The Green Album

Chapter 1:

Just A Dream?


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"Come on, Rae. It's only a little, harmless concert!" Beast Boy whined, as he once again thrust the 2 green-colored pieces of paper, (that were tickets) into her pale face. "If you go, I-I promise to leave you alone! . . . Scratch that. That's impossible! EEP! I mean . . . What I mean is . . . Gahh . . ."

Raven glanced up at the green teen from her 'oh-so-interesting' leather-bound book, eyebrow lifting. Inside, she wanted to laugh in amusement, but no. No, she was RAVEN! Raven, for God's sake! She had to remain calm, and tranquil. She had to remain . . . Raven. "No," she said; flat out and simple.

His jaw probably would have dropped all the way to Hell's level if it were possible. "No?" he repeated in astonishment, arm limply dropping from near her face. "Did you just say . . . No?"

"No," Raven said, and then realized her mistake, cheeks burning. "I mean yes!"

"You said no to no!" he cried, punching a fist into the air.

"No. I said YES to no."

"Wait . . . what? I'm getting really confused over here . . ." Beast Boy shut his eyes tightly, massaging his forehead.

"I said: 'NO!' to your STUPID little Gay Day concert. Now, leave me alone, and go ask someone more . . . sensible of going. Like Robin," Raven told him in her usual monotone.

"Ask someone ELSE? Are you CRAZY? I-I . . ." No, Beast Boy. No. Don't go and start telling her the REAL reason you asked her out on this trick-date . . .

"Well, then I guess I am," she said, unaffected. "Now, GO already."


How stupid of him . . . It was like he had suddenly unleashed a terrible, apocalyptic beast into the world. Raven dropped her book and lashed out at him; an extra set of eyes appearing as now, all 4 gleamed red with malice. "I.SAID.NO!" she bellowed in a voice un-like her normal one. This one was a booming, violent one that resembled her father's.

Beast Boy shrank back, eyes wide and trembling. "S-Sorry, Rae . . ." He did his best to try and mask the hurt as he turned away, and ran out of the living room as fast as his scrawny legs could carry him.

After a few deadly silent moments after he had left, Raven finally breathed out fully. That is, until she breathed in again, and her heart started to ache. Bowing her head shamefully, she sighed. How could she have just treated him so shamelessly? He was her FRIEND?

'More than that . . .' A hidden emotion chimed in inside the back of her head. Going rigid, Raven decided to just . . . ignore that stupid, mindless, and seemingly nameless emotion that she had kept locked up in her mind for so long.

'So long it has been, Ravie-gal. Aintcha gonna lemme out for some fun?' the emotion asked teasingly. 'You DESPERATELY need it.'

Growling under her breath and clenching her fists, Raven muttered under her breath, "Go away."

'I can't, dear. If you deny me, it will only create MORE chaos.'

"I SAID--"

She stopped, knowing fully well what would happen if she continued to play stupid with herself. That's what she was doing.

Denying a part of herself.

Then, the emotion's voice came again, this time barely a sweet whisper in Raven's mind . . .

'Go to him. Apologize. Say yes.'


'Lose the big tough girl attitude, Raven. WE BOTH know what TRULY lies inside of you.'


' . . . x.X; Just go friggin' talk to him. Apologize for being the bitch that you just . . . naturally are.'

"HEY! I'm NOT a bitch. It's YOU who makes me a bitch."

'Riiight . . . Real mature, Rae. Blame all your problems on a "fake" emotion.'

"Fa-- You're twisting my words around!"

'Cyborg's in the living room staring at you. You're talking to yourself, Rae.' With that, the emotion disappeared.

Raven was left sitting there with her cheeks a deep scarlet color. Cyborg stood behind her, eyebrow raised, jaw hanging open.

"Rae . . . Are . . . You . . . All right?" He asked cautiously. Raven shook her head rapidly, and sighed heavily.

"Yeah. No. Yes. No. . . . Maybe." The introvert rose, and with a swish of her cape, she was gone.


