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The Bad-Luck Penny

The smoke became a shadow-type person with a bad hairstyle. It was none other than…

"Spectra," Danny hissed, his voice coated in venom. The students all started screaming and ran away like the idiots they are. Yes, fools, run! Run for your worthless lives! MWAHAHAHAHA! Ahem. Anyway, two white rings formed around Danny's waist. They traveled up his body, changing his plain outfit to a black hazmat suit with white trim and a white letter D on his chest, his hair from black to white, and his blue eyes to a neon green.

He flew up into the air and threw a punch at the creepy, ugly, self-centered sillohuete. She dodged him and put him in a headlock. A really strong headlock. Danny gagged a bit as Penny (Spectra) began her villainous taunting.

"Your dead Paulina is dead, Danny. She was one of the few in this city who trusted you. The one who loved you is dead, so go on and grieve," she said, the presence of mock well emphasized in her voice.

"She may have loved me, but I didn't love her back. I don't even see why I liked her. She's not the one I really love," he said. Confusion crossed his face. Not the one he really loves? What the heck was he talking about? Paulina had always been the only girl he'd even given a glance! Well, with the exception of… No, it's not true. We're best friends! I can't love her!

Well, I'm sure you're all curious how Paulina's doing, right now. Well, let's go to the Ghost Zone and find out, shall we?

Paulina floated through the huge, creepy dimention. She now had green skin and red eyes. Her arms were in a position similar to when you are in the snow without a jacket. She was cold, frightened, and alone. She cried a little as she flew along. Isn't that just wonderful? Anyway, she came across a ghost who looked similar to a vampire. Cautiously, she approached him.

"Excuse me, sir," the teenager addressed the ghost, meekly. "Do you know where I might find Inviso-bill?" The ghost gave her a quizzical look. "You know, a ghost boy? White hair, green eyes? About fourteen?"

"You mean Danny Phantom? Why, are you an ally of his?" the ghost asked.

"Sort of. You see, I really, really love him. When I was alive, he saved my life. Do you know where he is?"

"Yes, but I'm not going to tell someone who loves him in such an idiotic way," the ghost replied coldly. "He is my enemy, and-" suddenly, the ghost got an idea. "Actually, I can take you to him. Follow me, young lady," the poltergeist said, trying to contain a smirk. Paulina, gullible idiot she was, smiled and gladly floated with the ghost, happy to have finally found a friend in this dark world.

"Thank you so much! By the way, what is your name?" She could hardly contain her excitement. She was going to see her ghost-boy again!

"Vlad Plasmius. And who are you?" Vlad asked warmly (well, as warmly as he could).

"I'm Paulina Sanchez. I died a few days ago after a fire."

"I'm very sorry to hear that, Paulina. Did you have a lot of friends?" Soon after that, Vlad regretted asking. She soon started rambling about how everyone loved her, and how her dad always got her whatever she wanted. What a spoiled brat! the hybrid thought to himself. The two charged on through the Ghost Zone, Paulina talking all the way.


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