- Chills -
By: Digitaldreamer

A/N: Because it's flipping cold in my room at night and Zoro and Luffy's time alone before they met Nami just leaves too many possibilities.

Sometimes Zoro really wondered why he was following this childish nutcase. Honestly, setting out to sea with nothing but a row boat and the clothes on his back? What was the younger man thinking? Wait, never mind, he probably hadn't been thinking, as the rubber pirate tended not to. Never mind that the swordsman himself had left home with few provisions and had gotten lost.

Back to the subject of his captain. Zoro glanced back at the front of the rowboat, where Luffy sat, curled up and shivering in the dark of night. The moonlight reflected on the calm surface of the sea, and illuminated the smaller man's shivering form.

Idiot. Brought hardly any food or water and he didn't even bother to bring a blanket. Clad in that sleeve-less red shirt and shorts, having taken an un-wanted dip into the ocean only awhile earlier, it was no wonder the rubber pirate was cold.

And now that he thought about, Zoro himself wasn't faring too well either. Damn wind. The swordsman hugged his arms around himself in an attempt to keep warm.

After listening to his captain's teeth chattering a few more moments longer, Zoro sighed and stood. His boots clunked against the wooden bottom of the boat as he crossed the short distance between the two of them and plopped down next to his captain. The swordsman reached over and grabbed the back of Luffy's shirt, pulling the smaller man into his lap and wrapping his arms around him.

The rubber pirate yelped in surprise. "Zoro?"

"It's cold and I'm sick of listening to your damn teeth chattering." The swordsman grunted out, tightening his grip around the smaller man's waist. "Shut up and go to sleep."

Luffy blinked again, feeling his chill began to ebb away. He gave a sleepy smile and buried his face into Zoro's chest, inhaling his scent. "Alright. G'night Zoro..."

Zoro smiled. He hoped the weather wasn't going to change too much any time soon.