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Yugi: /comes running in, wearing a cheesy Dracula cape, fake teeth, he flapped his hands about bat like/ MEEEEE, I vaunt to suck your bluuurd.

YamiKITG/Yami: /sweat drops ¬¬'/ Um. Yugi. Yami is the vampire. And what you're wearing, is not quite what I had in mind…sorry. Maybe next time. Get some pointers from Yami.

Yugi: Oh…..ok.

Yami: Don't be said Aibou. Were going to have fun insert seductive smile

YamiKITG: Oh RA, what have I gotten myself into /sounds of kissing in background/ (kitg walks to Keyboard and starts to type)


/Yami to Yugi/

/Yugi to Yami/

The storm rolled and roared in the night, bright flashes lit up the angry sky, the moon lost to the sea of black Anger. Rain poured from the ominous clouds, as if to wash away the sin of the world. In this rain someone, or should I say something, walked. Though walked would not be the right word….more like stalked. It moved with a grace no mortal could possess as it moved down the dank alleyway. The strong smell of urine and booze met its keen nose. Though this came as no surprise, this ally was behind a dance club.
It waited in the shadows, waited for someone foolish enough to trespass near him. He did not have to wait long. The bouncer kicked out a guy, shout about not to touch the merchandise. Must have been trying to grope the dancers. The Man stumbled to the ally, the harsh sound of ripping metal as he undid his flies to relive himself. The predator moved forward, waited. The Man finished his business, but got no further, strong arm about his neck, strong calloused hand over his mouth, teeth imbedded cruelly and savagely in the soft neck of his throat He tried to struggle. But it was in vain. Slowly his heart came to a stop. He was dropped to the ground, and then turned to ash in an accompanying flash of the night sky. The lightning hiding the deed of incineration. In that flash, crimson eyes became apparent, that and the crown of hair, it shot up in spike's like a starfish, the black ending in red ends, blond streaks shot up to meet the end of the points making it look like it had lightning in it's hair. Hiding some of his eyes was more blond, the bangs covering his sharp gaze, angling his face. This child of the night pulled a grimace of disgust as he spat out some of the blood. It seemed it was not to his liking, but all to often this kind of vitae graced his lips. He moved from the shadow, looking at the blazing neon sign on the dance club. Perhaps he would look inside.The creature now fully exposed to the light stood in the glory only a god could truly have. The black leather covering its lithe form enhanced the sight tenfold. Long black jacket, billowed in the breeze that blew the gold bangs to one side, around his neck a leather belt showed. To all who passed. Just another Goth. But he was so much more.

Walking past the bouncer he entered the club, the sound of rock music meeting his ears. The smell of Booze, and blood. If he had not sated himself, someone would not be leaving alive. It smiled at this thought. As it continued to walk, the creature passes the poles, some women danced, flaunted their body. It enticed him, but not in that way. He could hear the beat of their hearts; their blood must be so sweet. Not laced with alcohol. Finding a lone booth, shrouded in darkness, he sat. Noticing, not only women dancing also men danced. This must not bea popular club, from all the dancers and people in herehe thought.

Lights of blue, red and yellow graced the staged as the strobe lights moved, he looked around. In on corner was the bar. Several people sat ordering various drinks. Behind it was a blond youth, 18 perhaps. He could hear his strong Boston accent from here though. He seemed well accustomed to life behind the bar, throwing cocktails about with grace of long practice. Moving from the Bar, he looked to the place, it wasn't too bad. Red wallpaper donning the walls. Making it have a seductive tone, black and gold silk hung from various places. He also noticed some Egyptian statues. This made him smile. Reminding him of home. Hieroglyphs in gold dotted the stage here and there. Though those who put them there obviously had no idea what they meant. He now decided to look at the customers, he saw men buying cigarettes off women clad in belly dancing outfits like those he remembered in Egypt. Some were old men. Leering at the women at the stage, he turned from them. Sick. As he did so the music changed to an Egyptian theme. He looked as many men, also the women sat forward in anticipation. The lights dimmed so only one gold spotlight highlighted the stage, into this walked a man. He was in leather trousers, but holes could be see, as they ended halfway, turning into straps and buckles. Revealing the porcelain white flesh. His eyes roamed up, the chest covered in a sleeveless vest, on the vest were more hieroglyphs, but these made sense, as if the owner of the vest knew there meaning. It read "the Pharaoh's slave" the creature's eyebrow raised in curiosity, he looked to the arms. There more leather belts adorned them. Three on each arm. Each with an Egyptian symbol. This made the eyebrow go higher. They read on each arm. "I long for death"

