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One can hope, at least.

Screaming, shouting, yelling, growling. Metal hitting metal, fists hitting flesh, arrows striking scales. The sounds of battle floated across the castle grounds as the warriors continued to fight through the hordes of undead servants and various monsters, trying valiantly to get into the inner court yard of the castle itself.

"Don't falter men! We're almost at the gates!" A man shouted, appearing to be in his late teens. His armor glinted in the intense heat of the sun, sending a flash of light into a nearby goblin's eyes right before it was forced to allow 5 feet of cold steel to inhabit the same space as its vital organs. His face was rugged, appearing slightly unshaven while still retaining his boyish good looks, his perfect teeth glinting a bit as he smirked and removed his blade from the goblin corpse. His dark black hair hung from his head in a stylish pigtail and was covered by a light metallic helmet, proudly displaying his family's sacred crest. A Dragon coiled around an ornamental bastard sword displayed upon a fiery phoenix rising triumphantly towards the sky; it's lengthily tail feathers falling in front of the blade towards the bottom of the symbol. This symbol struck fear into man and beast alike, being well known to only mark the mightiest of warriors. And this man was one such warrior.

"Help me Ransuke!" The distinctly feminine voice easily carried across the castle grounds, immediately catching the attention of our brave hero, now identified as Ransuke. His smirk faltered and was replaced with an intense look of determination. He would not allow these vermin to stall him.

"I'm coming Akiko!" Ransuke cried out, Sheathing his treasured sword and punching a large Orc right between the eyes with his gauntlet covered fist. Even without the assistance of the unforgiving metal the blow would have been enough to knock the beast unconscious, with the metallic glove it was enough to cave his skull in, which is exactly what happened. The brutish monster fell backwards, crushing a lesser raptor under its girth as Ransuke leapt on its fallen form and used its belly as a spring board, launching himself over most of the monsters between him and the gates. The gates in question, however, would be harder to overcome. They rose a good 30 feet into the air, probably being made of wood thicker than Ransuke was tall. They were also bolted shut, chained down, and likely barricaded from the other side.

He didn't give a damn.

"Ancestors hear me..." Ransuke began, the air around him coming to a stop as his clothing and hair were blown in a non present wind. His words carried with an unnatural tenacity and seemed to echo from eternity itself, causing most of the fighting to temporarily pause in order to discover the cause of this disturbance. Ransuke was standing before the gates, his treasured blade in hand and being held in front of his face. His eyes were shut, and his body glowed a near perfect shade of blue, flowing off his body like smoke as he continued his chant.

"Grant me your power, bestow me with your might, lend me your strength, and give me your wrath!" These words also echoed off nothingness as they fell from the boy's tongue. The aura that surrounded him intensified and seemed to collect around his great blade, causing it to soon appear as a blade made of blue light. Ransuke's eyes flew open to show his intense determination, just as he rose the glowing sword above his head.

"Mystic Fury Strike!" The words struck fear into every creature within hearing distance as they all instinctively flinched, watching in abstract terror as Ransuke's blade fell with the furious power of the hundreds of warriors that came before him. A thunderous explosion of absolute agony sounded as the attack hit its mark, the very earth split in twine by its unrelenting power. Ransuke sheathed his smoking blade while breathing heavily, admiring his handiwork. The once mighty doors were reduced to kindling, having been hit with a power worthy of the gods themselves. The castle wall high above that once housed the doors was also split in half, while below his feet a mighty chasm had been carved into the earth by the blow. Ransuke merely walked around the great hole and into the main courtyard, looking about as the wind blew his pigtail to one side.

"So you have come, Ransuke, descendent of the mighty Emotoas clan, known for their inhuman power and unmatched skill in battle." Ransuke turned as he heard the unusual voice, sounding like a combination of a deep growl from an angry animal and a horse old man. The massive creature before him was an impressive sight to see, being nearly as tall as the gates had been while standing on its hind legs. Its dark red scales glinted slightly in the sunlight, appearing a slightly lighter hue than they actually were. The creature's teeth were easily as long as Ransuke's forearms, and from the looks of them easily capable of cutting him to pieces. If that wasn't bad enough, it had claws bigger than he was an a few horns that looked particularly nasty. There was also the blade at the end of its tail that could probably cleave a tree in two, but he preferred to not think about it.

"Alright dragon, you have my attention. What have you done with Princess Akiko?" Ransuke questioned with anger clear in his voice, barely containing his hatred for the monster before him. The dragon merely chuckled, appearing to sharpen its claws before opening its mouth to speak.

"Wake up! We're going to be late!" The words were incredibly feminine, especially for being spoken by a dragon. Before Ransuke could probably comprehend what had happened with the dragon's intimidating voice, he felt his body become cold and wet, and seconds later the world around him collapsed.

Bishonen Senshi Sailor Moon


Moon Prism Power, Make Up?

