Hey, folks! Got a lot of reviews lately, thanks a lot. And now, here we go. The exciting conclusion to "Mysterious Disappearances!" Will Sam find a way to save Danny?

Sam had a very panicked look on her face as she muttered, "Oh, come on, Danny. Wake up, wake up, please wake up."

Finally Sam sighed and began to perform CPR. She was qualified for having passed the test in eighth grade. She pressed down hard on Danny's chest five times. Then she leaned in, took a deep breath, and gave him the kiss of life. As she did, she thought, Just relax. It's not a real kiss. It's an attempt to save your best friend's life.

When she stopped, she checked Danny's pulse. Nothing. She repeated the process, getting more worried by the second. As she continued, Vlad was slowly getting to his feet. He turned towards Danny and Sam and laughed, "Well, well, well. It appears young Daniel just wasn't strong enough to take that blast. Looks like he's finished."

Sam shouted, "You're wrong!" and checked his pulse again. Still nothing.

With her hopes starting to fade, Sam tried once again to bring her best friend back to life. She began to think, Oh, please don't die, Danny. Otherwise, I'll never be able to tell you how I may feel about you. Please don't die.

Plasmius smirked, "Aw, how cute. Daniel's girlfriend is trying to save him."

"You stay out of this, you jerk!" shouted Sam as she once again blew air into him. With her hand shaking, she checked his pulse.

Sam gasped as she suddenly felt motion! After a few seconds, Danny's eyes slowly opened! He changed back to Danny Phantom as he sat up, while Sam cried, "Danny! You're alive!" She hugged him, with Danny looking a little confused.

He asked, "Uh, what happened?"

Sam replied, "That huge explosion knocked you unconscious. Your heart stopped beating, so I performed CPR and brought you back.

Danny smiled, "Thank you, Sam. For my life. Where's Vlad?"

Vlad shouted, "Daniel, are we going to finish this or not?"

Danny sneered, "Let's finish this."

Sam got out of the way as Danny fired an ectoplasmic blast at Plasmius. He simply absorbed it, but Danny quickly fired another blast. Vlad was caught off-guard and hit.

At that moment, everyone in the cages was starting to wake up. They hadn't actually opened their eyes yet, but they were simply stirring.

Vlad shouted, "No matter how hard you fight, Danny, you will never defeat me and save everyone!"

As Danny fired an eye beam, he knew Vlad was right. He couldn't do it. Not by himself. He had given it everything he had and was still struggling to survive.

Danny was starting to lose all his confidence when someone shouted, "You get away from him!"

Danny turned to another doorway to see his parents standing in it. They had run all over the place and finally found another door into the main room.

Maddie fired a weapon at Vlad and knocked him right at the wall and slid down, knocking him dazed.

She shouted, "Danny!"

Danny gasped, "Huh? Uh, what are you talking about?"

Maddie stared at him, "Come on, Danny. We know that's you."

Danny growled, "Shoot. They know. Yeah, okay, it's me!"

As Plasmius began to recover, Jack said, "Listen, son. Since you're our son and unfortunately are also Public Enemy Number One, everyone should see you save them so you get off it. We'll give you what you need to finish this guy off."

He handed a small rifle to Danny, who asked, "What is this?"

Maddie explained, "We call it the Fenton Reverser. It sends ghosts back to the last place they were against their will. It also slows their speed for a while. Oh, and Danny, we're going to have a long talk about your powers when we get home."

"Right," agreed Danny, "and thanks, mom. Thanks, dad."

Plasmius had now recovered from his daze, and more importantly, everyone was completely awake and watching as Vlad powered up a purple blast, shouting, "This will finish you, Daniel!"

Danny quickly held up the Fenton Reverser and said, "Perhaps it's best if you leave."

He fired at Plasmius. A dart shot out and hit him. After a second, he started glowing white. The light grew brighter, and brighter.

Danny quickly realized that Vlad still had the key. He flew at him as fast as he could, reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small, gold key. About two seconds later, Vlad finally disappeared.

After a few seconds, someone shouted, "Hooray! Inviso-Bill saved us!"

Everyone started cheering for Danny, as Danny simply smiled with glee. After about a minute of cheering, Danny said, "Okay, okay! Thank you. Oh, and my name isn't Inviso-Bill. Call me…uh, just call me D. Phantom." He didn't want to make his name sound too obvious.

He flew over to the machine and looked for the keyhole. He finally found it and put the key in and turned it. Instantly all the cages were unlocked and everyone ran out, congratulating Danny.

Finally Maddie came over and shouted over them, "Alright, that's enough! There will be plenty of time for thank-you's afterwards. For now, let's get everyone out of here!"

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Moments later, everyone was ready to leave. A bunch of people were riding in the Specter Speeder. A few others were riding on Jack and Maddie's backs, who were riding Fenton Jetpacks. A couple managed to squeeze onto Valerie's jetboard. As for the rest, Danny had duplicated into four and was carrying them.

