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Ch.6- Contemplations

Running. That was how he got away from his past. It was how he got away from himself. He detested himself. Why couldn't he have been one of the lucky kids? The ones who had parents.

He had never had parents, well, aside from his mother, who had been there for him for all of one year. Why couldn't his mother have lived?

He didn't know who his "biological" father was, all he knew was that one night while he was sleeping, he was only two, there had been shouting in the living room of his home. Then there was a scream, high and scared, his mother. Next came the shot. He knew, regardless his young age, what it was. A gun.

The screaming had stopped after the first shot.

The next thing he knew, he was being carried out of his home and placed in a car. It was morning, the sun was out and he had no idea what had happened.

He had looked out the window of the car as it was being driven away, and he had seen, to his horror, the lifeless body of his mother being carried outside.

He had fallen into depression then, at a year old he was able to grasp what had happened very thoroughly. His mother had wasted no time in starting his education. He could already form sentences, speak complete thoughts and now, he was faced with this.

Everything that happened in the next few weeks had been a blur. The next time he stopped to look at his surroundings, he was in an orphanage and the target of the other children's bullying.

His "salvation" from the torment came in the form of a family of five. He left the orphanage with a certain satisfaction as he saw all the other children staring wistfully at the car as he got in. It wasn't to long later that he was wishing he was back at the orphanage taking the verbal insults as opposed to the physical abuse he was exposed to.

Kythe shivered. He didn't want to remember this memory, but it came nonetheless.

It was another blistering hot day, the sun beating down on the now five-year old boy. His gray bangs untrimmed and unruly, fell into his eyes as the sweat on his brow increased.

'Don't stop,' he told himself, 'there's only a few more yards! Don't stop!' If he stopped, the sixth sense that his foster parents had would kick in and they would come out, see him taking a breather, and would start beating him, again.

He struggled on, his breathing coming in shorter, faster gasps. The sweat on his brow started to trickle down his face, and some of it fell in his eye.

'Ahh! Oh that is not a good feeling! Oh crap it burns, it burns, it burns!' He didn't shout out loud, he dropped the sixty-pound bag of feed as his hands shot to his eye to rid it of the salty sweat.

There was a noise from inside the house, and then the back door opened with a slam.

"So, you're slacking off again huh? You worthless piece of trash! You can't even carry a bag of feed, tch. Looks like you need another beating huh, you little bastard?"

Kythe never cried. He didn't even wince as the punches were thrown at him, mostly towards his abdomen, some at his face. He was bleeding profusely and his "father" looked like he was enjoying it…again.

After seeing that Kythe wasn't crying, the man went for something at his waist. When he pulled his hand up he held in it a long, black whip. He cracked it on the ground next to Kythe and said,

"Since you won't cry with a regular beating, let's see how you like this one!" Before he started however, he called into the house, "Hey Shima, Kyo! Want to come take a shot at the brat with the whip?"

There was an immediate ruckus as Kythe's two "brothers" ran outside and stopped next to their father.

"Sure!" they said in unison, both with evil, malicious smiles on their faces.

The older man handed the whip to the blonde Shima.

The pain was intense. It was worse than the punches, and it was twice as taxing on his body. After three lashings, Kythe felt the familiar oozing substance that was blood, start to slip down his back.

Next, the whip was handed to the brunette Kyo.

Kythe didn't know if Kyo was weaker than his brother, or if after fifty lashings he had gone numb, but he couldn't feel a thing, not even the fresh wave of blood that was now cascading down his back.

Fifty more thrashes later the whip was handed back to his "father". Knowing that he could not feel any pain on his back, Kythe just wanted to get it over with.

However, his "father" had other ideas. He grabbed Kythe around the neck, spun him, and tore off the remainder of his shirt. Now facing him, Kythe realized what was going to happen.

He couldn't shield himself from it even if he had wanted to; he was already weak from the previous floggings.

When the whip first made contact with his chest, Kythe knew he was in for a whole new world of pain. The whip had yet again ripped open his flesh and forced the blood out. He didn't want to, he knew he shouldn't, but he couldn't help it, he cried.

The tears that hit the ground only made the beatings worse. There was evil, maniacal laughter from the three males as the flogging got even harder.

"What's the matter brat, can't take a little pain?" His "father" taunted. Then the whip was flung forward again. This time it painfully wrapped around his neck. Kythe couldn't breathe, he couldn't think. His vision was clouding, he was going to die.

Suddenly, the whip was gone from his neck. Then another kick met with his now fully exposed and bloodied chest.

"HA! That's for being so weak, you damn baby!" With that, the three turned and left Kythe in a bloody heap on the floor.

Kythe shook his head, ridding his head of the memory. He rubbed his hand over the back of his neck touching the cool, now scarred skin. He shuddered as he did. He hadn't been able to move at all for a day after that beating. Then, without giving him proper time to heal, they had forced him to carry even more feed into the barn as punishment for taking a day off.

Another memory gripped Kythe as he continued toward the river.

It was hot yet again, even though it was night. He was moving the last of what had been a staggering six hundred bags of feed into the barn. However, fate seemed to want him to die as he tripped over nothing and fell into a ditch a few meters away from the barn.

The bag of feed split, spilling out into the hole.

"Damn!" Kythe cursed under his breath. He was about to get out of the hole and start filling it up with dirt to hide the bag and feed, but there was a glint of light that caught his eye in the hole.

Looking down, Kythe started to dig out whatever it was. It took him all of five minutes. What he found rendered him speechless.

It was a katana…in a sheath. On the sheath there was Japanese kanji running up and down the length of it. Kythe couldn't decipher the old text, it was…strange, to say the least.

