11 -

Kate felt ready to explode. Trying to translate the tablet was one of the hardest jobs she had ever had. She felt more and more like she was just making up the language, since what was on the stone didn't make any sense.

"Having trouble?" Vincent set a cup of coffee by her right hand.

Kate gave him a dirty look as he sat across from her. "No, I like to create a new language out of the obviously screwed up mess that this one is!"

Vincent got back up and moved behind Kate to massage her shoulders. "You could take a little break."

Kate let out the breath she had been holding. "I will in a few minutes. I just want to finish this section, so the whole top half won't make any sense."

"Is it really that bad?" Vincent leaned closer so his head was next to Kate's.

Kate turned her head so if she leaned forward a bit, their lips would touch. Wow, where did that thought come from? "Uh," she stammered, "They flip from talking about the harvest to talking about the time of year to have sex to ensure a son will be born to talking about their ritual tattoos. It just goes all over the place."

"That would be confusing." Vincent took the pencil out of Kate's hand and pulled her to her feet.

"What are you doing?" Kate asked as Vincent placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Kissing you." Vincent lowered his head and with his hands on either side of her face, kissed Kate.

When the kiss finally broke, Kate lowered her forehead to his chest. Wow, that was better than I remember! Her eyes opened wide as she still was looking down. I still have feelings for him!

Vincent felt Kate tense beneath his hands. He kissed the top of her head and started to shift away. "I suppose I should let you get back to work."

"Uh, what? Oh, yeah, work." Kate blinked rapidly as she was trying to clear the fog from her mind. What are my feelings for Vincent?

Kate was still thinking about her possible feelings a couple of days later when she was having lunch with Maggie Hayes, an friend from college days.

"So is there any man in your life now?" Maggie looked coyly at Kate.

Kate choked on the sip of water she was taking and blushed.

"So I have my answer."

"I, uh, have been having feelings for an old flame." Kate finally got it out in the open.

"Do I know this man?" Maggie studied her friend who looked rather uncomfortable with her feelings.

" When you were interviewing with Solomon at the Foundation did I introduce you to Vincent Siminou?"

"No, but if he was that tall, dark and handsome man who was hovering to attend to your every need, I know who you are referring to." Maggie chuckled.

"Oh, God. Really? He was hovering?" Kate was bemused. Maybe I'm not the only one feeling this way….

"Like he couldn't get enough of whatever you were saying."

Kate blushed. "Did I ever tell you about our history?"

Maggie could hear the uncertainty in her friend's voice. "He's the man from Paris, right?"

Kate nodded. "Yeah, he broke my heart. But after we helped him get out of Dorna, he's just been a great friend." Kate looked up at Maggie. "Both to me and to Solomon. He was there for us when Haley died and we were trying to get her body from Dorna."

"How did that go?"

"They never let us near the site, and I heard that a few weeks later they dynamited it."

Maggie reached over to take Kate's hand. "I am sorry. For your whole family."

Kate squeezed her hand and smiled. "It can't be changed. But how do I go about seducing Vincent?"

Maggie laughed. "You're asking me relationship advice? Well, start by …."

12 -

Kate was deliriously happy. She was newly married to the man of her dreams, six months pregnant with their first child, and in Paris for a very belated honeymoon. But does it count as a honeymoon if it's more than a year since the wedding?

"What are you thinking about?" Vincent smiled down at his wife as they were walking on the Place de la Concorde.

"I was just wondering if we can still call this a honeymoon."

Vincent chuckled. "Of course we can. Or it can be a long due vacation for a very hard working archaeologist."

Kate let out a sigh. "Yes, I work hard, but I always have."

"But now you have to think of more than yourself." Vincent placed his left hard on her belly and felt the baby move beneath his hand.

"Okay, I'll slow down."

Vincent barked out a laugh. "That will be the day."

"I'm not THAT bad. Am I?"

"Only Solomon is worse."

Kate's eyes got that haunted look that Vincent hated to see. "He had a reason to work so hard."

Vincent pulled Kate into his arms. "So he won't miss Haley so much."

"And to finish her work."

"Oh, how touching. Two lovers in Paris." Tollan walked toward them.

Kate stiffened while Vincent moved in front of her. "What do you want, Tollan?" Vincent glowered at his former employer.

"Don't bother with trying to protect your wife, Vincent. There are men all around us who are prepared to take on." Tollan lifted his chin to look down his nose at Vincent. "You have seriously displeased Dorna with your defection." He looked over them to nod at his accomplices. "Put them in the car."

Kate and Vincent were both bound and blindfolded when they were in the car. Tollan told them it was for their own protection, but they both knew better. They were driven for hours, until even Vincent had no idea where they were going. When the car stopped, they were both helped out and up a series of staircases.

"Where have you brought us, Tollan?" Vincent yelled.

"Be patient, Vincent. All will be revealed in due time." Tollan called from the bottom of the stairs.

Vincent and Kate were eventually led into a room and unbound. They heard the door lock behind the goons. The took off their blindfolds to look at each other in confusion.

"Any idea where we are?" Kate was blinking the darkness out of her eyes.

"I lost track about an hour ago. I think they kept doubling back again and again." Vincent moved to see if his wife was alright.

"I'm fine. But a little tired." Kate was more than a little tired, but she was used to being a bit tired since she got pregnant.

"Go and lay down. I'll keep watch." Vincent gently pushed his wife over to huge bed he had spotted a few moments before. "I'll wake you up if anyone comes."

