Bound By Brotherhood Forged in Fire Part II: The Power The Dark Lord Knows Not

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Prologue: And They Will Have A Power the Dark Lord Knows Not

A few hours later land appears beneath the window Harry sat looking through.

"We should be landing in about ten minutes guys" Scot called

A few moments later he saw a large mansion surrounded by trees and fields.

Harry watched Ororo press a button on the radio and say "Kurt we are coming in, open the door for us"

"Got it" a German accented voice replied over the radio and just as they flew over the mansion the basketball court in front of the mansion slid away to reveal a dark opening leading underground.

The Blackbird stopped over the opening and began to descend into the hole.

And after about a hundred feet the hole opened up into a large cavernous area.

Walled in gunmetal grey plating, a very cool dark blue helicopter parked at the far side, and several machine parts and loading vehicles.

And behind the controls stood a man, with dark blue skin, pointed ears, and shoulder length hair that was dark blue and close to black, with a long dark blue tail with a spear like tip, wearing tan jeans and a cream t-shirt.

"Cool place" Harry said to himself as he stood up, Neville nodded in agreement.

"Good trip professor?" the blue man asked

"Yes Kurt" Xavier replied as he wheeled down the ramp "It was a little different from what I expected, but still a good trip"

As Harry stepped off the ramp Xavier said "Kurt Wagner, this is Harry Potter, and his Godfathers, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin, and Neville Longbottom"

"Nice to meet you" Harry said as he shook Kurt's hand

"You guys must the new mutants the Prof was walking about" Kurt said

"Just me and Harry" Neville said "His Godfather's are the tag alongs"

"You didn't think we were really going to let you two leave the country alone did you Neville?" Remus asked "Frank and Alice would never forgive us if we did"

"You knew my parents?" Neville asked as Scot descended the ramp of the Blackbird

"Me and James went through the Aurors Academy with them" Sirius said

"Where're the others Kurt?" Scott asked after the opening above them had cycled closed.

Thinking for a moment Kurt said "Kitty's out on a date with Lance. She should be back any time now. Rouge is with Gambit in the Danger Room, and the trainees are upstairs with Beast watching TV or doing something else, and Jean is waiting for you in the kitchen"

"Uh oh" Scott said before he headed for the door, and was running as soon as the door opened.

"Children and romance" Ororo said with a smile

"I'll show you boys to your room and you can store your things until we can show you around" Xavier said

Harry simply nodded as he and Neville followed Xavier, Sirius and Remus training not far behind

After bringing the two teens and Kurt upstairs Xavier showed them to their room.

The room was roughly the same size as Harry's dorms at Hogwarts, except it wasn't stone walls and four poster beds. There were three beds in the room. Each with a chest of drawers and a table beside it. And a wardrobe built into the wall. Next to the third bed.

And sitting on the floor by the bay window, were three identical teens, all with dark brown hair and blue eyes. All wearing the same blue t-shirts and grey jeans. Harry guessed that they were fifteen, with a slightly stocky build.

"Harry, Neville" Xavier said "This is your new roommate Jamie Madrox"

The teens looked up and smiled before two of them faded away. And the remaining teen set down his cards and said "Nice to meet you. My friends call me Multiple"

"Harry Potter" he said as he shook Jamie's hand.

"Neville Longbottom" Neville replied as he shook the teens hand, although he was slightly hesitant.

Xavier smiled as Harry set the things he had been levitating, on the floor by one of the made beds.

"Wicked" Jamie said "Are you telekinetic?"

"Dunno" Harry shrugged "But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve"

Then while Neville went through his gear Harry began to unpack his trunk

His Firebolt, at which Jamie stared for a moment before Harry promised to show what it did later, his dad's invisibility cloak, the Marauders Map, his photo album. As he looked at it Harry decided to go through it later and remove the pictures of the traitors. He stacked his books by year on the floor, the sneakoscope and broom care kit Ron and Hermione gave him when he was thirteen, and they were going too. His cauldron and the remains of his potions kit. Some clothes he had left, his school robes, dress robes, and Quidditch robes, and a cloak.

After sorting out what to keep and what to dump, Harry turned to the things Remus and Sirius had given to him from the Lock up, the bike leathers, the pensives, a box of photos, and photo albums, a box with some books, based on what Harry had looked at they were his parents journals, and a duffel bag.

After folding the bike gear, Harry set aside the photos, and the albums, his parents journals, and the pensives, and went for the duffel bag.

Inside where what Harry could see were four robes of varying styles of Dragonhide. Harry frowned as he read the labels on the robes.

