See chapter 1 for disclaimer

See chapter 1 for disclaimer.

Meanwhile, back at camp, the digidestined were getting worried. Very worried. It was now three days after their fight with Kangmon, and the group had seen neither hide nor hair of either teen or Digimon. Izzy hadn't even been able to find Matt's digivice's signal, proving once again how strong Kangmon's attack was.

Palmon's roots dragged over the dry earth as she continued walking in a circle, trying to think. "Where could he be?"she wondered wringing her hands as she continued her orbit in the now well worn circle. "Is he hurt or scared? Did Piedmon catch him? Did they get separated? Is he……."a chill ran down her spine at that thought and quickly shook her head to rid herself of it.

'He's not dead. He is NOT dead.' she told herself, repeating it like a mantra. 'Gabu just CAN'T be!' Deep in her heart she knew he wasn't dead, just sensed it in her somewhere, although she had know way of knowing it.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar giggle in the bushes, quickly followed by a "Sshuusssh, she'll hear you!" Annoyed at this invasion of privacy, she decided to teach her intruders a lesson. "Poison Ivy!" She yelled, sending her vines into the bushes and pulling out their contents, which happened to be a very surprised Agumon.

Biyomon was on the ground, laughing at her boyfriend's predicament. "I told you!"was all she could get out, before she started laughing again. "Oth, thut ubp." was all Agumon could say as her tried to get out of Palmons grasp. Palmon looked from friend to another. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Miny wat wurred.." Agumon tried to respond. "I think you have to let him go Palmon." Biyomon said, walking up to her friend. The plant Digimon begrudgingly agreed, setting the yellow lizard down. "Thanks" he said sarcastically, clearing his throat."As I was saying, Mimi was worried about you. You've been gone for nearly four hours! So Biyomon and I decided to come looking for you. We heard you babbling on and on, so we just kinda decided to…"

"Eavesdrop." Biyomon finished guiltily, making drawings in the sand with her feet. "We're sorry Palmon, but when we heard you ranting and raving about Gabumon," she said, her beak growing into a smile," we just couldn't resist!"

Palmon's cheeks turned the color of her hair. "I was not 'ranting and raving' as you put it. I'm just worried about him, as a friend. Just...a friend."

Now it was Agumon's turn to laugh. "Ah, come on. Do you think nobody notices? The way you two are always tripping over each other, walking next to each other, staring at one another," Agumon counted on his fingers, ".. how you two always.."

"All right, I get the picture!" Palmon said, her face now resembling a tomato. "Ooo...she's blushing!" Biyomon teased good naturally, wrapping her wing around Palmon's shoulders." Don't worry, we'll find him."She said, reassuring her friend. Palmon just nodded sadly.

"Hey guys, I'm itchy all of a sudden." Agumon said, scratching his arms, where large rashes had appeared.

"They don't call it poison ivy, for nothing!" Palmon informed him.

"Ahh, TAAIII!!!" Agumon yelled, running back to camp. Neither could hear his explanation, but they did hear Tai's response. "Ah, Crap!! Joe! do you have any calamine lotion?!?!?!"

Biyomon and Palmon just snickered.

*Tatiana's Castle*

"Ugh!" Tatiana said, jumping onto her pink canopy bed, in the high castle turret. "Who ever thought that changing someone's identity could be so hard. Or so much fun!" she said, giggling like a school girl. "I am Matthew Charles Skijor, from Manob, Wisconsin." She said, laughing the whole time. "Oh he is so pliable! If I told him he could fly, he'd probably jump off the roof! I Love amnesia! "

As she was laughing, a quiet knock came from the door. "Tati, you're food is ready." A small, yet musical voice came from the hallway. "Come on in, Vullapmon!" she called to her friendly Digimon.

A small canine Digimon walked into the room, a tray balanced on it's head. It was a light red in color, with navy blue stripes over it's back and auburn paws, which were actually shaped more like flippers and auburn curls that framed her muzzled face.

Tatiana frowned at the Digimon, as her dark blue stripes brought to mind one of the only flaws in her plan. Gabumon. The honest, loyal, ever faithful Digimon struck a cord with the blonde, whether he remembered his friend or not. She often found him down in the dungeon, looking for his friends cell in the labyrinth of cells. She would have to do something about him, but right now it was time for diner. "Pizza!" she cried and she dove right in. Vullapmon sat beside her partner and ate her share.

Downstairs in the Dungeon, Gabumon's diner was far more meager. " 'Ere's you bread an' water" the guard sneered, shoving the tray through the small flap. Gabumon wouldn't have said 'thank-you' if he'd had the strength. The bread was stale and moldy and the water had thing floating in it(things he didn't care to identify) The Digimon ate his small meal in silence then settled down for the night. A chilly night breeze blew through the cell and Gabumon wrapped his fur tighter around himself. If only she were here.. if only she were here, it might not be so cold...if only

(A/N:*Hugs Gabumon* You poor, poor thing! -.-;;)