Kate yawned and laid down, falling asleep almost instantly. When she work, the shadows told her that it was dusk.

"Vincent?" She sat up on the edge of the bed, but couldn't see her husband.

"Vincent is not here at the moment." Tollan flicked on the light next to the couch he was sitting on. "He is being held separately for the moment."

"Why did you take us?" Kate was shivering, and not just from the chill in the air.

"Not to get back at Vincent for his defection, if that's what you are thinking." Tollan was enjoying playing the cat to Kate's mouse.

"Then why?" Kate was getting a very bad feeling. But you always get this feeling when Tollan is around. He's just too creepy.

"Your child cannot be allowed to be born."

Kate couldn't believe her ears. "What does this baby have to do with you?"

"Everything." Tollan stood and began to walk towards Kate.

Kate scooted to the other edge of the bed, but soon met up with the wall. She turned back toward Tollan, who was reaching into his jacket for a syringe. She noticed out of the corners of her eyes that goons were on either side of her, ready to hold her down. I'm trapped.

"Don't resist, Kate. I wouldn't want to hurt you."

Kate knew that begging wouldn't get her anywhere. "What is wrong with my baby?"

"Absolutely nothing. But it cannot be born. Dorna won't allow it." Tollan was taking the top off the syringe. "Now hold still please."

Kate felt the syringe plunge into her neck. It burns. "What did you give me?" Kate fell to the ground and fainted.

Some time later, Vincent woke up, back in their hotel room in Paris. He looked over at Kate who was next to him in the bed.

"Kate." He shook her slightly.

"Mmmmmm. What?" Kate was very groggy, trying to remember what was going on. Why was Tollan in my dreams?

"He wasn't in your dreams. He took us, remember?" Vincent answered Kate's mumbled question.

Kate sat up abruptly. "Then we really were taken out of Paris?"


"To a place with a lot of stairs?


"And Tollan had you taken to another room when I was taking a nap?"


Kate got a horrified look on her face. "Then Tollan injecting me with something wasn't a dream."

"He was probably trying to knock you out for the return trip." Vincent reached for Kate.

"He said the baby couldn't be born. That Dorna wouldn't allow it." Kate felt around her belly, trying to feel if the baby was moving or not.

"What?" Vincent was confused.

Kate looked at Vincent and whispered, "The baby isn't moving."

Vincent looked down at her belly and reached out to it.

A few days later, Vincent and Kate were back in New York to check into a hospital. The doctor they had seen in Paris told them he could not hear a heartbeat for the baby.

Solomon met them at the airport and drove them to the hospital. "I am so sorry, Katie." He looked at her with tears in his eyes.

"He killed my baby." Kate looked at Solomon with dry and slightly wild eyes.

Solomon looked at his brother-in-law. "Any clue to the reason?"

Vincent looked very tired. "None that I can think of. Why would Tollan kill a defenseless infant."

"Because he is psycho jerk who is power hungry." Kate was ready to jump out of the car when it stopped.

"Baby, calm down." Vincent tried to reason with her.

"No, you calm down. You don't have to carry a dead baby inside of you. A baby that you should have fought harder to save from a psycho jerk…." Kate broke down wailing.

Vincent gathered her into his arms. "It's been like this since Paris," he explained to Solomon as the car stopped at the hospital entrance.

The doctors performed a Caesarean section on Kate. She and Vincent had discussed before she went into surgery that they wanted to bury their baby next to Kate's parents.

"It was a boy." Vincent was close to crying as he told this to Solomon.

"Did you guys have a name picked out?" He out a hand on Vincent's shoulder, lending support like Vincent had done only a few years before when Haley died.

"Augustus Hale Siminou. Kate picked it out. Augustus for my father Augustu, and Hale for Haley." He looked at Solomon for approval.

Solomon squeezed his shoulder. "Haley would have loved it. He was a part of her, through Kate. And now she'll watch over him for us."

13 -

A few months went by, but Kate spiraled into a deep depression. Solomon called his father and uncle in to help Vincent decide what to do with the almost catatonic Kate.

"Why doesn't she come back to Rome with me and Terezia? We've been wanting to get that cataloging project off the ground in those storehouses." Paul asked.

Alex clapped his surrogate brother on the back. "I like that idea. And we'll go visit her a lot."

"Vincent, it's all up to you and Kate." Vickie sat on the couch next to him, and put a hand on his fisted hands.

"How will she take being sent away?" Vincent whispered.

"We could make it look like you guys are having a marital spat, and that Solomon and Kate are having a difference of opinion about the Foundation." Alex sat on Vincent's other side.

"This could work." Kate watched as all their eyes turned toward the doorway she was in. She moved over to the couch, and knelt in front of Vincent. "I love with my whole heart, but I need time away from us." Her voice choked. "I have so much guilt inside of me that I want to curl up and die like Gus did."

"It's not your fault." Vincent tried to talk to his wife again.

Kate pulled his head toward her so their foreheads rested together. "I know that, rationally. But my heart can't believe that yet. I need some time away to think." She pulled back and smiled at him. "And cataloging Paul's warehouses is just the kind of busy work I love to do."

"You're a work-a-holic, you know." Vincent smiled and kissed his wife's forehead.

"Just remember that I love you." Kate looked deep into Vincent's eyes.

"And I love you. For as long as we both shall live."