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Dedicated to Carrie Fisher. You *are* Princess Leia. :)

Author's note: Thanks to the wonderful reviews of my ESB Han/Leia poem Destinies Collide, Forever Entwined (thanks to everyone who took the time to review it, I appreciate it!), I thought I'd work on more poetry about Star Wars' greatest couple. Here is my first NJO work, a poem about Leia's feelings towards Han, after Vector Prime and before their reconciliation in Balance Point. A poem of Han's POV in Balance Point should be along shortly. :) Thanks to DantSolo for beta-ing this for me. :)

One More Chance
by Bria
Tuesday, March 20, 2001

One more chance is all I need
One more chance to make things right
One more chance to mend what has happened
Both to my husband and to our marriage

When did the space between us start to fall?
When did everything go all wrong?
Sure, Chewie's death might have been the catalyst
But it had to be something deeper than that...

Was it all the times we were separated from each other?
Or the restlessness of responsibility I knew he sometimes felt?
It was all of that and none of that, as odd as it may sound
But my husband needs help, and whether he wants it or not, he's going to get it

Who was right and who was wrong?
I can honestly say I no longer care
I want my husband back and I want him back now
Before our marriage is destroyed

One more chance is all I ask
One more chance to put these past few months behind us
One more chance get back to what is important
Just one more chance... that's all I ask


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