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Warning: Gang violence! Possible drug usage! Lemon! And possible suicide! But it's still a good story

Disclamior: I doooooo not own Inuyasha! And some of this idea came from Fruits Basket anime! So I dont' own the Fruits Basket story line! ;;;;

Summary: Kagome got pregnat at the age of 16 in the feudal era. So she left and never came back. Now 12 years later she has a daughter and is the leader of a very famous very dangerous biker gang called the 'Suicide Gang'. What happens when she meets up with old friends in her time? And what happens when her daughter Megumi makes a very unusual friend?

Chapter One: Meet the Higurashi's.

12 years ago

'I'll leave. I'll never come back. I can't come back. I can never come back' Kagome thought as she walked towards the bone eater well her back pack on her back. She walked until she stopped in fron of the said well. Takeing one more glance around the place a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Gomen ne, Minna-San. I cannot stay here. I can never face him again. Please forgive me everyone." she whispered into the wind. She placed her hands on her almost swollen stomach. "Please forigve me little one." Kagome whispered quietly as she jumped into the well.

The blue magic of the bone eaters well circled her until i stopped and Kagome was staning at the bottom of the well with a familiar roof over her head. She looked up just stareing at the roof. Tears freely rolling down her face. Finally she could not take it anymore. She broke down to the ground crying.

After a few minutes of crying she gathered enough strength to climb to the top of the well. Takeing a arrow from her pack she closed the well's doors and put the arrow on the wells doors. saying a prayer the arrow glowed and a blue like light covered the entire well.

The well would forever stay sealed. Stay sealed until Kagome could one day face her fears. Face her friends. Face...her true self.

12 years later

Kagome took a deep breath in as she ran from her protective shield of the building to run the long pole shotting the whole time. She cocked her gun again as she got ready to shoot again. She heard more gunshotts behing her. She closed her eyes and stepped from the pole and shot at all of the remaining gang members on the other side of the building. She looked at them colding as they all fell to the ground dead.

She looked behind her as her other gang members came from their protective poles. "We've got to hurry and get everything. Get the drugs and hurry. I hear car sirens in the distance"she told them coldly.

The gang of girls nodded their heads and all headed towards the room across from them. Picking up the remaining guns of the other gang.

Kagome walked over to the girls on the ground dead. Her black trench coat swaying in the cold wind of the night. She left prayer beads on each dead body and prayed for each soul. She was after all still a priestess. She stood up takeing out a small hanker chif and wiping the blood from her face. She looked at her watch adorning her arm.

'It's almost 11. I better get home.' She said as she saw her fellow gang members running towards her the one in front of them holding a white suit case.

"Lady Kagome, we've got the drugs." said a girl with short blonde hair wearing all black as well.

"Good, let's get going." Kagome said as she started to walk off everyone following her. They all walked outside to a bunch of black motocycles. Kagome mounted the one that had a silver dog that looked oddly familiar on it. She started it, then heard the rest start. Kagome rode off and so did everyone else as they all headed their opposite ways.

Kagome drove until she was in a familiar neighborhood. She stopped her bike in front of a house. She smiled as she looked at her home. In which she bought on her own. It was a house made to live for 5 but there only lived 2. Kagome brought her bike into the garage of her house and opened the side door in the garage and stepped into her house.

"Okaa-San! Welcome home!" a young girl with black hair that had silver tips which went all the way down to her wasit. She gave her mother a big toothed grin that showed her fangs. Her big honey gold eye's shined with love as she ran and gave her mother a hug.

"Megumi I missed you." Kagome said hugging her tightly.

"I missed you also okaa-san." Megumi replied as she took her mothers hand into her clawy hands. "Come mother you need dinner." she said leading her into the dining room.

Kagome smiled at her young daughter. Even though her daughter knew of everything she did she still loved her. Megumi was the light of her life. Though she knew her daughter would outlive her Kagome would always be by her daughter's side. Kagome couldn't help it. She suddenly stopped and took her daughter into a hug.

"Your so kawaii!" Kagome squealed as she hugged her tightly. "I'm so happy I gave birth to you." she said happily.

"I'm also happy you did mother! I guess that means I was born to be with you!" Megumi said to her.

Kagome let go of her daughter and smiled. She reached up and pulled her hair down room the pony tail she had. Her hair fell down to her knee's. She undid her trench coat and took it off to reveal her wearing a black tank top. But what she wore on her neck was more appealing. What she wore was none-other than the shikon no tama. Completed and glowing brightly on her neck.

"Come now! I'm hungry!" Kagome said as she and her daughter sat down and enjoyed their meal.

In a mansion

"Are you sure she's still alive?" asked a stoic smooth voice.

"Eh? You doubt me! Of course she's still alive!" yelled a rash voice.

"And pray tell little brother how can she still be alive when I saw her 512 years ago?" said the man sitting at the black marble desk. He had long silver hair that was tied into a low pony tail. Him wearing a black buisness suit. His cold emotionless honey golden eye's eyed his younger idiotic half-brother.

"Don't give me that bullshit Sesshomaru! I told you a million times! Kagome was from the future!" yelled the man standing across from him. He also had long silver hair. His also tied into a low pony tail. But he choose to wear a red shirt and black jeans. His yellow eye's glared at his older brother.

"You've told me that. But we've yet to find her." Sesshomaru growled low at him. "Now Inuyasha if you want to keep your head go out there and find her!" he told him.

"Feh! Fine whatever!" Inuyasha growled out as he exited his brother's buisness room.

"Kagome. Soon, I'll find." Sesshomaru said as he smirked.

Next Day

"Something smells' good." Kagome said as she walked into the kitchen to find her daughter cooking breakfest.

"Ohayo Okaa-san!" Megumi said happily as she smiled at her mother.

"Ohayo my little one." Kagome said walking up to her daughter and placing a kiss on her forhead. "And happy birthday." she told her.

"Arigatoo Okaa-San!" she said happily.

"My little one. You shouldn't overwork yourself!" Kagome told her. "Especially on yout birthday!" Kagome told her as she put her hands on her hips.

"But okaa-san I love to cook and clean!" Megumi told her with a smile.

Kagome smiled at her lovingly. "Alright! I'll let you do what yupu want. Only because it's your birthday. Now after we finish eating I'm takeing you out for your birthday." She said smiling happily.

"Hai! Arigatoo!" she said as she started to serve breakfest.

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