma stopped and looked around at the Tentei.

"Hn, why do you need our help to catch a human?" asked Hiei.

"Yeah, what's the big deal," Yusuke said, "I thought that you guys took care of the small fry."

"Well, if he was a small fry, we would take care of him, however this "Tenken" as he calls himself, isn't exactly easy to capture." Koenma got up and a small screen popped out of the wall.

"This is the group of special agents that we sent to apprehend him first." He snapped, and the screen changed, showing decapitated heads and body parts all over the place in a bloody mess. Keiko turned away and buried her face in Yusuke's shoulder, as Yukina did likewise into Hiei's, everybody else in the room cringed in disgust.

"This is the same group afterwards." Again he snapped, this time the screen vanished and Koenma turned to the assembled group in front of him. "The group we sent in was second only to you and the rest of the participants in the Dark Tournament, showing that this fugitive is not to be taken lightly."

"Do you have a description of him?" asked Kurama

"No, as I stated before, we only know his alias and his gender. You'll have to be extremely careful. If you see a lot of dead demons, then the source is probably the Tenken. We'll be monitoring from here and will send in backup if you need it." Koenma said.

"Hn, we won't need backup, but you're going to need a stretcher and a life support system for this "Tenken" that is so elusive to you." Hiei snapped.

"I hope so Hiei," said Koenma as everyone but Shizuru and Keiko left the room, "I hope so."

"Stupid Toddler, thinks we can't even handle one opponent, not to mention that he's a human." Laughed Yusuke as they were waiting for Botan to open the portal to Rekai.

Hiei however, was thinking about telling Yukina to stay here, just to be safe. However, as he was about to speak, Botan opened the portal and as soon as Yusuke jumped in, Yukina followed. Hiei had no choice but to follow and make sure that she didn't get hurt.

And as Botan jumped through the portal, it disappeared, and all was silent.

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