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Chapter Eight: My Cloud

Three days; it had been three days since Leon had seen or spoken to Cloud. He had tried calling him once, but had gotten the answering machine; he hadn't left a message. There was only two days left before school started up again and Leon would like to have this issue resolved before then.

The only problem: he didn't know to resolve it.

For three days all he had been thinking about was Cloud. He had become even quieter the normal (which was saying something) and started snapping at people who disturbed his peace. His family stopped bugging him and Leon had refused to speak to Sora or Riku when they called or came over.

As far as Leon was concerned, this was all their fault.

But…if he was being honest with himself, it wasn't Sora or Riku who made him say those things at the movie theater. And Sora did have a point, if Cloud and Leon were just friends, then why had Leon reacted so negatively to the situation? What would have been so bad about watching a movie with Cloud in a dark theater when no one else was there to annoy them?

Ok, so maybe Leon had overreacted.

But come on! Sora and Riku were trying to hook him up with his best friend. His best guy friend at that. Now that situation may work for the two younger teens, but Leon wasn't gay. Sure, he'd never had a girlfriend, but that was because any girl he met was annoying and wore too much make-up. Leon wasn't interested in any girls.

So was he interested in boys?

The more the teen thought about it, the more he realized that he just may be. Men didn't annoy him as much as woman. And, if Leon was being truthful, Cloud was a really good kisser. So now Leon was gay? No, bisexual. Just 'cause he wouldn't date girls didn't mean that he didn't look.

Ok, so Leon was bisexual and he was in love with Cloud.

Maybe love was too strong a word. But there was definitely an attraction between the two, he wouldn't deny that. And Cloud was really the only one who understood Leon and all his different "moods." Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to try going out with Cloud.

But he'd have to talk to the blonde first and so far, that wasn't happening anytime soon.

Finally, on the last day of spring vacation, Leon got to talk to Cloud. He had decided to stalk the blonde until he agreed to talk to him and had been forced to sit outside on Cloud's porch until seven at night. When seven rolled around, Cloud's mother forced him outside and locked the door, ordering him to solve any and all problems with Leon because she wasn't going to deal with it anymore!

And that is how Cloud and Leon ended up on Cloud's porch in an awkward silence.

"Um…hey," Cloud was desperate for anything to break the silence between them.

"Hey," Leon replied, he really wasn't helping.

"So…what do you want?" Cloud instantly regretted asking though; he had a vague idea what Leon wanted to talk about.

"Um…what happened at the movies," Leon muttered. And low and behold, Cloud's suspicion was correct.

"What about it?" Cloud's voice took on a cold edge.

"Well…" Leon was at a lost for words. This sucked, he never was at a lost for words! "I just…"

"Wanted to apologize?" Cloud suggested coldly.

"Ya," Leon nodded. "After you left, Sora reamed my ass out."


"Deserved that," Leon muttered.

"Yes, you did," Cloud snapped. "'Cause for one, there is nothing wrong with being gay. Look and Sora and Riku, they're gay and quite happy. And two, I'm not that bad of a person to be around and I think you way overreacted at the theater."

"You're right, I did," Leon agreed and caught Cloud off guard. "I was embarrassed that someone thought I was gay and kinda took it out on you. I'm sorry."

Cloud blinked, was Leon admitting he was wrong and apologizing for it?

"Um…it's ok, I guess," Cloud mumbled. "Let's just forget about it."

"No," Leon stared right into Cloud's eyes and the blonde gulped nervously. "I have been thinking about this all vacation, and I think I've finally come to a conclusion."

"You…you have?" Cloud stuttered, backing away from Leon, who was advancing on him.

"Yes," Leon answered, and suddenly had Cloud pinned to the side of the house. "I've decided that I like you. I like you in a more then friendly way."

Cloud blinked. "You do?" His voice sounded more then a little hopeful.

Leon smirked, instead of answering; he leaned down and kissed him.

My Cloud, he whispered in his head.

My Leon, Cloud giggled to himself and kissed him back.

"Well, we had some setbacks, but everything turned out all right in the end," Sora nodded happily, watching as Leon kissed Cloud.

"Ya, almost blew it with the theater thing, but at least it gave Leon the kick in the butt he needed," Riku agreed, wrapping his arm around Sora's waist.

"So, how long until we get to tease them?" Sora smiled as they started walking away.

"Tomorrow," Riku answered. "We'll get them good at lunch."

"Can't wait."


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