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Disclaimer: Don't own'm, never will. And just a note: The timeline in this fic is really off, but this is fiction right?;-P I've revised parts one and two, and I have to ask: Would you rather have shorter parts, more frequently, or larger parts, every so often?

"Look out behind you!" "To the right! NO, the other right!" were some of the cries erupting from the forest that late morning. The digidestined had run into yet another one of Piedmon's henchmen, who's name is Kangmon. She is a giant kangaroo, with black markings and powerful claws and feet.

"Watch it!" Tai yelled, as a fiery attack landed in the middle of their makeshift camp. The kids scattered, ducking for cover in brush and behind trees.

"Oh this is hopeless!" Mimi whined fearfully from her place behind a tree, holding the injured Tanemon in her arms. As strong as they may be, not many Digimon could stand up to Kangmon. The groups two mega Digimon were all that remained, as the rest of them had been reduced to in-training.

"You can do it Metalgarurumon!" Matt encouraged his Digimon from a safe distance. The metallic wolf nodded and readied an attack.

Another ball of flames crashed into the campground, making Tk scream. Matt used himself as a human shield, protecting his little brother from the large pieces of ash and debris.

"Ice Wolf Claw!" Metalgarurumon shouted as a burst of ice raced towards the gargantuan marsupial. Kangmon easily batted it away, sending it into a nearby mountain. "Fool!" She shouted, grabbing him and cruching him into the ground, like a child would do with a toy. Metalgarurmon tried to get away from his attacker, but was helpless under her powerful grasp.

"Terra Force!"Wargreymon yelled, releasing a glowing ball of energy trying to defend his friend. "Go away you pest!" Kangmon said, letting go of Metalgarurumon. As she moved her hand, the large gashes covering the metal wolf were revealed, blood pouring from them and dripping off Kangmons long, shining claws.

"Metalgarurumon!" Matt yelled, racing to his wounded partner, who's fur was now more red-pink than white. "Can you hear me?" he asked softly, kneeling beside him. The wolf nodded slowly, struggling to rise to his feet. "Come on, de-digivolve, we have to retreat." The blonde ordered.

They both turned as a they heard a scream, and Agumon came hurtling through the forest canopy and was caught by Tai.

"Noooo…" Metalgarurmon moaned, his voice guttural, as he finally stood on all fours. "We have to defeat her. It's up to me now."

"Well at least let me come with you." Matt said. MetalGarurmon reluctantly agreed. The blonde hopped on his digimon's back and together the pair rose into the air. " So, one left." Kangmon laughed, as she caught them in between her paws.

"Let me go!" Matt shouted, trying to pull himself from her clutches.

" But I'm not the one you should be fighting, little one."

"What do you mean?" Matt asked angrily, staring into her large yellow eyes. The Digimon laughed again. " Have you really forgotten already, all the things that Cherrymon taught you? About the darkness inside you? You know who you should be fighting." Matt shuddered at the mention of Cherrymon's name but was determined not to let it get to him.

"He was wrong! Tai's not my enemy, he's my best friend! I could never fight him. Besides, Cherrymon's been destroyed, he doesn't have power over me anymore."

"You don't truly believe that do you?" Kangamon asked softly. "Oh you naïve thing. As long as you have the memories of what he told you, he lives, he grows, inside of you. You are destined for great things, Matt Ishida, great things."

"It's not true, it can't be!" Matt said, squeezing his head, hot tears forming in the corners of his eyes. "Why me?"

Down on the ground, Tai ran towards the others, holding the exhausted Agumon. As he ran from the scene, he could he snippets of Matt and Kangmons conversation. "Tai….enemy…..fight" "…Cherrymon……darkness."

'Who the heck is Cherrymon' he thought as he ran. ' And what does he have to do with Matt?'

"She's just trying to hurt you Matt." Metalgarurumon told his partner. "The digidestined our your friends Cherrymon's lies were just that, lies!" Metalgarurumon said sagely.

Matt nodded. "Your right," He said shakily. "Their just lies, their just lies," he recited, his resolve getting stronger with each."Their just LIES! Come Metalgarurumon, let's get her!"

"Oh well, you can't win them all" Kangmon chuckled, tightening her grip on the pair.

"Batter up!" she said, swinging her tail around like a bat, hitting them far into the distance.



The Digidestined and their Digimon cried, as their friends sailed far out of sight.

The last thing Matt saw was the ground rushing up at him, wind whooshing by with increasing speed, and then all was black.

*Hours Later *

Drip……….drip……….drip drip…echoed through the large stone chamber.

This was the first sound Matt heard upon his return to consciousness. He slowly opened his eyes and sat up, holding his head. He winced in pain as he found a large cut above his right eye, a large bump rising next to it. Looking around, he saw that he was in some type of cell. It's high stone walls were damp and the only source of light was from two small windows on the far wall. Water dripped sluggishly from the ceiling cracks, splashing into shallow puddles in the dirt.

The sound of shallow breathing alerted him of the presence of the chambers' other occupant. Not far from where he was, lay what looked like a cross of a reptile and a wolf. It had large scratches across it's body and a yellow horn.

'Who and what are you?' he thought to himself. The poor creature looked in a sorry shape, as it's fur was caked and matted with dried blood.

' Or better yet…'he walked over to a small puddle on the cold floor to look at his reflection. He noticed unfamiliar blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes, staring back at him. 'Who am I?"