All characters from the TV series belong to ABC/Touchstone. The rest are inhabiting my brain.


Paul looked over as Kate entered the room. He watched as she slowly moved around the tables littered with the projects they were working on. She finally stopped in front of his workstation, and turned on a small device that jammed any bugs that were in the room.

"You know its time that you went back." Paul had been having this argument with Kate for nearly three years.

"I know. And I need to." Kate looked up at her surrogate uncle with eyes that were shining in anticipation, not in sorrow like they had for so long….

"I'll send the signal"

"Uncle Paul?"

Paul raised his eyebrow, a sign that Kate knew well. "Yes?"

"I'll miss you and Aunt Terezia"

Paul held out his arms and pulled Kate in to a long hug. "And we'll miss you Kate."

Solomon walked into the main workroom at the Veritas Foundation, and caught Maggie and Vincent's attention with a jerk of his head.

"Maggie, put a call in for the jet to be ready for us to leave in an hour."

"Where should I have the pilot put as the destination?" Maggie already had the phone in hand and was tapping in the speed-dial number for the pilot.


Maggie looked surprised at that answer. "Really?"

Solomon grinned at her. "Yes, Rome, really."

Nikko looked up from the computer where he was logging notes. "What's in Rome?"

Vincent and Solomon looked at each other for a moment, and Vincent smiled as he turned to Nikko. "Who."

"Excuse me?" Nikko was getting confused.

Solomon also smiled at his son. "Who is in Rome, not what."

"OK, who is in Rome?" Nikko was getting a little ticked at the cryptic nature of the conversation.

"That is a surprise." Solomon didn't want Nikko to know … not quite yet. "When we get there, you need to follow Vincent and my leads. Do you understand?" Solomon held Nikko's gaze for a moment to get Nikko's attention.

"Things could get dangerous very quickly." Vincent moved over toward Nikko. "Things must be perfectly timed and executed."

"I got it. Follow your lead and do as you do."

Calvin barked a laugh. "That would be a first!"

Nikko ducked as Solomon reached out to ruffle his hair. "OK, I got the message loud and clear, guys."

"How much gear do we need to pack?" Juliet looked up from the book she was reading.

Solomon looked at each of the team members. "It's just going to be an in and out operation. We should be back in less than a day. Don't bring anything unless it's necessary."

The team jumped into action. Calvin and Nikko both grabbed their laptops, while Maggie and Juliet grabbed coats for everyone.

Solomon and Vincent drifted toward the entryway ahead of the others.

"Is she ready to come home?" Vincent asked quietly.

"Uncle Paul said she's been ready for quite some time, but she's been a little scared…."

Vincent looked surprised. "Kate afraid of anything? That doesn't sound like her."

"She's had a lot of time to think about everything that's happened in her life and she has not lead a boring one." Maggie snuck up behind the men.

"You've been talking with her?" It was Solomon's turn to be surprised.

Maggie looked at the men. "Are you surprised? Kate is a good friend."

Solomon grinned at Maggie. "Kate is a lot of things."

Vincent laughed. "Yes, she is."

Solomon looked at his watch. "Let's go, people!"