Ok, I finally found out the layout of the ship, so I'm editing my story to make it fit. I'm working on the second chapter, but this whole ship layout thing was bothering me to no end. Yoshi! Enjoy the story!

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Chapter 1

Morning. The sheep's head of the Going Merry gently bobbed up and down. The bay the Straw Hat Pirates dropped anchor in the night before wasn't completely still, but the waters were calm enough for the crew to stop and rest.

Daylight poured in through the windows of the ship, warming the cabins. Sanji stirred as the sun hit his eyelids. Eyes opened, he blinked and rolled on his side. He took a deep breath, clearing the drowsiness out of his head. He paused. This wasn't his hammock. It was so soft and clean and smelled like… like… He took another deep breath, Nami-san? Sanji felt disorientated. What was he doing in Nami-san's hammock? And why did his body feel so weird? He naturally crouched on his side and noticed something on his chest. He looked down. Breasts!


"Robin-chan! Robin-chan!" Chopper could hear Nami calling for Robin, but why did it sound like it was for him instead?

"Hmm?" The doctor woke up to see the navigator shaking him. "Nami? What's wrong?" Chopper froze. That wasn't his voice!

"Robin-chan, it's not me! I mean it's not Nami-san! It's me, Sanji!" Nami's eyes were wide and the expression on her face was that of horror.

The doctor blinked. This had to be a joke. His crewmates were trying to play another trick on him. Well, he wouldn't fall for this one. Chopper laughed a little nervously and patted the navigator's hand. "Stop it Nami. Don't be silly." He stopped again. Why was Robin's voice saying everything he meant to say? He then noticed the hand that had patted Nami's. A human hand!


"Kyaa!" Luffy's eyes snapped open in response to Robin's scream. Trouble! He leapt out of the hammock, not really noticing that it wasn't where he usually slept. Nor did he notice that he suddenly seemed shorter. His mind was focused on saving his crewmate from whatever was attacking. The captain reached the ladder leading to the upper deck. He went to stretch his arm to pull himself up to the top. Did he ever bother climbing?

"Gomu, gomu…" But Luffy stopped when instead of his rubbery arm, he saw a hoof raised out in front of him. "Huh?"


Zoro woke up at the sound of Robin's scream. He tried to get out of his hammock, but went into a horrible coughing fit. His lungs burned like they did when that damn cook smoked around him too much. Speaking of which, he noticed he smelled like him too. Zoro shook his head. No time for that now. Robin needs help. He ran for the ladder. Chopper was standing in front of him with his hoof stretched towards the entrance above them. "C'mon Chopper! This is no time to be playing around!" Did his voice sound different? It's just hoarse from coughing. He leapt over the little reindeer's head with ease and cursed when his knees banged against the ladder. Were his legs longer? Keep climbing, he instructed himself.


Nami could hear Sanji coughing and then run off. Stupid idiot. Those cigarettes are going to kill him. Her eyes were still closed, she felt so sleepy. She went to rub her forehead, but stopped. Her hand felt rough and calloused. I need to use more lotion, she thought, the hand moving up to run through her hair. Her eyes slowly opened. "Why does my hair feel so short?" she asked herself. The navigator's eyes grew wide with shock. Zoro's voice! Where was she? Whose hammock is this? She sat up, feeling heavy and looked down. This was a man's body!


"Kyaa!" Robin sleepily opened her eyes. Swordsman-san was sitting up in the hammock across from her, screaming. This had to have been the first time she saw or heard the swordsman scream.

"Swordsman-san?" Her voice sounded a little odd, but this whole situation was odd. She became aware of the fact that this wasn't the couch she usually slept on, nor was she in her cabin. What was this long obstacle in her view? Her fingers traced the length to her face and she smiled in amusement and realization. This is interesting.


Usopp heard the commotion in the room and finally decided to wake up. He looked around. Sanji and Chopper weren't in the room, but Zoro was sitting in his hammock and screaming. Luffy's straw hat hung beside the hammock he was in. He must have been in a rush when he woke up, he told himself. Then he noticed that this was Luffy's hammock. Did they switch or something?

"What the hell!" He snapped out of his thoughts as he heard Nami screaming from the women's room. His instincts told him to run and hide, but he saw someone jump out of the hammock above him… his hammock. The sharpshooter froze as the person turned to face him. It was himself!

"Captain-san, we need you." Usopp stared back at his own face. It was himself speaking to him. The voice sounded a little different though and the face looked a little calmer. It looked more like an expression Robin would have. Captain? Usopp thought, what's going on here?

To be continued…