They walked the long corridor out of the lab, and then began to fly the long journey back home. It took almost a half hour, but they finally made it back to the Fenton Portal.

When they got there, everyone went outside and started to congratulate Danny, who was now formed back into one. After about fifteen minutes, everyone started to leave. Finally, the only ones who remained were, Danny, Sam, Tucker, Valerie, Jack, and Maddie.

Maddie said to them, "Everyone, inside."

The four teens walked inside with Jack and Maddie, waiting for what will happen.

They all sat in the living room. Maddie looked around the room and said, "Okay, Danny, how long did you have these powers?"

Danny sighed and changed back to normal, "About eight months. Tucker and Sam were the only ones I told. Valerie found out last week when I transformed in front of her."

"And how did this happen?"

"Remember when you guys first built the Fenton Portal and it didn't work? Well, I went down later to check it out. Turned out you guys didn't hit the 'on' button. I hit it by accident. It fused me with ectoplasm, and here I am now, a half-ghost teen superhero."

"So why did you attack us at that one meeting at city hall a while ago?"

"I thought you were being overshadowed back then. And remember when it looked like I was holding the mayor hostage? He was being overshadowed by an evil ghost warden named Walker. He was trying to turn the town against me."

"I see. So you've been protecting the town from evil ghosts since you got these powers?"

"That's right."

Maddie sighed, "We'll talk more later. You'll have to tell your sister, you know."

From upstairs, Jazz suddenly shouted, "I already know!"

Maddie gasped, "Jasmine Fenton, where you eavesdropping?"

Danny shouted, "You knew?"

Jazz replied, "Yeah. I saw you change behind that ice cream shop a few months ago. Tucker and Sam tried to make me believe I didn't see what I saw, but it didn't work."

Danny glared at Tucker and Sam, who chuckled sheepishly. He turned to Maddie, "So, are you mad that I didn't tell you?"

Maddie sighed, "We understand why you didn't tell us. So, no. But we'll talk more later. The rest of you can go home."

Everyone got up and left.

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"In our top news today, we have our very own Casper in Amity Park. And I'm not talking about Casper High School."

It was Sunday, and there was a report on TV about the rescue.

"Yesterday, everyone who had gone missing in the last six weeks was rescued by none other than Inviso-Bill. Everyone said they were kidnapped by some ghost in a labcoat named Dilbert. There is no word where he is. Inviso-Bill's only words were that his name isn't Inviso-Bill. He calls himself D. Phantom. Anyway, because of this rescue, D. Phantom has been taken off the Public Enemy list. Now that we know he is good, expect him to protect us in the future."

Danny turned off the TV with a smile on his face. He turned to Sam, who was sitting on the couch in his living room. Tucker was home resting after his bad ordeal.

Danny said, "Well, Sam, I guess we did it."

"No, Danny," said Sam, "You did it."

"Sam," said Danny, "I wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for you. I may have done most of the fighting, but you were what kept me going. There is no way I could have done this without you."

Sam took a deep breath and muttered, "This would be a good time."

Danny asked, "What was that?"

Sam sighed and said, "Danny, there's something important I have to tell you."

"What is it?"

"Well, for a long time now, ever since the fake-out make-out and the incident with Ember, I've gotten some mixed feelings."


"Well, what I mean is, I, uh, Danny, I love you."

Sam suddenly looked frightened at what she said. She, Samantha Manson, had revealed that she loved her best friend, Daniel Fenton.

Danny looked at her, "What?"

Sam sighed, "Oh, I knew you wouldn't feel the same way. You like Paulina. It's okay, I can live with it."


"It's no big deal, I guess. I just had to get it off my chest."


"I'm happy with what I did and that's all that matters."

Danny pressed her finger to her lips, "Sam, be quiet. Your words mean nothing."

Sam gasped, "You mean…?"

"That's right. I love you too."

Then they both leaned in closer and closer until their lips connected. They stayed that way for quite a few seconds, enjoying their first real kiss as much as they could.

Finally, after about ten seconds which felt more like ten hours, they broke apart, both grinning from ear to ear.

Danny chuckled, "Wow."

Sam agreed, "Yeah. But what about Paulina?"

Danny asked, "What about her? What is there to like about her? Trust me, Sam, you're the only girl for me."

Sam squealed, "Oh, Danny!" and threw her arms around him. After a few seconds, she let go and asked, "How are we gonna tell Tucker?"

Danny smiled, "Easy. We just tell him. He knew we would end up together anyway."

"You're right. And even if he's not cool, it won't matter because we'll still have each other."

"We always will," agreed Danny.

And with that, Danny and Sam, the new couple, leaned in, and kissed again, this time longer than the last one.

The End

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