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Chapter One: Science Experiment Gone Wrong

"This class sucks," the blonde stated coldly. His partner merely grunted in response and continued working on their lap.

"All right class," the teacher said. "You're solutions should be a dark greenish color by now and you should be ready to add the final chemical."

The blonde and his partner looked down at their science experiment. It was white. The blonde shrugged.

"Close enough," he muttered. His partner grabbed the last ingredient and was just about to pour it when some called out for them to stop.

"No, Leon!" Sora exclaimed. "Stop!" He grabbed the older boy's wrist and prevented him from boring the final ingredient into their beaker.

"Hey, what's the big idea, Sora?" Cloud demanded as Sora took away the chemical.

"What's going on here?" The teacher, Ansem, had come over when he heard Sora yell.

"Sora wouldn't let us finish the experiment," Leon explained calmly.

"I'm sorry…" Sora bowed his head apologetically.

"Hey, it wasn't Sora's fault," Riku had come over to help his friend. "Those two put the wrong ingredients in. Look, their experiment is white." And indeed it was.

"If they would have poured this in," Sora held up the chemical he had taken from Leon. "It would have become acidic and ate through the table. They made bleach."

"Bleach?" Cloud repeated and Leon lifted an eyebrow in surprise. Ansem checked their experiment over thoroughly and nodded.

"They're right, somehow you idiots have managed to make bleach and if you had added that chemical it would have eaten right through the table and floor." Ansem pinched the bridge of his nose, annoyed. "Leon, Cloud, I want a five page essay about the correct way of conducting this experiment to be turned in by Monday." The two older teens glared at him but kept quite. "That's all for now, class dismissed."

Everyone gathered their things and left the classroom to head to lunch.

Sora sat with Riku in their favorite spot to eat, right under an apple tree in the courtyard. Sora was lying down on his back; he'd already finished his lunch and was now watching Riku eat his with hunger. Riku ignored the hungry look of his friend's face and slowly ate his sandwich, being sure to let Sora see every bite he took. Sora whimpered at him and Riku smirked.

"What's up, Sora?" He asked teasingly.

"Come on, Riku," Sora whined. "Just a bite? Please?"

"No," Riku shook his head. "Sora, we go through this everyday. If you're still hungry, pack a bigger lunch."

Sora blushed and looked away, mumbling something under his breath. He stared at the ground as Riku took another bite of his sandwich. Riku frowned at him then growled to himself in frustration. Trust Sora to put Riku through a guilt trip when he wasn't even trying. Riku knew darn well that Sora's family didn't have a lot of money and he couldn't afford to pack a bigger lunch for himself.

"Here," Riku shoved the rest of his sub sandwich to Sora. "I'm not hungry anyways."

Sora grinned widely and took the sub with a happy thanks. Riku couldn't help but smile as he watched his younger friend eating happily. Sora really was adorable. He ate the entire sub except for one bite that he held out to Riku.

"Say ah," Sora smiled and Riku rolled his eyes but allowed Sora to feed him anyways. Sora giggled happily and lay down again.

"Wow, he's got you whipped, Riku," Cloud teased as he and Leon joined the younger boys.

"Shut it, Cloud," Riku snapped. "Nice job, by the way, in science class."

"Shut it, Riku," Cloud growled at him. "Oh, about that, we talked to Mr. Ansem and got out of doing the report."

"How'd you manage that?" Sora asked.

"He said that if we could do the experiment right then we wouldn't have to worry about the paper. So we've decided that since you two were the ones who interfered that you're going to help us do it right."

"What?" Riku yelled. "No way! You…"

"Ok," Sora agreed happily. "When are you going to try again?"

"Today, right after final bell," Cloud answered, smirking. Riku glowed at his younger friend.

"Oh why not, Riku," Sora pouted a little. "It's not like we're doing anything else. And our parents aren't even home so we don't have to rush home to see them."

"Ya, ya," Riku grumbled.

"Your parents aren't home?" Leon asked quietly.

"Nope, Riku's mom and dad are gone for the month so he's staying with me," Sora explained happily.

"And Sora's parents took off sometime last night leaving a note that said they were going on vacation and would be back soon," Riku added.

"They just left?" Cloud asked incredulously. "Out of the blue like that?"

The boys shrugged. "They do it all the time," Sora replied, nonchalant.

The older teens blinked at their younger friends and shrugged. They had no idea that Sora and Riku's parents were so irresponsible. Although this did explain why Sora and Riku took such good care of each other and were abnormally responsible for teenagers. Cloud and Leon hadn't been friends with them very long but they had been around them enough to know that the two boys would do anything for each other. Their friendship was much like Cloud and Leon's.

The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. The four teenagers stood and brushed themselves off.

"All right, we'll meet you outside the science room after school," Cloud suggested, the others nodded.

"Yup, see ya then, bye guys," Sora yelled as he and Riku walked away.

The four met outside the science lab right after school ended. Sora was his usual happy self and Riku was looking bored. They entered the science room and got all the stuff they needed.

"Isn't Ansem supposed to be supervising this?" Riku asked.

"Nope, he said to just bring him the finished result," Cloud answered.

"Ok then. Let's get started!" Sora smiled. "First…"

They spent the next half an hour working and actually managed to get it right. Sora and Riku were both very good at science so they made sure Cloud and Leon, who hated this particular subject, didn't mess up. When it was time to add the last ingredient the solution was the correct greenish color.

"Ok, now we add this and you're all done!" Sora smiled and handed the vile over. Leon took it and poured the exact amount in. The solution poofed once and then settled down.

Sora frowned. "Ours didn't poof like that."

"Who cares?" Riku shrugged. "It's done right? So that's all that matters." Sora shrugged.

"Great, now let's get this to Ansem and get out of here, I want my vacation," Cloud grumbled. Spring vacation started today and they were all anxious to get out of school.

Leon reached over to grab to the experiment but accidentally knocked some random chemical over while doing so. He hissed and pulled his hand back quickly from the acidic chemical and knocked over their experiment. It went flying and landed all over Sora and Riku.

"Ah," Sora whined and tried to rub the substance off of his skin, Riku was doing the same.

"Leon!" Cloud scolded. "Damn it, now we have to start all over again." Leon had the decency to look sheepish.

"Um…hey, guys," Sora sniffed. "This stuff is starting to burn." He began clawing at his hands more desperately.

"My hands feel like they're about to burst into flames," Riku hissed with pain. The older teens quickly walked over to the younger ones and stopped them from scratching off their skin.

"Let's rinse it off," Cloud suggested and they pulled them over to the sinks. They stuck Riku and Sora's hands under the warm water to rinse the chemicals off but it didn't work. Both boys yelled and pulled away from the water.

"Ah that hurts," Sora cried, even the tough Riku looked about ready to shed a few tears.

"Let's go get Ansem," Leon suggested worriedly. This wasn't going too well. Before they could leave them room, Sora suddenly hiccupped and tripped. Riku hiccupped as well and stood still.

As Leon and Cloud watched in horror, Sora and Riku slowly started to shrink. They kept getting smaller and smaller until Sora was only knee high and Riku was half a head taller then him. They blinked confused and looked up at Cloud and Leon.

Leon and Cloud stared back.

"Mama!" Sora yelled and started crying. Riku tore his gaze away from the older boys and stumbled to Sora.

"Shh," Riku patted the mini Sora on the head. "We get in trouble." Sora stopped crying and took Riku's hand.

Leon glanced away from the children to look at Cloud. "Go get Ansem," he ordered. Cloud simply nodded and walked away in a daze.

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