Summary: Lily is abused at home and is about to have an arranged marriage that she doesn't want but what her family don't know is that for over a year Lily has been meeting a man in her dream but she doesn't find out who he is until he helps her escape. What price will he pay for helping her? What price will he pay for loving her?

Chapter 1

The courtroom was completely silent except for the for ruffle of paper. The kingdom, Beuxbatons, had gathered there court to discuss whom Princess Petunia of the land was to marry. At the far end of the hall were two large thrones, sat upon the smaller one was Queen Nerissa. She was an old woman yet her face did not show it, she had bright, blue eyes that youth shone out of and long, blonde hair that was tied neatly in a bun at the back of her head. Her lips were pursed and her eyes were glistened with tears threatening to fall.

On her left was her husband, King Septimus, he had grey hair that cascaded down his back, a long beard that touched his chest and dark, brown eyes, that one could easily become lost in. Unlike his wife, who was deeply upset by the matter they were discussing, he showed no emotion whatsoever, not even a flicker on his face.

Outside the courtroom, was a young woman, around the age of fifteen to be exact, looking through the gap in the door that stood ajar. She was listening intensely to everything that happened and her sparkling emerald eyes watching everything possible. She twirled her glistening red, soft curls around her finger nervously as she waited for the verdict.

The meeting had been going on for about an hour, the girl, who's name was Princess Lily Evans, was becoming restless, her older sister, Petunia, who's fate they were discussing, had asked Lily to spy on the meeting. Finally her father arose from his seat, he cleared his throat then boomed across the hall, "We have today been discussing who my eldest daughter, Princess Petunia Evans, will marry. After discussing all of those who have proposed, my wife and I have decided she will marry Prince Vernon Dursley of Durmstrang. Arrangements will be released as soon as possible. Thank you, you are dismissed"

A lot of noise could be heard from inside the court, Lily then realised that she was not supposed to be there and if caught severe punishments awaited her. She began to run along the corridors of the palace in which she lived. The royal palace of Beuxbatons was on top of a hill and looked down onto the kingdom, it was several stories high and had many courtyards and gardens.

Lily finally came to a door that led outside, she ran through it and felt relief run through her, for now not only could she not be caught but she was only a few minutes away form her and her sisters' living quarters. Having ran for ten minutes, she decided to have a rest, she walked over to the wall and looked across the land.

Beuxbatons was the only kingdom, beside Durmstrang, that Phaedra had seen, but she did know there was another across the oceans and forests. It was known as Hogwarts, and no outsider knew how to get there. People of Hogwarts were known as 'messengers of the night' and were Beuxbatons and Durmstrangs' enemies for they were supposed to be practitioners of witchcraft. However, Phaedra did not think that this meant they were a threat, and even though she had never saw Hogwarts, she assumed that it was more beautiful that Beuxbatons, where the fields were as grey as a brewing storm and the flowers frowned. She hated the place, it held too many memories of her father abusing her and her sister. She wished she could take the secret passage out and escape but she had never has the courage.

Realising that Petunia was still waiting for her to deliver any news, Lily darted out of the courtyard, through various passageways until she finally reached her sister's room. She pushed the door open slowly as she stepped into the room, the minute Petunia's eyes saw her, she jumped out of her seat and hurried over.

"Well what did they say?"

Lily pushed passed her and sat on the bed, Petunia sat next to her and looked at her expectantly, "Petunia they decided that you'll marry Prince Vernon Dursley of Durmstrang"

Petunia froze in her seat, she would have married anyone but him, he was ugly and mean and loathed anything a woman had to say. She finally broke into tears, Lily hugged her older sister, stroking Petunia's straight, blonde hair. She lifted her sisters head up and looked into her dark, brown eyes and whispered, "I'm sorry, I wish I could do something to help"

Her sister didn't answer but instead buried her head into Lily's shoulder. Lily sat there listening to her sister's sobs as she thought about when she could finally sleep and be able to see him and speak to him again, when she would finally feel his touch.