"Damn it Akane, what'd you do that for?" Ranma shouted indignantly, being rather annoyed that she was currently wet and cold. Also female, that pissed her off as well.

"We're going to be late if you don't wake up and get ready, Ranma. Now hurry up!" With these words the Tendo girl departed, leaving Ranma to grumble and overcome her drowsiness to meet the day ahead of her.

"Stupid Akane...that was my favorite dream too..." Ranma grumbled, briefly thinking back to her adventures as Ransuke of the mighty Emotoas clan. She always found great enjoyment in the fantastical nature of the dreams, rather happy to play the role of the brave knight that saved the beautiful princess. Of course, she usually got woken up before she ever saw Princess Akiko, but she could only assume that the girl in question was beautiful. It was her dream, after all. She could look however Ranma wanted her to look.

"Ranma, breakfast!" Kasumi's voice easily carried up the stairs and into Ranma's room. There were few things that could get Ranma's mind off her fantasies, but one of those things happened to be food.

"Ooh, food. Coming, Kasumi!" Ranma was down the stairs as quickly as she could manage without going through walls that may have been in her way. She had only gone through the walls once, and that wasn't of her own free will either. Akane had decided to give Ranma the express lane to the breakfast table when she found shampoo in the pigtailed boy's bed a few weeks ago. Sure he was the first one to the table, but the added problem of regaining consciousness and overcoming his headache put him way behind his father in the eating contest they frequently held, thus Ranma got little to eat that morning. Ranma quickly sat in her place at the table, happily digging into the food Kasumi placed before her. Breakfast continued from there pretty quietly, which had to mean something was wrong.

'Why the hell would it be quiet?' Ranma wondered, looking around to take stock of the room around her.

'Pops trying and failing to steal my food, Check. Nabiki plotting to sell me to the highest bidder, check. Soun completely ignoring the situation at hand, check. Kasumi politely eating breakfast, check. Akane yelling at me for no good reason...' It took Ranma longer than it should have, but it seemed Akane wasn't yelling at him for no good reason. In fact, she wasn't even at the breakfast table.

"Hey, where's Akane?" The pigtailed girl asked, looking around the room in search of his fiancée. Nabiki smirked and set down her food for a second, eyeing Ranma with a calculative glance.

"Just now realized she wasn't here? Gee, you sure are observant Ranma." Nabiki mocked. It was something she did frequently. In fact, some would say it was her favorite pass time. There were few things she enjoyed more than making fun of Ranma. He was just such an easy target. It was like he was asking to be mocked.

"I was just wondering why I haven't gotten malleted yet. Usually she smashes me around by now. So where is she?" Ranma knew better than to get angry at Nabiki. She knew the older girl enjoyed tormenting her. She also knew the best way to piss Nabiki off was to not get pissed off herself.

"Akane left early. She said she wanted to get ready for a test today." Kasumi, being ever so helpful, answered. Ranma grumbled a bit to herself as Kasumi told her this information. It seemed Akane wanted to get to school early and thus skipped breakfast but she had time to wake him up with a bucket? How considerate of her.

"A test? I should probably be on my way to school then. Thanks for the food Kasumi!" Ranma finished her food as quickly as she could and ran out the door. She grabbed her book bag in passing and leapt into her shoes before running off at top speed towards Furinkan.

"Ranma? Wouldn't you like some hot water before you go?" Kasumi called out the door. Ranma just turned around while running, thus moving backwards to address Kasumi.

"I'll get some on the way, Kasumi!" With that, Ranma turned back around and changed direction down a side street. There was a mansion near by she figured she could pass through. It was in between her and Furinkan and it had a hot tub in the back yard, so she could change without having to stop. All it took was a few different turns that she didn't take all that often.

Luna was rather annoyed. This was nothing new, however. She had been annoyed all week. It wasn't the fact she had yet to find the princess that annoyed her. Well, that helped, but it wasn't the main reason. She wasn't all that annoyed that she couldn't find the Senshi. Actually, that was really annoying. It wasn't why she was annoyed though. Luna was annoyed, because some smart ass 12 year old thought it would be a great idea to duct tape a pair of toy horns to her head. The child then started making jokes about a horned demon cat and went on his way. This was the primary reason Luna was annoyed. It was bad enough that she now had a pair of very heavy chunks of plastic grafted to her head, it was also really annoying that to get them off she'd have to have most of the fur on her head removed when the tape comes off. The thing that pissed her off the most though was that the duct tape was covering up her moon mark, thus she couldn't sense anything for crap and was completely incapable of asking for help. Sometimes humans pissed her off. Luna walked along on top of a fence, trying to stay balanced with the great weight on her head. This turned out to be futile, as every time she lifted a leg she leaned heavily in that direction. Thus far she had been able to catch herself before she fell, but her luck was starting to run out. It was at that exact moment that a red haired girl decided to run across her fence like it wasn't defying gravity. Thus, the entire structure vibrated and she was completely incapable of keeping her footing. Luna fell from the fence like a stone, where her luck went from bad to Shitty. She just so happened to fall directly into the path of the girl who was making a habit of walking on walls. She also happened to impact the girl's back with her head. And this just happened to make the duct tape that was poorly applied to her to stick to the girl's shirt. Luna was officially duct taped to a girl's back, and from the way the girl was reacting to her presence, it was a girl who didn't care much for cats.