'How the hell do you apologize to someone?' Raven thought to herself, as she stood in front of Beast Boy's bedroom door, palms sweating.

'Do I just . . . smile (ew) and say 'Sorry for ruining your life'? Or say 'Sorry' and run away?'

Finally, she knocked once.

Then twice.

Three times.

Panicking, she did it JUST.ONCE.MORE.

The door didn't sweep open, until a few seconds later. No one was standing there, and the entire cramped bed-room was as dark as a raven's feather.

"Beast Boy?" Raven called out softly.

There was no reply, or noise, except for a very slight rustle that her telepathic senses were able to pick up. Eyes glowing, she looked around.

The rustle wasn't caused by anything human.

Squinting and trying to look around, Raven slowly made her way inside the room. She gasped out loud when she felt her thin-booted foot step into something soft and cold, and her heart raced ominously as she reached down, and picked up the object. Feeling all around, she was relieved to find that it was only just an old soggy piece of pizza.

There was a strange smell coming from what she thought was a book-case in the corner of the room; something that smelled pleasant. It intoxicated her senses, and beckoned her to come closer for more. Dare she?

Her mind was almost blank, and she reached out, stretching her body across, and her finger-tips brushed up against a thin, and long object that was skinnier than a pencil. Using her other arm, she steaded herself against the book-case, while the other hand formed a harder grip around the thin 'stick'.

This seemed to be the source of the smell, for now, the sweet, potpourri-like scent was getting more intense. Raven finally picked the stick up, and held it up to her noise, inhaling the stick deeply.

It was incense.

But who would have known that Beast Boy, of all people; the king of mess and WRONG smells; would have a stick of incense?

Raven never got to fully think about it, for as soon as she had inhaled the fragrance, she felt her world spinning around and around. The smell faded, and Beast Boy's room disappeared in a flash of blinding white light. She was immobile, and forced to her knees, head down and arms shielding her ears and face as she felt her mouth open.

She screamed once, and she couldn't even hear it. All she heard was a high-pitched frequency of noise. All she heard was something undetectable. Her powers couldn't find the source. It wasn't human.

Her whole life flashed before her eyes. Her birth, her father, Azar, her mother, the Titans, and then . . . an older, more mature-looking Beast Boy? The images had gone by so fast, she didn't have time to focus on just one. All she knew was that her eyes were shut tightly, and the world around her stopped spinning, from what she felt.

The only noise was a faint whimper, and soft, gentle crying from someone around her. Birds sang in the background, symbolizing that it was most likely morning.

Morning? How could things have gone from 6 P.M. to morning in such a short amount of time?

Cautiously, Raven lowered her arms from her head, and one eye opened just a crack . . .

Colors! She saw colors!

The eye opened the rest of the way, the other one opening as well.

Her heart nearly stopped beating.

She was no longer in the Titans Tower, or in Beast Boy's room. Hell, she even doubted that she was in America! Or in 2005!

The room that she was in was primitive and simple, with walls made of what looked like bamboo sticks or grass. The floor was solid dirt, and there was an open hole in the wall, making a 'window'. There was also a mattress, covered in a cotton sheet, in the corner, with a cheetah-spotted pillow-case.

But, the most amazing sight in the room happened to be the small boy sitting in front of her.

He was hunched over, his dirty blonde hair falling into his face while he weeped quietly (and in a muffled way) into his hands. His body was trembling, and he looked like he couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 years old.

Raven was over-whelmed by all of this. Where was she? Who was the kid? What the hell was that incense? Was she just drugged?

One thing that she had failed to notice was the tall mirror that hung behind the boy, showing his reflection as he shook, and sobbed, and moaned. Until her eyes flickered upwards in that direction, she had been certain that she was just dreaming or something.

She stared into the mirror, searching for herself.

She wasn't there.

There was no reflection of her body in the mirror.

