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Epilogue: Family Reunion

While Sirius & Remus were playing cards, Harry walked into the main lobby of the mansion, where he found Jamie playing Digimon World 4 on the Nintendo Gamecube. The young wizard shook his head and went to the phone, where he called up the local pizzeria and ordered up a couple dozen pizzas with various toppings. After he placed the order, Harry went into the main lobby and laid down on the futon and waited. Before he drifted off to sleep, Harry gave the money for the pizza to Jamie and said, "Take the pizza to the kitchen if I'm asleep, Jamie." Once said, the Boy-Who-Lived promptly fell asleep.

Dream Sequence

Harry opened his eyes and looked around at his surroundings. Immediately, he knew that he wasn't in the mansion… or anywhere that was remotely familiar. Suddenly, he feels movement and looks over, his eyes locked immediately upon a pair of chocolate brown eyes framed by dark-brown hair.

Although the young wizard was surprised, he didn't show it. Before he could inquire the young woman he was looking at, she asked, "You're worried, aren't you?" Harry heard a voice that said, "Only a little. I can't believe he turned on his own friends like that."

"Well… he was corrupted by the Jenova powers. We have no choice but to fight him."

The doors opened and Harry saw a stocky African-American man with a metallic fist. "So, Barret… it's time, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is. Now get your asses out of the bed. Oh, and Cloud… your sword's ready." Harry felt himself nod, which led him to believe that the person whose eyes he was looking through was a leader of sorts. But, before he could learn more, the Boy-Who-Lived woke up

end dream sequence

Harry sat up on the futon, sweating slightly. The young wizard looked around and saw that, thankfully, no one was around to see his abrupt awakening. Shaking off the last vestiges of sleep, Harry headed for the kitchen to grab what was probably the last two slices of pizza left. As he was walking to the kitchen, Harry started to think his dream over.

The names Cloud and Barret sounded familiar to him for some reason. He decided after everything was settled down with the Longbottoms and the Prewetts that he would investigate them.

Upon entering the kitchen, Harry saw that Kate & Bobby were sitting at the counter, trying to decide who was going to get the last two pieces of pizza. Without giving them any warning, Harry tapped into his mutant power and used a small portion of his energy to move the two pizzas to his waiting right hand.

The two mutants watched the slices as they flew to Harry's hand. The wizard took a bite and said, "I paid for it. I should at least get some of it."

Bobby said, while Harry continued to eat, "Inferno's in the infirmary with his parents."

Harry nodded and asked, "What's their progress?"

Kate casually skewered some apples on her claw and pulled two off, tossing them to both Bobby & Harry, as she said, "Neville's parents fell asleep a few minutes ago. The Prewett twins followed them soon after." Harry nodded once more, before heading down to the infirmary.

It had been several hours since the Longbottoms and the Prewett brothers fell into a restful sleep.

Sirius had contacted Bill and Charlie that morning before going to the Danger Room for his Full Moon stroll with Moony, leaving Harry and Neville in their Animagus forms on the cold floor of the infirmary. It was a practice they had gotten into recently. It helped them to develop their mutant powers by using them in the form they originated from.

"Harry" Neville growled.

"Yeah?" Harry asked. "You've been practicing heavy duty Transfigurations recently right?"

"Yeah, success has been pretty good so far" Harry answered.

"Have you ever considered the possibility of using your Raw Magic or your Shadowmency to turn into other things?" Neville asked "Like animals?"

Harry's emerald and gold cat eyes locked with the Pyrolf in front of him "You think it's possible?" "Won't know unless we try" Neville replied. "We'll worry about it later" Harry said "Right now the priority is your parents and the Prewett's" Neville's response was cut off by a sharp gasp and a gruff sounding groan from the surgical beds behind them.

The two mutants instantly reverted to human form as Harry sent Professor Xavier a telepathic message letting him know the Longbottom's were awake. "Dad?" Neville asked "Mum? Are you alright?"

"I'll let you know after the hangover passes sweetheart" Alice groaned.

"The disorientation should pass soon" Harry said "With a few days rest and some decent food the four of you will be back on your feet by the end of the week"

"Four?" Frank asked.

"When we broke you two out of the hospital we also got the Prewett brothers" Neville answered. "But Gideon and Fabian died before either of you were born" Alice said.

