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All looked as the form of the Winged Dragon of Ra roared its anger. It looked down at the being before him, not recognising the form of the Pharaoh, only seeing an enemy,

"You see Atemu. You will die by my hand. I will throw your corpse to the gate. And the power will be mine." Ruia laughed, her victory inevitable. No Galen to stop her. There was a flash of blue there before Yami, protecting him was three Blue Eyes white dragons.

"You now dare to challenge me Priest? Don't make me laugh. Destroy them of winged dragon" Ra roared again, sending forth it's blazing fury. The Blue-eyes screamed then knew no more. The blast sending all crashing into the back wall.

"Now you die"


Yami looked on mouth open as Yugi stood before them all, shielding them from the Winged dragon's fury.

"Oh please little vampire, you have no hope to defeat me"

"There is always hope, Galen taught me that"

"Enough, destroy them with your power, become the Phoenix of retribution, burn them in your holy Flame" Ruia's voce took and a hysterical tone, her head thrown back as the laughter burst from her lips. The winged dragon became a bird of flame; it flew straight at them all. Seto grabbed hold of Jou,

"I Love you Puppy"

"Love you too Seto"

Seirei kneeled by Galen holding his lip form.

"Forgive us, we have failed. Your sacrifice was in vain"

Yami could not move, he saw the fire engulf Yugi. And waited for it to claim him, the light so blinding like the Rays of the sun. But he felt no pain. He looked, as the fire never met them. The winged dragon returned to its place, confused.

"What! How did you?"

There, safe and unharmed stood Yugi, a strange golden glow about him. It pulsed with Holy light, like the warm, comforting life of Ra. Could it be that Ra had graced them? Had saved them. Or was this some power of Yugi's?

"Die damn you"

"No" the statement so simple, so clam. Tumbling from Yugi's lips. He looked down to the millennium puzzle. It glowed like him.

"How? How can you use the Puzzle? It is for the Pharaoh alone!"

"This is my gift Ruia. Galen knew. He knew all along. He said "You have a power of Pharaoh's inside you." I didn't understand then. But I know now. He has been guarding so much. And now has given me the one thing to defeat you. He knew that Yami could not fight you alone. So he made ready for the day. He hid the puzzle, knowing it would find it's way to someone who could wield it. For you see this was all Ra's planning Ruia. He has been trying to stop you from the start. He chose Galen as the guardian. And now. He has entrusted me with the final part. Be ready Ruia. For now it ends" Yugi's voce shocked Yami, it had been so commanding. He walked forward as Yugi turned to him, taking his hand. In the other Yugi took off the necklace Galen gad given him. It now glowed red.

"You ready Atemu?"

"Yes. Lets end this" Yugi held the Dragon aloft, and both cried out in unison.

" OH PROTECTOR OF THE DAY, WE CALL YOU BY THE POWER OF THE MELENIUM PUZZLE…SLYPHER THE SKY DRAGON" The Medallion shattered as the heavens opened, the roar deafening as the great red dragon descended from its slumbering home. It stood before Yami and Yugi. Recognising its masters. Then it looked to the winged dragon, Called out to it'd brother god. For the Winged Dragon of Ra was not meant to be wielded by Ruia. When Slypher got no reply, it growled in Anger, knowing that it's brother was under some control.

"It is not enough, we need the third god"

"Seto, Jou, come here. We need you"

The two walked forward. All joined hands, a sign of their unity. The glow spread and Seto and Jou called the final god.

"OBALISK THE TORMENTOR. WE SUMMON YOU TO OUR AID OH MIGHT GOD" Blue lightning broke from the ground, then took form. There stood the final god. Crimson eyes in anger as it clenched its fists. Now with voices joined Slypher and Obelisk called to their brother. Winged Dragon faltered, seeking answers as to why these two before them called. It screeched to the heavens, and was answered. A circle of light formed in the sky, shining into the winged dragons eyes. Breaking the spell laid upon it. It turned to its brothers with a cry of recognition. Then saw its pharaoh before him. It bowed low. Yami nodding in return. Then it turned to the witch that had bound it all those years ago. Taken him from Ra's light and grace.

"No, you are mine. You cannot… no" Ruia began to Run as The winged dragon and his brothers chased her. The surrounded her. And Yami walked forward.

"Ruia. Ra has passed Judgement. You will be taken from this plane of life and will stand before Muat. Destroy her my three gods"

The three Gods passed their fury, destroy Ruia with her pained scream. She was devoured by Muat. To fell a thousand pains as she was digested. The winged dragon of Ra turned to Atemu.

"Child of Ra. Never fear. You are as you have always been. His son. He will watch over you. But now we must close the Gate of Anubis. He knew this would come to pass. Hence why you needed to be banished from the light.. So you could go were Ra could not" Yami smiled. Galen had been right all along.

Yami and Yugi climbed atop the Winged dragon of RA. He extended his golden wings and flew from the balcony, coming to hover atop the Gate. Yami and Yugi held out the Millennium Puzzle. With their combined power the Gate closed.

"Yami, we did it"

"Yes, and now I can truly reclaim my name."


"Yes my love" Atemu leaned forward claiming those lips he hand missed so much in a passionate embrace. They tasted like sweet ambrosia. But all ended to soon as the winged dragon came near the balcony. The dismounted bowing to the three gods. They returned to be ready when called upon. Each now taking residence in a medallion, Obelisk went to Seto. Ra went to Atemu. But before Slypher returned, he went to the form of Galen.

"Loyal one, I cannot give you life on this plane. But your loyalty should not be lost. Arise my Kin. Servant of the Dark magician. Brother to Red Dragon, SHADOW DRAGON"

Galen's body turned to Dust, swirling and coalescing into a black shadow dragon, like smoke it's self. One blazing red eye. The Red dragon of Egypt appeared to meet her brother protector.

"Galen, brother shadow Dragon welcome" Galen bowed and turned to Yugi.

"As I am now, so will I always be, protector. I am for you Yugi. As the Red Dragon protects Atemu, I will protect you."

"Thank You" Yugi had tears falling from his eyes. As did Seirei, Galen Lived. Not as he was. Some would say the one they knew had died, and this was a shell. But Yugi knew better.

Red dragon and Shadow dragon bowed their farewells, until needed again.

"Lets get out of this place. It giving me the willies"

"What only just now? Stupid pup"

"Hey who you calling stupid?" Yami and Yugi rolled their eyes, letting the two bicker, know it would end up them kissing on the floor.

"What now Atemu?" Yugi asked as he leaned into his lover.

"Well right now, were going home. After… what will happen to your club?"

"Well as seen as my relatives are dead it would go to me why?"

"Well, I was thinking about going into the club business. What about you Seto, care to joins?"

"Hum…Pup dancing? Hum Yeah. Why not. Could be fun"

The friends and lovers returned, Seirei kept an eye on them all, as they worked the club. She became the bouncer. She found it great fun. As for Seto, Jou, Atemu and Yugi. And as to how the club did?……….That is a story for another night.

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