By this time the man teen on the stage began to dance, taking off the black veil that had been hiding his face. If the creature's heart still beat, he felt sure it would have stopped. There before him was a double of his form. The hair the same, though missing the streaks of blond lightning that shot to the tip of his ebony hair. But it was the Eyes, which caught him. The pure amethyst orbs. He started to feel something he had not felt in an age. He rebelled against it, he would not, could not feel this. He would not hurt again. But the more he fought. The quicker he lost. He wanted to know more about this one. The orbs the shone with innocence so out of place here. But there was also a great sadness behind them. The creature saw it in their glazed sheen. He felt his lust rise and the seductive dance this one performed, he looked so young to be here. He looked up when a shadow fell over him. There was a brunette girl, looking eyes of pure desire at him.
"Is there anything you need sir?" she asked in a seductive tone. He smiled; he might have a nice morsel tonight. He was not attracted to this one in the least, even if he had not closed his heart off to love, he would not like this one to be with him. But she would have her use for now.
"Yes, sit with me. Might I ask who that dancer is?" His deep voice seducing her as she stood. She collapsed beside him, leaning against him.
"That's Yugi. He is the most popular dancer here. Makes our boss very happy. He makes so much money for the boss. In this way and the other." She said tone in a trance. The creature thought on what she had said. He tried to push her for it, but she would say no more, as if she feared what would happen if she did. Her self-preservation was very strong. And strong things like that he could not pass. So he asked a different question.
"How old is he?"
"17 though I know he looks about 15" she replied. He could sense her jealousy of the teen now, the need to hurt him. And sensed she had done so quite a few times. For some reason that made his blood boil. Before he knew what he was doing. He had sunk his teeth in her throat, draining her before she could even realise what had happened. He used the same spell, turning her to ash. People saw the flash, but thought it part of the show. (A/N ooops. Kinda killed her off a bit quick….oh well. I hate her. Plus it not my fault. She shouldn't have been on TV while I was writing this, doing her friendship speech)

The creature watched and was sad when the dance ended; he saw the teen lock eyes with him. He gasped, as the feelings stirred once more. He tired to suppress them with a growl. But the teen smiled at him. Why had he come in here, why should he bother? But he did. The teen's smile faded as he saw his boss on the edge of the stage. He walked of. And the creature got a sudden sense of great sadness

Yugi walked from the stage seeing his Father standing there, though he was more like his master.
"Good boy, you made me some money tonight. Now, you have to make me some more, some on." His father took a strong hold on him and led him to the back room"Mr Ushio is here."
"No Father please, not again" His last time with the man, fresh in his mind, he didn't want to go through that again. He yelped in pain as his uncle took a painful hold on his arm, twisting it,
"You will do as I tell you, you are my possession to do with as I please, what are you?" he growled low in the boy's ear. The tone laced with menace.
"I am nothing, I am a thing to do with as you please" Yugi replied as he had been taught, tears stinging his eyes. He was released from the hold.
"Good, now get in that back room" he snarled pointing the black door at the rear of the corridor.

Yugi, resigned to his fate, shuffled to the door, opening it to reveal Mr Ushio waiting inside. You see, Yugi's father owed Ushio a lot of money, but blamed it on Yugi. So….Ushio would beat him instead of his father, saying he didn't dance well enough. When in fact his father was pocketing the difference. That's how he made extra money for his father. He was pushed before Ushio.
"He's all yours sir. But remember. Not to mark his face or arms, but his chest and back are fair game." He father turned with a smirk. Closing the door making the room sound proof.
"Yugi. I hear you have been bad. Well. I'll have to deal with that. Ushio beat him savagely that night, cutting his back and chest, kicking him. He passed out after three hours. But felt his dad grab his foot and draged him to his room, not even letting him tend his wounds, locking him inside.

Yugi longed for escape, but dared not. His father had said he would hurt his grandfather if he did. Him and Jounouchi. He loved his grandfather so much. He got him in to Egypt, even gave him one of the finds he found, a puzzle in a box. He had finished when he was 10. For he had lived with his grandfather since he was three. But his father turned up on his tenth birthday, dragging him from the house, hurting his grandfather in the process. He had told Yugi, if he ever tried to run away. Grandfather would die. And Yugi knew he meant it. He had connections. As for Jounouchi. He was Yugi's only friend. He worked to pay for his sisters operation. His father said he would sack Jounouchi, hurt him and his sister. Jou knew this, but he also had no choice, he had a bad background. And if the police ever found him….

Yugi lay in his room, curled up on the bed, weeping quietly. Wondering in his mind, pleading

Will no one save me? Will this never end?

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