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While Seto slept, Pegasus rose and quietly, so as not to disturb him, dressed himself in plain clothing and slipped out of the mansion. Kaiba had been tired when he had spoken, but if there was something, anything, that Pegasus thought he might want, he would stop at no lengths to get it for the boy.

He found the woman's shop once again and explained in halting phrases what he wanted, expressing his fear along the way that it too would be irreversible and Kaiba might be dissatisfied. She consoled him by assuring him that this procedure could be undone, though it would be painful in both the doing and the undoing. After he assured her that suffering was no object, she customized her work and gave him the materials necessary as well as a set of complete, meticulous instructions on how to use them.

Upon his stealthy return, Pegasus saw that Kaiba was still sleeping and he smiled; the boy needed his rest but there would be a surprise waiting for him when he awoke.

Closing the door to muffle the sound of the running water, Pegasus drew a steaming hot bath and poured in the powder like she had directed him to. The water changed to a light rose color and a sweet scent rose up from it with the steam. He went and prepared a cup of tea for himself, brewed with another small pouch of herbs she had given him, then returned to the tub. Carefully, he immersed himself in the water and, once he was mostly covered, began to quickly sip the tea. It too tasted sweet and smelled fragrant; before long he had consumed all of the liquid and set the empty cup down on a nearby stand.

At first the water was soothing; the delicate smell tickled his nose and the heat of the water relaxed his muscles. As it lapped over his skin the damage done to his body was repaired; abrasions vanished and cuts were sealed up. Before long, however, the changes that the woman had warned him of began to take place and his body shuddered with the wrenching sensations. His bones ached as though they were being crushed, and he could sense them growing smaller, centimeter by centimeter. This lasted for some time as he was a tall man and he had requested that she adjust the concoction so that he would be quite petite; fortunately, he thought, he was already delicate, or the grinding sensation might have been still worse.

Within his body the liquid he had quaffed churned and bubbled. Though he could not see the effects quite so readily at first, he knew that his vocal chords were rearranging and new organs were being brought into being, as the woman had explained. When the sexual change finally did manifest itself outside of the body, Pegasus convulsed as the pain dug so sharply that he bit his lip and clutched the sides of the tub desperately in an effort to keep from crying out. His agony finally subsided and when it did, he breathed in relief then smiled in pleasure; she had assured him that it would be created so completely that he would, in fact, bleed upon their first encounter.

Already aware that he was much smaller and more fragile, he turned to pick up yet another phial she had given him. As he reached, he looked down and saw for the first time his newly developed breasts, unnoticed until then due to the distraction of the pain. Diverted, he stroked them and smiled at the sensation which ran through his body as he did so. He also saw that they were rather small, but this did not concern him much; she had given him a mixture he could drink to adjust them to Seto's satisfaction.

Resuming his task, he took the phial and poured it's contents into his hair, lathered, then bent his head and rinsed it out in the tub. The fine silver threads swirled around him and he saw that they were at once both silkier and lengthier than previously. Then he turned and took another item from this stand, this time a container with a thick goo inside it that would serve as a facial mask. He smeared it over his features, including his closed eyelids, and allowed it to sit for several minutes as she had recommended.

Once he rinsed the mask off, he opened his eyes to find that for the first time in many years he had depth perception. Two wide, restored brown eyes gazed back at him from the reflective surface of the water, set amidst features even daintier than before yet were still recognizable as having been his. Though the water was somewhat murky, it was evident that his skin was several shades lighter as well. He giggled and her tone was light and musical.

Standing, being careful to gain her balance, she drained the tub and turned on the shower head to give her self a final rinse. As the water fell upon her, her hands explored her newly fashioned curves; they seemed quite pleasing and she desperately hoped they would satisfy her Seto. Once she had turned the water off, she gracefully stepped out of the tub and onto the bath mat, grabbing a Turkish bathrobe and wrapping it around her body before proceeding to dry herself off.

Her hair was still damp and her body clothed only in the robe when she softly stepped into Kaiba's room. He was still sleeping but was now spread across the bed, he head lolling off to one side on the pillows and his arm draped over the edge of the mattress. Kneeling at the side of the bed, she tugged his arm as a child would and when he awoke and turned to see her, she looked at him with a pleading gaze.

"Dress me?" She begged.


Initially Kaiba had been surprised; his eyes grew wide and he had opened his mouth to say something, then thought the better of it and instead gave her a smile halfway between lust and pity. Her heart rate sped as he picked her up off of the floor and led her over to the closet with its full length mirror. Even the first glance pleased her as she could see that she was easily seven or eight inches shorter than he was. She shivered with a chill and delight as he slid the robe off of her body and they both blushed upon viewing her whole nakedness for the first time.

With more care than ever he dressed her, giving her playful pinches as he slid lacy panties up her legs. She giggled and, to her surprise, even he smiled, giving her a quick peck on the cheek and patting her butt before going to search for a bra. Bending down and reaching into the folds of the robe, searching for its pocket, she quickly straightened and held up a carved glass bottle.

"I can adjust," she said suggestively.

He quickly agreed and they did so together, he moistening a finger with the liquid and she licking it off until they had burgeoned to tender C-cups. She closed her eyes as he cupped and teased them before fitting her with a bra and fastening it in the back.

Inch by inch she allowed him to tug on white lace stockings with ruffled garters, pull tiered petticoats up around her waist, button up a frilly, laced edged shirt tightly across her chest - "Just like the ones you used to wear," he said with a grin - and slip a puffy pink jumper over her head, tying the ribbon tightly in the back so that its loose ends came down to just below the trim of the dress. He even knelt at her feet and she lifted them one by one so he could slip on round-toed shoes crafted of matching pink fabric and buckle them for her.

She squealed with pleasure as he lifted her up as though she were as light as air and carried her over to a vanity where he set her in a chair and began to work. He first combed out her flowing locks, teasing her with the strands as he dried them, massaging in mousse and curling them carefully, being cautious not to burn them. He gathered part of her hair into a tail and fasted it with a hair tie before using a ribbon to make a bow and curling the tail a little extra. The rest of the silvery waterfall he combed and straightened to shimmering smoothness, save for the very ends which remained curled.

Then, as if he too were a painter, he brushed on foundation and powder, overlaid her cheeks with a soft pink, yet sparkling, blush, spread her lips with color until they glistened, blended colors on her eyelids and touched her lashes with just a hint of mascara. Then he offered her his hand and she stood, following him back to the closet. Kaiba reached into its depths once more and withdrew a pair of white kid gloves, again edged in lace, which he pulled on her hands when she proffered them.

Finally, he handed her a pink stuffed rabbit which she took eagerly. Then he stood behind her as she regarded the completed picture in the glass. Her eyes grew teary, though she was careful not to cry lest she spoil the effect he had worked so hard to achieve. When she felt his arms wrap around her and pick her up once more, she exalted. He pulled the chair from the vanity up to the bed and sat her down in it once more, instructing her to be careful and sit very still. He was going to change the sheets, he explained, and then she would pose for a few pictures.

She nodded eagerly, smiling all the while.

At last she had finally become something he wanted, at last she had changed herself into something he could desire and fondle and play with and protect. He could lift her, shape her, do anything and everything, and it would not displease her. But now, at last, he was gentle, since she was now something so much more exquisite than before.

At last she had become his perfect little doll; his living, breathing, loving doll.


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