Raven reached up slowly, and touched her face. The skin felt as real as it had always had, if not colder and now covered in goosebumps from being nervous. Her clothing had the same touch, and she could see, hear, smell, and touch everything around her. Plus, she could still taste the far-off bitter taste of the herbal tea that she had drunk just before Beast Boy had begun his ramble about the Green Day tickets with her. It was all so eerie. Was she dreaming her entire life? Is anything real? Did she die?

The little boy stopped crying, and paused, slowly looking up at the introverted teen who sat shocked in front of him. He sniffed, wiping his nose, and stared at her. Raven looked at him, and their eyes locked. His were a deep, cerulean blue, that contrasted well to his fair hair. His skin was tanned from probably being in the sun, and he looked on at her innocently, once and a while wiping his nose once more.

"W-Who are you?" Raven managed to find the words to say, and they came out in a hoarse whisper, for her voice didn't obscure the fear and confusion that she felt right now. She felt around on the floor, amused at its dusty feel and how whenever she brushed her finger tips across it, the clouds of light brown would rise.

"I-I-I-'m G-G-Gar," the boy said, looking rather confused also. His eyes were so large, that they showed almost every emotion that he felt. By looking into them, he could give his thoughts away to you without ever saying a word.

Gar? Didn't that name sound familiar?

After a moment of thinking, the realization finally swept over Raven. Of course! A few months before, when someone had sent Beast Boy a letter asking him to renew his subscription to Rolling Stone, the address label had said 'Gar Logan'! And then Cyborg had gone on a huge field day about making fun of Beast Boy's given name.

She could still hear the chanting of 'Gaaarfield! Gaaaarfield!' re-playing over and over and over again in her head, which allowed her lips to twitch ever-so-slightly into a tiny smile, but it was soon erased entirely when she cleared her throat.

"Why am I here?" she asked.

'Gar' shrugged. "To play?" he offered.

"I don't play," Raven told him coldly.

Gar's eyes were as wide as saucers. "You . . . do not play?"

Rolling her eyes, Raven repeated, "I don't play," as if the little kid in front of her had a large problem with comprehending any of what she was saying.

"How! Why?"

" . . . Look. Just . . . do I know you?" she asked suspiciously, eyebrow raising. There was a special . . . connection, that had forged itself between her mind and this little midget-child. It was as if they had somehow met before. Maybe in a past life? But how could THAT explain the funky incense in Beast Boy's room?

"Of course you do!" Gar chirped, standing up and brushing the fronts of his shirt and shorts off. He was roughly just about 3 feet tall, and Raven, who had always felt extremely short, felt herself liking the feeling of being the taller on campus.

"But . . . how?" she asked, brow knitting together in confusion. "This is all physically impossible!"

"Because you're my birdy!"

Okay. Too weird.

What was that little midget saying?

Raven gasped under her breath. Perhaps she had magically gone into the future and met her future son?

That didn't make sense. The kid didn't look anything LIKE her! But . . . he DID remind her of someone . . . Someone she couldn't quite put her finger on . . .

"I'm your . . . birdy?" Raven blinked twice, then glared. "Look, midget. I'm not your pet bird or your sister or your mommy, or your daddy for that matter, or your FRIEND! I'm NO ONE that you know! You're just some stupid, dumb little BABY who probably isn't potty-trained!"

Gar stared at her, chewing his lower lip as it began to tremble violently. His eyes expanded in sadness, and glistened as tears began to well up and spill over his long-lashed eyes. "W-We are not f-f-f-wiends?"

Damning the emotion within her as her heart began to melt, Raven sighed. "Fine, fine. Look. Where are your parents?"

"O-O-Outside . . . "

"Can you take me to them?" Raven questioned, trying to keep her cool and keep from blowing up at the little child in front of her.

Gar nodded meekly, reaching out for her hand. Raven was still crouched down, and she eyed the hand like it had just severed itself from the rest of them, then she cringed and hesitantly took it. He 'companion' led her out of the room, holding her hand, while using his other hand to wipe his eyes and nose. Raven noted that every room in the house looked like it was made of patted-down dirt and some twigs, but it smelled . . . fresh.

