Summary: Josh is avoiding answering his cell phone.
Spoilers/Episode: Post 2162 Votes
Characters: Josh, Donna, Will and Mallory


"Isn't that your annoyingly grating ring tone?" Donna asked.

Josh grinned as he took his phone out of his jacket pocket. "There's no need to be a sore looser Donnatella, this is a perfectly good ring tone"

"It's annoying," Donna repeated. "You going to answer it?"

"Noo," Josh shook his head, "not a chance I'm taking that call."

"Well at least press reject," Donna sighed. "Who is it anyway?"

"You poke fun at my ring tone, which by the way is the Nokia tone, and then you want to know..."

"Oh for God's sake," Donna interrupted. "Do you have any idea how much I haven't missed that."

"Missed what?" Josh asked.

"You... I don't know the word, I don't even know if there is a word."

"Twittering?" Will suggested.

"Yes," Donna agreed. "Twittering."

"Thanks," Josh smiled. "Nothing you two say will spoil tonight. Mock my ring tone and my... twittering, but this is a night of glory."

Donna looked back at the television. "They do look good together."

"Yeah," Will reluctantly nodded.

"How did you persuade Leo to do this?" Donna asked.

Will gave Josh a suspicious look. "How long have you had Leo up your sleeve?"

"I'm not sure Leo would take kindly to your thinking he was up my sleeve," Josh commented. "But anyway, I asked him when they announced we'd won." He smiled at the memory of the stunned look on Leo's face, "First time in over 30 years I've seen him lost for words."

They sat in silence for another few minutes until they were interrupted again by the Nokia ring tone. "For God's sake just answer it," Donna complained.

"No way," Josh replied.


"It's Mallory," Josh told her. "Leo tried to call her before he went on stage but her phone was engaged."

Donna and Will both stared at Josh. Donna spoke first. "So, what you're saying is, she found out that her father is our nominee for vice-president, from the TV?"

"Yeah," Josh agreed as his phone rang again. He sighed and this time answered. "Hey, Mal," he said as he stood up and walked away from the others.

"Josh, my dad's the nominee for vice-president?" Mal sounded stunned.

"Yes. He tried to call you before it was announced."

"That was good of him," Mal replied sarcastically

"Are you mad?"

"Mad? Why would I be mad, Josh?" Mal asked in a tone that certainly said she wasn't overjoyed. "I mean, a year ago he almost died from a heart attack. The doctor told him he needs less stress in his life. So why would I be mad that he's now running for vice-president."

"Yeah," Josh agreed. "But do you really imagine for one minute that he'd sit at home until November, calmly watching the campaigns on CNN? You know as well as I do that he'd be there with us. And trust me, he sure as hell wouldn't stand back while everyone else took all the crap."

There was silence on the other end of the line. "I worry about him," Mal eventually said.

"I know, so do I," Josh agreed. "But he's fine. And you have to admit he'll make one hell of a vice-president," he smiled.

"Of course he will." Mal paused again, "I wish I was there."

"It's insane," Josh told her. "The whole place has erupted."

"And you're in heaven," Mal added.

"Me? I've done my bit for now. I'm having a quiet beer and watching the TV. But yeah," he smiled, "I'm in heaven. I'll get him to call you."

"You'd better," Mal replied, but now Josh could here the smile in her voice. "Tell him I've never been prouder."