X-mas Killers

Starring: Me, Becca, Goodfellow, and Santa (the hot one)

Goodfellow waiting on random house top on chrismas eve. Santa lands

Goodfellow- (dancing around Santa's sleigh) "Santa's here! I'm a deer! Lala, la, la, la!"

Santa- "Hello, uh, Goodfellow?"

Goodfellow- "Yay! Santa knows me! I'm full of glee!" Blush

Santa- "Yay yourself."

Goodfellow- "So what ya get me? Candy Spree?"

Santa- "Nothing but coal." Hands Goodfellow a lump 'O' coal "Stealing panties is not good."

Goodfellow- Blush, blush " I can't help it. This is shit! It's genetic! Pleese don't trip!"

Santa-sigh "Sorry."

Santa starts to walk to chimney. Jet plane flies over house. Two figures jump out of the plane.

Becca- (quietly in the disstance) " Danka!"

Santa- Twich, twich "N, no!" (Look of dread)

Goodfellow- "Who is that... (could it be a cat?)"


Parachutes open

Santa-Panic,panic "Oh,no!Becca'scomingtoloveme!Savemelordallmighty!It'sBecca..."

Goodfellow-Horror, horror "It's the stalker girl herself! Run, RUN! Oh my gosh! This isn't fun!"

Both Santa and Goodfellow- "SAVE ME!"

Becca- "Santa, wait for me tooooooooooooooo!"

I land and unhook my parachute strap

Me- "Goodfellow, deer." (Run over and hug Goodfellow) "I missed you so much!"

Becca lands and unhooks her parachute strap

Becca- " Why wasn't I the first one to get gifts?"

Santa- "Uh, er, uh... Time Zones?"

Becca- Grin "Oh! That's good enough for me!"

Goodfellow- "How did you get here?"

Me- "Becca and I broke out of area X and then fled to Germany. There we got the hook-ups with the German gang 'Moldy Cheese'. We pin-pointed your location and came here."

Goodfellow- "B...but my restraining order... (I need to escape past the Mexican border!)"

Me- "Went out of effect three and a half of an hours ago! I'm so happy." (run and jump on Goodfellows back) "Deer! Let us go git some milk! I'm thirsty!"

Goodfellow- "Arrg! Go away, I say!"

(Goodfellow struggles and begins to fall down the roof)

I let go and fall off the roof.

Good fellow (Knowing his love was in danger) quickly turned into a stag. He jumps off the roof. On ground he quickly turns into a human ready to catch me. I admire his effort but...

Me- hanging head over heels in tree "Help! I'm stuck in a tree!"

Goodfellow- (waterfall of tears) "It seems Goodfellow has been prooven useless again. I'm too depressed to ryme."

Goodfellow runs to sulk behind a tree .

Me- "I said help! Goodfellow you get back here! Now..."

Becca-sigh "Use the graappling-hook gun the 'Moldy Cheese' gave you."

Me- 0.0 "Oh..."

I get out the gun and shoot up. It hits the sleigh. I press a button and start to be pulled up.

Becca- "Yay it works!" Dance, dance

Santa- Crying "I just got a paint job on that!"

Becca- "Just go give the people their gifts!"

Santa goes to the other side of the house and shimmied down the drain pipe. Santa runs down the street far away

Becca- sticks out hand " I'll help ya Alli!"

Me-Grabs Becca's hand "Danka!"

Becca pulls me up

Becca- "You okay?"

Me- " I'm fine. But I might be a little brused. . ."

Chirp, chirp

Me- "Where is Goodfellow? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

The End


Santa became a mongolian worm-hearder hiding from Becca. He didn't give the rest of the world gifts and millions of families woke up to giftless trees! Becca is hot on his trail. I stalk Goodfellow. (As always!)