Disclaimer: I do not own Nightmare On Elm Street, any of the characters that I use in this story or any other of the characters from other movies that appear or are mentioned.

Summary: Freddy Krueger and his daughter Katherine are grudgingly brought together in a one to one therapy group with a Family Psychiatrist. Will they be able to put their hostile differences behind them? Let the insanity ensue. This old story of mine is in the progress of being re-edited. First chapter is a bit short

Chapter 1: The Appointment

Maggie Burroughs had just finished packing her small suitcase and was now sitting silently on her bed, lost in thought. Her mind was still in utter dismay at the letter that had arrived at her apartment that morning. At first it seemed nothing out of the ordinary until she saw the print of Westin Hills crest on the top of the letter. When she read it to herself she thought that it had to be some sick practical joke someone was playing on her. No one knew about her true identity so how could they know she was related to him? But when she phoned Westin Hills to check the validity of the letter she was dumbfounded to discover that it was no hoax.

With a shaky sigh she lifted up the letter again, reading it again just to make sure.

Dear Ms Burroughs or Ms Krueger. Whatever tickles your fancy!

Maggie snorted, shaking her head. Ms Burroughs was the only name that tickled her fancy. Her gaze turned back to the letter and continued to re-read it.

My name is Marjorie Higginbottom and I work as a family therapist in Westin Hills, Springwood. I am writing to inform you that an appointment has been made concerning your unresolved feud with your father – Frederick Charles Krueger. The scheduled time and meeting venue is tomorrow morning at 11am. It will take place in the consulting room at the bottom floor of Westin Hills. I look forward to meeting you and am hopeful that I will help you both to resolve your family feud.


Ms Higginbottom

The child psychiatrist huffed in annoyance as she folded the paper in her hands. This was just brilliant, absolutely brilliant. What did the family therapist expect them to do? Hug? But then again, it would give way to another opportunity for her to blow him up again? That is if she doesn't forget the pipe bomb.

Within the dark and demented domain of his dreamworld,Freddy Krueger's body was engulfed in a fiery rage as he clutched his own letter in his bladed claw pacing the shabby living room of 1428 Elm Street.

A soft snarl escaped from his charred lips as he ripped it to shreds. Damn this, an appointment with her? He'd rather get his head cut off by that bitch Lori, but then again maybe not. Maybe he wasn't the only one in the world who was insane. Well, seeing as he had nothing else to occupy his time as his power was so weak after his devastating defeat at the hands of that whore and that hockey masked punk Jason, he may as well turn up and see what takes place. But first he had to clean his bloodied blades; he had to look his best. As who knows the therapist could be some hot big-busted blonde babe in the need of some good fierce sex?