"No" Harry said "Dumbledore just made everyone believe they were dead and then he stuffed them away in St Mungo's"

"Mother fucker" Frank snarled as he sat up and looked around "Where are we?"

"The lower levels of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters in Bayville, New York" Neville answered "It's a school for mutants"

"I thought they were just a myth" Alice said.

"Oh no" Neville said as Harry moved to check the Prewett brothers "We're very real"

Frank looked at his son and asked, "What do you mean by that, Neville?" Holding up a hand, with the palm facing up, Neville formed a fire sphere that quickly flattened into the broadsword he was known for using during his Danger Room exercises. Neville said, while moving the blazing broadsword lazily, "I'm a pyrokinetic and telekinetic. Harry on the other hand, can regenerate, manipulate magic, and is a telepath."

Hearing Neville saying what he could do, Harry said, "You forgot royally pissed at the manipulative old bastard, Nev."

"Someone talking about the lord of the lemon drops in here?" The four conscious wizards turned to face the entrance and saw four of the Weasley brothers standing in the doorway.

Harry grinned and said, "You guys made it."

Bill walked over to Harry and shook his hand, saying, "Black said that there were two people here we had to see."

Fred grinned and asked, "Where's the big black dog at, anyway?" Harry said, "Taking a talk with Remus at the moment. However, I can show you the two people that Sirius was talking about." Grabbing the edge of a curtain, Harry pulled it back to reveal Gideon & Fabian sleeping in their beds. Immediately, the four Weasleys were standing next to Harry, asking him various questions. Holding his hands up, Harry stopped them from talking. He then answered all questions as best as he could.

two hours later

"So, that's what happened to them. Mum said that they died during the war around the time when these two clowns were born," Charlie said, while pointing at Fred & George. Harry shook his head and said, "Dumbledore lied to us all. Neville's parents have agreed to help us out. And, when these two wake up, I'll ask them the same questions." Bill asked, "So, what will we do if they accept?"

Harry looked at Bill and said, "We work together to bring down Voldemort, of course and anyone else who stands in our way. Whether it be former friends or family, anyone who stands in our way will be brought down."

Fred sat down in a chair next to Fabian and said, "Well, you already know that we're with you. And it looks like you have the resources to win this war."

Harry grinned and said, "Yeah, but I don't think there will be room to pull pranks, unless you can come up with some pranks that have use in battle."

"Did someone say something about pranks?" All the wizards quickly turned their heads to see Gideon attempting to sit up in his bed. Moving quickly, Harry was at his side, supporting him as the older wizard sat up.

Gideon looked at Harry and asked, "Where am I?" Harry simply said, "Among friends, Gideon." Gideon looked over at the four Weasleys and said, "William, Charlie… you two have changed. The other two, I swear they look just like me and Fabian."

Harry said, "Those two are more of your nephews, Fred and George. Your brother Fabian is still out at the moment."

"Not out, just bloody disoriented." Harry looked over at Fabian and said, "That because the old man decided that you four were a threat to him and kept you all in St. Mungo's Hospital all this time… that is, until I got you four out of there."

"Four?" Fabian asked. Harry said, pointing over at the Longbottoms, "They were in there too. They were hit with the Cruciatus curse the the Lestranges in 1981but came out of it around 85. Dumbledore thought it would be best if you four were out of his way, so he had you all drugged. Unfortunately for him, he didn't expect me to find out and have the resources to get you out."

"So," Gideon asked, "what are we going to do now?"

"Well, first… I need to get you all up to date on what has happened since you were mentally put down." Harry said, taking a seat. He then started, with assistance from the Weasleys & the Longbottoms, to get the two Prewett brothers up to date.

one hour later

"Well, count us in on the action. Besides, we need to show the new jokers how we did it back in the day," Fabian said, looking over at Fred & George. Harry nodded and said, "Rest up for now, because soon, the war for the planet will begin."

Now that the final recruiting has been done, it's time for the fight to begin. But, even with the help of the X-Men and the few wizards who are loyal to him, can Harry win? And what is up with the dream Harry had and what does it mean? Find out when the next book is released. Stay tuned for Bound by Brotherhood, Forged in Fire III: The Past Revealed.

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