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Summery: A oneshot songfic. Chloe overhears a conversation that leads to startling revelations.

The Last
By: Neko-Chibi-Faithkitty

When the last eagle flies
Over the last crumbling mountain;
And the last lion roars
At the last dusty fountain;
In the shadow of the forest,
Though he may be old and worn,
They will stare unbelieving
At the last unicorn!

Chloe watched as Clark entered the reclusive scientist's home. "What are you doing here Clark?" She asked herself aloud. Quickly, she got out of the car and followed the tall farm boy. It wasn't easy to follow Clark all the way to the good doctor's office without getting caught, and when she got there, they were already deep in discussion.

"Why did they send me here?" Clark was asking angrily.

"Because," a strange voice answered him calmly, "they were dying. Your parents had no choice if they wanted you to live. Clark, you are the last member of a dead race. Surely you can accept that they only gave you up to save your life."

"But surely others had to have survived."

"From the signals sent by Jor-El, no one even realized that they were dying until it was to late to do anything about it."

"So you're saying that I'm the only one like me in the entire universe?" Clark's voice sounded choked.

"Yes." Came the sad reply.

Then she heard sounds near the door. 'Time to go!' She thought quickly to herself as she snuck away from the door.

When the first breath of winter
Through the flowers is icing;
And you look to the north
And a pale moon is rising;
And it seems like all is dying,
And will leave the world to mourn,
In the distance
Hear the laughter
Of the last unicorn!
I'm alive…

Chloe slowly made her way up the stairs in the Kent barn, making sure her steps would be heard by Clark. When she reached the top, Clark sat hunched over on his couch, staring at his clasped hands. "Hey there, Kent!" She said cheerfully. "You look like you've had a bad day."

Clark looked up at her. "Kinda." He replied dully.

"Your Mom called and said you were kinda down." She lied easily, but real concern filled her voice. "I brought you this." For a moment she dug in her purse. Then she pulled out a large bag of candy.

"What is it?" Clark frowned.

"Hershey's Special Dark." She answered kindly. "It's not much, but you'd be surprised how much girls rely on this stuff to get us through bad stuff."

"Thanks Chloe, but I don't think it'll help."

"What's wrong Clark?"

"Do you ever get the feeling you're all alone in the world?"

"Sure." She smiled. "Every time I loose a story."

He fell silent. Eventually she moved to the large window and began to stare out at the stars. "They're dead." He whispered.

"What?" she asked, not sure she'd heard him.

"My parents." He said, clenching his jaw. "They're dead."

"They found them?" she asked startled.

"They're all dead. My parents, my aunts, my uncles. All of them. Not a single one lived. Just me."

"I-I'm sorry Clark." She stammered, not sure what to tell him.

"Not your fault." He shrugged. "It's no-one's fault. They died in an earthquake."

When the last moon is cast
Over the last star of morning,
And the future has past
Without even a last desperate warning,
Then look into the sky where through
The clouds a path is torn.
Look and him.
How he sparkles!
The last unicorn!
I'm alive…

Chloe's fingers fluttered over the keyboard, hacking into Swan's computer's system. When she had gotten back from the Kent farm, she had instantly run a search for every 'quake in the past thirty years hoping to find anymore information for her friend. There hadn't been any within ten years before or after when Clark would have been born anywhere in the world. Finally she hacked through the last barrier.

"What are you hiding Dr. Swan." She whispered as the screen filled with symbols that didn't mean anything. Then suddenly they began translating themselves.

'I am Jor-El of the planet Krypton. Our planet will soon destroy itself. I cannot convince the council to evacuate. I am sending you my only child, my son Kal-El. He is the last and only survivor. Please take care of him. By the time he reaches your planet, called Earth by you, even the light of our sun will have disappeared from your skies.' Then it began repeating itself.

"Impossible." The blonde whispered to herself. Then she noticed a flashing link at the bottom of the page. Biting her lower lip she clicked on it. The page opened to reveal a star chart. Circled on it was a star that was shown going super nova. "Oh god, Clark. You really are alone." The date for super nova was three years before the meteor shower. Quickly she began to search for another link. After a few moments she found one that led to another journal. This time it was Swan's personal account of his findings.

'From my calculations, Krypton was destroyed at least fifty years ago, if not more. In approximately the thirty-seven years it took Kal-El to reach our planet, he barely aged. From what I've learned of him and his adoptive parents, the Kent's, when they found him he appeared to be at the most three years in age. Judging from Jor-El's messages to us, Clark will most likely out live our own planet. The poor child is more alone than he knows. I haven't told him this yet. Perhaps if the people of Krypton had listened to Jor-El's warnings he might not have been alone. Even so called supreme beings can make mistakes it seems. But perhaps, with Clark's gifts, he can save at least a few of the people of Earth when our own sun follows that of Krypton…'

Chloe couldn't read any more. Her eyes fell to her shaking hands. Without thinking to save the stolen data, she closed the window and shut off the computer. "Clark… in Metropolis was… Kal… Kal-El… It's true."

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