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Chapter 7: Questions.

Inuyasha sighed as he headed towards a familiar day-club. "Well, if there's anyone who know's anything about finding someone, it's Kagura..." he said to himself.

After parking his car he headed towards the front of the long line of awaiting people. Walking up to the guard, he stared at him and walked in.

The club was dark with assorted color's of strode lights and loud music. Sweat could be smelled that was rather disgusting to Inuyasha. Walking downstairs he headed towards the the bar. Finding himself a seat he awaited the bartender.

"What'll it be?" A familiar female voice asked.

"I think I'll have some information..." Inuyasha replied.

"Oh? Well, sorry to say. But I'm not allowed to talk to custmors like that." she replied as she readied to turn.

"Wait...Kagura." Inuyasha called, "He's started the search. He wants to find Kagome." was all he said.

Kagura was silent, "I have no clue what you are talking about." she told him as she collected bottels.

"Don't bullshit Kagura, you know what I'm talking about." Inuyasha said angrily.

"Listen I'm trying to work. I'm sorry but I have no information for you. AT ALL" She said as she slammed a bottle of bear down infront of Inuyasha.

"Bitch. You'll tell me something! Whether you fucking like it or not!" Inuyasha yelled angrily as he stood and stomped out of the club angrily.

Kagura sighed as she reached into her pants pocket and pulled out her cell phone. Dialing a few numbers she put the phone to her ear. "You've got trouble. Your being looked for, trying laying low for a bit." she said then hung her cell up. "I hope Kagome knows what she's getting herself into" she sighed.

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