There was no T.V. or anything, either! The closest thing to being modern was a heavy-looking wooden door in the corner of the living space, which had 'LAB' carved into it. The front door looked like a leaf-covered mass, and there were no windows aside from the one in 'Gar's room. The sunlight peeped in through the many cracks between the interwoven twigs, which seemed to be enough light.

But where was the rest of that light coming from?

Raven wondered that as soon as she felt heat warm the top of her head, and she quickly glanced up.

Her eyes met with a brilliant robin's-egg blue sky, filled with large, puffy cumulus clouds that took their time traveling across it. So there was no roof or ceiling.


Where the hell was she!

Gar pushed open the front door, and another wave of bright light attacked Raven's eyes, which she shut tightly to protect. Gar called, "Mommy! Mommyyyyy . . . Daddy?"

Opening her eyes slowly, Raven poked her head outside the door, and choked on a gasp.

Rolling grassland hills that stretched as far as the eye could see, with very distant roof-top like trees in the farthest distance . . .

The grass was so tall, it was like you couldn't be sure if there was a predator prowling within them or not.

Raven could only guess where she was . . .

A grassland in Africa.

Everything was so overwhelming, that her body couldn't take it.

She fainted right there and then.


"Birdy? Biiiirdy? Are you awaaaake?" Came the sweet whisper of Gar's voice as he gently tried to shake Raven awake.

Her eyelids shot open, and her pupils dilated, looking around. "W-Where am I?"

"In my woom!" Gar cried. Raven didn't even wince or cringe at the way he had mispronounced 'room', and just sat up, rubbing her head. Her eyes flickered upward to the sky, which was a deep bluish-purple and filled with tiny stars. A night sky.

How long had it been sinc e she conked out?

"Uhm . . . you . . ." she groaned, rubbing her eyes. "You live here?"

"Yeah!" Gar said excitedly, jumping up beside her. He had positioned Raven across his cotton-sheet mattress, and tucked her in precisely to her comfort. (How had he known?) He grabbed her hand, stroking it in his own, which had flesh as soft as a newborn baby's.

" . . . Why?"

"Because Mommy and Daddy . . . they-they work for BIG peoples who said to live HERE so we moved from our our old house and came h-hereeee," Gar explained, not fully understanding it himself.

"What do they do?" Raven inquired.

"Put medicine on annie-mulls."


" . . . YEA!" And he immediately did a surprisingly good imitation of an elephant. "I LOVE the annie-mulls!"

"That's . . . nice . . . but why do you keep calling me birdy? And why can't I see myself in the mirror?" Raven kept laying random questions on the boy, who merely blinked.

"Because you ARE Birdy! You've been my bestest fwiend forever! Mommy and Daddy don't see you though . . . they say you're ih-ih-ih-maaaaaaaaaaash-innnnn-hairrrryyyyy."


" . . . YEA!" Gar grinned up at her. His teeth were as white and bright as the stars. Eerie.

Raven felt a sudden chill whip over her body.

She wasn't real?

"But my name's RAVEN! It's not Birdy! And I'm 16! And I live in an abnormally-shaped T Tower! I don't LIVE IN . . . wherever this is . . ." she ranted.

"We wiv in Oooper Loomooboo! . . . in A freaka! And I'm five, not sixty!" Gar giggled. "My gramma's sixty!"

"I'm . . . sure she is . . ." Raven gripped her forehead.

This was all a dream . . . just a crazy, insane, un-real dream.

Any minute now, she'd wake up and find herself sprawled out across Beast Boy's floor, pizza sticking to her hair, the incense in her hand, and she won't even remember ANY of this . . .

She sat quietly and patiently . . . and waited.

. . . Aaaaand waited.

Until finally, she found herself realizing that maybe, just maybe . . . she wasn't going to wake up.

Maybe this wasn't a dream . . .


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