Gently, as if afraid that the blade would pop out and attempt to slash him, he picked it up. He unsheathed it and with careful, expert experimentation, found that the blade was still sharp.

"Ow! Dammit!" he cursed while putting his finger into his mouth and sucking the blood off of it. He looked and saw that there was kanji on the katana as well.

There was a blinding flash of light from the blade. Kythe had to shield his eyes, as the light grew even brighter than pure white.

As the light dimmed, he could see that the kanji on the weapon was…morphing. It was changing right in front of his eyes. When it stopped, he still could not read it.

Then there was a shout from the direction of the house.

"What in the hell was that!" "I hope the brat did something so that we can beat him again!"

'Ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit!' he screamed to himself as he struggled to regain his footing. Frantically, he looked around to find a place to hide the sword but found none.

Now trying to hide himself, Kythe did the only thing he could do. He fell to the ground and tried to stop breathing before they found him.

It wasn't long before Kythe heard the loud footfalls, and his nostrils caught the scent of liquor.

"There he is! He's in that hole…and he ripped another bag of feed!"

"Well…lookit what we's got'sted here boys,'" stuttered his "father", "looks' liked we is gotted us a slacker! And you's knows that's' I don't likes' slackers' right boys'?"

There were grunts of "yes sir" from behind him.

"Show…hic…him what happenssss…when you's slack!"

The three had, most likely in their drunken stupor, completely ignored the fact that Kythe was armed.

'No.' Kythe thought, 'No more beatings, no more abuse!' Now Kythe was angry, "NO MORE!" he yelled angrily.

With that he picked up the fallen blade and swung it at Kyo. There was a sickening slicing sound as the blade made a clean cut through Kyo's arm, due to Kythe's unusual strength thanks to his beatings and daily labor.

"AAHHH! MY ARM!" Kyo shouted staring at the bloody, still bleeding stump that was once his arm.

The other two drunks looked over at Kyo and then down at Kythe. Realization dawned on them finally, but it was too late.

Their shouts didn't go unnoticed. Kythe's "mother" and his older "sister" came running out after hearing the first of the dying shouts from the three males.

Kythe didn't stop until they were both dead.

Kythe looked over at the bloody piles of flesh that had once been his foster family.

'The foster family from hell.' He thought. He didn't know what had come over him, and he found that he didn't care.

Slowly, he walked towards the house. He wanted to gather his very few possessions and leave as soon as possible.

That was when he heard the cries. They weren't regular cries, like that of the older residents of the house, they were young, very young, and scared.

That was when Kythe remembered. He had completely forgotten that his "mother" had recently given birth to a baby girl.

He dropped the blade and the bag that held his life, and ran to the baby's room. He slowly opened the door and walked in.

He carefully, so as not to startle the baby, made his way towards her crib. He looked down and was met with a pair of big, scared emerald green eyes.

She was still crying and now her hands were reaching up toward him, desperately trying to get to him.

Kythe gently picked up the baby and gingerly started rocking her back and forth. It wasn't until now that he realized he had put this poor, defenseless baby in the same predicament he had been in only four years ago.

'No,' he thought to himself, 'No, she has one big advantage.'

He looked at the now sleeping baby in his arms. He ran a gentle hand across her cheek. Then he planted a gentle, tender, loving kiss on her forehead.

'She has me.'

He then realized that she needed a name. He looked down at her again and knew the perfect one.

"It's alright, I'm here Kalie, and I always will be."

For the second time that day, Kythe shook his head vigorously, desperately trying to rid his mind of any more bad memories.

There was only one good thing that had come out of his entire ordeal…Kalie. They had been through thick and thin together and they were inseparable. It had been twelve years since then and she was now twelve years old and he was seventeen.

The river was only a few meters away now. Ever since he had killed his "family", he had put Kalie first before himself and everything else. He knew one day, she would ask about their family, or foster family in Kythe's case, and he dreaded the day when he had to tell her.

She had become incredibly skilled at controlling and concealing her spirit energy, and while she wasn't as outright deadly as he was, she was just as dangerous. To put it simply, if she didn't want to be seen, you couldn't find her.

This was the reason why the Tentei still didn't know about her, even though she was literally right in front of them.

As he thought about it, he was really lucky to have brought her along. Without her, he would probably be in the prison. Thanks to her enhanced spirit awareness, she could sense demons, or enemies long before they were anywhere near them. Thus the successful capture of the famed Spirit Detective and co.

From the moment they had entered Makai they were being stalked. Their spirit energy had been so obvious that even he had sensed it.

The clearing that they had been about to enter was actually the place where Kalie was training.

He, having felt the group had gotten close enough, then proceeded to knock out each of them in turn. He had hesitated before knocking out the fire demon and the deity, but it had taken them too long to break apart. It was like they didn't need to breathe.

The others were easier. The human, whom Kythe figured was the famed and feared Yusuke Urameshi, the conqueror of the Toguro brothers, was easy to take out as was his red headed fox demon companion.

What had been hard was the last member of the group. He had turned at her scream after seeing her companions fall at his hands, and he had stopped, his breath catching in his throat, for only a second.

As he remembered what the ice apparition looked like he made a mental connection.

'The fire demon, he had those same crimson eyes!' He contemplated a little, 'They couldn't be…could they?'

Finally seeing that he had filled the last bottle, he screwed the top on and placed it in his knapsack and started on the long trek back toward Calamity Cave.

This was the first time in twelve years that he, Kythe, had shown any sign that he thought another female, aside from Kalie, was intriguing.

This was why, if she and the fire demon were related, he was going to stay on his good side. Or try anyway.

"Man was she beautiful!"

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