Warning: I am not a poet. I just try to think I am.
This is the 4th in my LFN ReRun series. Please take into consideration that I write these poems while watching reruns. Anything that happened after mid-season 4 does not exsist in my mind. And in my mind chaos rules supreme burger style.

Weeding Out the Weak
By BithaBlu

I am here to tend to the world
Because civilization has been postponed
And to find peace we must fight

The background is my place
Analyzing everything
And finding meaning in chaos

I can read your mind
You don't understand me
And I know the entirety of you

In my ever so efficient way
I decide what should grow and thrive
And what needs to be weeded out

I am here to save the world from itself
I am here to help bring about order
I am here to weed out the weak