James William Potter

Auror 1st Class

Sirius Orion Black

Auror 1st Class

Franklin Jonathan Longbottom

Auror 1st Class

Alice Selena Longbottom

Auror 1st Class

"Neville" Harry said "I think you should take a look at this"

"What's up?" Neville asked as he looked up from the stack of books he was sorting through

"These?" Harry said as he motioned towards the piles of robes

"These are my parents', your dad's, and Sirius' robes" Neville said

Harry, deciding to experiment tried to contact Sirius "Padfoot, can you come up here?"

Down in the garage, where Sirius and Remus were loading their stuff into one of the vans to take to the apartment in New York later, Sirius looked up when he heard Harry calling him, only to find him nowhere in sight.

"It would seem that Harry has discovered one of his mutant abilities" Xavier said as he wheeled towards the van.

"You heard that professor?" Sirius asked

"I am telepathic" Xavier said

"Oh yeah" Sirius said "So he wants to talk to me?"

"It would appear so" Xavier said "Follow me, I'll lead you up"

"What's up Harry?" Sirius asked when he arrived

"Do you recognise this stuff?" Harry asked as he motioned to the four piles of folded clothes on his bed

Sirius frowned as he examined the piles of robes "Mine, your dad, Frank and Alice's robes from when we were Aurors, where did you find them?"

"A duffle bag I took from the lock up" Harry said "I just opened it"

"You mind if I take mine back?" Sirius asked as he motioned towards the folded pile belonging to him

"No problem" Harry said, Neville nodded in agreement as Harry spoke again "I'm just trying to sort out what to do with my dad's"

"Hold onto them" Sirius said "Your dad's robes had some really cool charms on them. among the standard charms for tears, cleaning, weather endurance, and defensive charms, there was also a very special charm your mother designed"

"What kind of charm?" Harry asked as he tried the black dragonhide robe on.

"Once you put it on you can cause the robe to take on any form you want, jackets, overcoats, any type of coat" Sirius said

"Cool" Harry said as he removed the robe and folded it along with the rest of the gear, and put it into the empty box of bike leathers and stored it in one of the empty wardrobe sections, then he tossed Neville the box he had taken his parents journals from to store his parents robes in.

Once Harry had stored the rest of his things in the trunk and decided what to destroy he went through his photo album and took out all the pictures of the Weasley's and Granger, they were added to the pile of robes, books, parchment, and quills, all of which Harry intended to burn, along with his wand as soon as he got the chance, no use in having a weakness that could be used against him if the opportunity arised.

A short time later Harry and Neville were sitting in their boxers in the medical bay of the lower levels of the mansion.

The tests had been completed and the teens were waiting for the results.

After a few moments of typing the blue furred Doctor Hank McCoy looked up from the keyboard he was sitting at and Harry asked "What's the verdict Doc?"

"From what I can see you two have very different powers" Hank said "Which I wasn't expecting. I figured that because of your magical abilities you would have similar powers"

"Even wizards are unique Doc" Harry said "So what've we got?"

"I'll start with you Harry" Hank said with a smile "First, your telepathic, you also have regenerative capabilities on a level similar to Logan, which means you'll be damn near unkillable"

"Excellent" Harry said "What else?"

"Well your next ability is very interesting" Hank said "You have the ability to…manipulate the magic around you"

"Manipulate the magic?" Harry asked

"A better description would be energy" Hank replied "With a single thought you could do virtually anything, the world around you would bend to your will"

"Cool" Harry said "Any ideal if that extends to the shadow abilities of my Shadow Tiger Animagus form?"

"It probably would" Hank said "You'll have to test it later, but I can tell you that some of the traits of your Tiger form have been transferred over to human form, enhanced senses for one, and enhanced agility for another"

"Cool" Harry nodded as he pulled on his sneakers.

"Neville" Hank said "You are telekinetic, and a pyrotechnic"

"Pyro means fire right?" Neville asked

"Yes" Hank nodded "Your abilities as near as I can tell are linked to both your magic, and your Animagus form, you also have an ability similar to that of a student who used to be here called Rahne Sinclair. She was able to transform into a dog, and stop the transformation part way"

"So I'm more or less a type of werewolf" Neville said, to which Hank nodded and Neville said "Excellent"

"Another surprise for when we got after Lestrange" Harry grinned

Hank not knowing who Bellatrix was continued "Your final ability is very cool, and similar to that of another mutant we have here called Roberto Da Costa he was able to absorb Ultra Violet light to enhance his strength for a period of time, you can do something similar Neville, except instead of absorbing light, you absorb heat"

"Oh goodie" Neville said "All I'll need is to do is give myself a heat bath and I'll be able to crush a Deatheater's skull"

"This is really gonna be fun" Harry said with a grin

"Oh yeah" Neville said before he looked at Hank and asked "When do we start?"

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Next time Harry and Neville go shopping and visit the apartment.