Chapter 2

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Disclaimer: I do not own Mink, or any other character. The name of Misha came from another anime, but the whole idea behind her is mine.

Chapter 2

"I can be a part of Minkle?" Misha asked surprised.

"Well hey," Mahoko laughed. "You already know our identities right, so why not?" Misha thought and nodded.

"Okay, I accept!"


"Today we have Minkle here on the Red Carpet! It seems as thought they have added another group member named Misha! We all cant wait until tonight when we here their new song, 'Beyond our Wildest Dreams!' This is your host Nancy Goodwill reporting!" Mink turned off her T.V and sighed.

"I can't believe it's already all over the news about Misha!" Mink yelled to Mahoko over the phone.

"Gosh Mink, don't have a cow over this! Think of it, as good publicity for Misha!" Mink sighed again.

"Maybe your right. I guess I am obsessing over this a little to much." Mahoko laughed.

"Oh, you know im always right!"

Misha's House

"Misha darling, time for school!" Misha's mother yelled. Misha got up, put on her good clothes, brushed her teeth and ran downstairs for breakfast.

"No time honey, take this and eat it on your way!" Misha grabbed the buttered toast and ran to her school before the gates closed. When she got there, masses of students were waiting for her in her classroom. The girl she hated the most, Michelle Sakuraba, was waiting for her at her desk.

"Hey Misha darling!" She cooed.

"How have you been?" Misha rolled her eyes.

"You only want to be my friend because im a celebrity!" Michelle doubled over laughing.

"You call your little 'stage' performance being a celebrity? In your dreams!" Everyone laughed with Michelle.

"NO! Because im part of Minkle now and your not!" Michelle fell on the floor and laughed until one of the students had to bring her a paper bag to breath in.

"Yea right!" She yelled.

"Your gonna see me tonight on the Red Carpet! Wait and see!" Misha yelled. The homeroom bell rang and Michelle and her 'friends' ran out, but not before saying, "I think your delusional Misha!"