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Author's Note: This is a one shot about the time that Padmé finds out that she is pregnant. So enjoy! Reviews are the food of my muse; please send her some so I can keep writing!

Everything Changes

Padmé quickly stumbled out of bed and ran to the fresher. This was the same way the past few mornings had gone. And she was beginning to worry.

But she already worried enough. She worried about her husband constantly. Anakin had been gone for almost a month out on the Outer Rim with Obi-Wan and they had no idea when they would return. Each day she longed for him more and more.

Also she worried that the war would never end. The sooner the war was over the sooner Anakin would return to her. Then possibly they could get away from everything and finally start their lives together. They had talked about their future several times. And it was always the same. She would resign as Senator ad he would become one of the "Lost Ones" of the Jedi Order. But with the way things were going, that was a long way off.

Yet at that moment, she only had one thing on her mind – trying to figure out what was wrong with her.

"Mistress Padmé! I really think that you should see a physician. You have been in bed for over a week!" Threepio said in a somewhat shrieking voice. As usual her was fussing over her. It had been a request of Anakin's that he does so.

Padmé sighed and looked up at the golden protocol droid as she lay in bed. She had to admit that Threepio was right. She did need to see a doctor.

"Alright Threepio. Call Dr. Panga."

"Good! Master Anakin would want that as well," he said as he clanged out of the room and went to get the doctor.

"There is nothing seriously wrong that more bed rest and eight more months can't cure." Dr. Panga said as he packed up his things after his exam on Padmé.

"What?" Padmé asked confused.

"Congratulations Senator. You're pregnant and I would say about a month along."

She didn't say anything as she took it all in. she was pregnant. No wait, she and Anakin were pregnant! They were going to be parents.

"Don't worry Senator. I won't say a word to anyone. Your secret is safe with me. But make sure that you take it easy and we'll schedule regular visits."

Padmé said thank you as Dr. Panga left. After a few more minutes, she lay back down on the bed and began to marvel at what was happening. She was finally going to be a mother! She couldn't wait to tell Anakin. But wait…

Having a baby, especially Anakin Skywalker's baby, would change verything. He had more to loose then she did once knowledge of their marriage and child surfaced. Suddenly Padmé 's joy turned to sorrow. She curled up with a pillow and cried herself to sleep.

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Padmé waited in fear and anxiety for Anakin and Obi-Wan's return from the Outer Rim sieges. She was worried about how Anakin would take the news. She didn't know if he would be happy or upset. The unknown was what scared her.

And as time went by, she began to show signs of the pregnancy more and more. Her remedy for that were simply larger robes. But she knew that she couldn't hide it forever.

Finally she got some good news after months of waiting. Anakin was coming home after five months! He and Obi-Wan had been called back to Courscant to rescue the Supreme Chancellor, who had been kidnapped by General Grievous.

"Soon my dear, your daddy will be here," she gently said as she rubbed her slightly bulging belly.

After a few days, her Ani was home. She stood in the shadows of Senate building, waiting for Threepio to tell him where she was, once her could break away from everyone who was wanting to talk to him.

When she saw him making his way towards her, she took a deep breath.

Everything was about to change…

Author's Note #2: I took this story right up to where the movie will pick up. I hope you enjoyed it!