"C...C...Cat!" Ranma bellowed, noticing to her horror that a small furry demon from hell was clinging to her back. The evil monster even had horns! Ranma only had one option in this situation: Run like hell. And thus she did. She ran so fast that Luna felt like she was being dragged behind a car, and being dragged by your head is something that is hardly comfortable. Thus, as a reflex to ensure her continued survival, the small black cat flung her paws at the red haired girl and clung to her for dear life.

"AAAHH!" Ranma screamed. It was attacking her now! The horrible beast had already sunk its claws into her flesh and would probably start chewing at her at any moment. She needed to ditch it, and quick! It was at this time that Ranma realized that she was arriving at the mansion with the hot tub in back. Ranma knew better than anyone else that cats hated water, thus she made a beeline for the hot tub and leapt right for it once she reached it, hitting with a mighty splash. Luna didn't know what the hell was going on. One minute she was duct taped to the back of a red haired girl who was running at full tilt and the next she's drowning in boiling water. There was one great thing about really hot water though. Duct tape had a tendency to stop sticking when you got it wet. Ranma leapt out of the hot tub and kept running towards Furinkan, knowing from the weight on his back that the cat had not yet left him alone. Luna's claws were still firmly stuck into Ranma's flesh and she had no intention of letting go. She started shaking her head about, loosening the water logged duct tape as the weight of the horns soon caused it to slip off her head. Suddenly her senses exploded at her. She could sense moon kingdom magic, and a lot of it! She was hanging onto sailor moon! Of all the luck.

"Please stop running!" Luna cried out, hoping to get Ranma's attention. Something seemed different about the girl though. Her hair had changed color, she also seemed thicker.

"Ack, who said that?" That voice was distinctly male, which further confused Luna. She was certain that she was holding onto a girl when she was dunked in the water. And she was also certain that she had never let go during the dunking.

"Weren't you a girl before?" Luna asked, causing Ranma to turn his head and attempt to look at her. Of course, he was still running at full speed, and now he was no longer looking where he was going.


Ranma ran straight into a wall. This was, of course, incredibly painful. The pigtailed boy slumped down the wall and collapsed to the floor, groaning in pain on his back.

"Are you alright?" Someone was asking him a question; someone was also licking his cheek. A very small someone, with a rough tongue.

"Ahhh! Cat!" Ranma screamed, planting his back against the wall he had just ran into in an attempt to get away from the small black creature.

"Please stop freaking out, I'm not going to hurt you." Luna had no experience with people who were afraid of cats, thus she had no idea what to do.

"Y...You can talk? Cats can't talk! Cats are evil little demons with claws and teeth and they try to eat me and they don't talk!" Ranma was starting to ramble, but he wasn't exactly in a healthy state of mind at the moment. Luna could see that this boy had the wrong ideas about cats, thus she felt it was her duty to show him the error of his ways and stand up for her people.

"I'm not like that. You said cats can't talk, but I do. You say that cats are demons that try to eat you and don't talk, but I can talk. And if I can talk, then I probably don't want to eat you either." Luna said, trying to reason with the boy before her. Ranma was starting to calm down, his breathing was slowing and his panic was starting to ease off.

"Cats are evil and can't talk, but you can talk..." He muttered to himself. The fear was starting to wear off, and his mind was just beginning to reboot and get back to normal thinking.

"So, that must mean, that you're not a cat!" Ranma added 2 with 2 and got 22, and Luna promptly face faulted. Ranma had found a loop hole to his fear and he was clinging it to dear life. Now that he had his mind made up, he wasn't going to let go of his assumption.

"That's...not what I was trying to..." Luna started, but trailed off. She figured she might as well humor the boy. Having him think she wasn't a cat was better than him freaking out and running away.

"My name is Ranma Saotome, by the way. What's yours?" Ranma felt the need to introduce himself to the small creature. He didn't know why, he just did. Luna blinked a few times and composed herself before looking Ranma in the eyes.

"I'm Luna, nice to meet you...wait a second, weren't you a girl a little while ago?" Luna asked, eying the boy suspiciously. Ranma just laughed and scratched the back of his head nervously in response.

"Oh, that. I've got this ancient Chinese curse. Every time I get splashed with cold water I turn into a girl, and hot water turns me back into a boy." Ranma explained and Luna just nodded. That explains a few things; it also made the fact that she was getting moon kingdom vibes from a boy a lot more understandable.

"I've got something for you, Ranma." Luna said, and then did a back flip and somehow made a small circular object materialize in the air. The metallic object clattered to the ground, causing Ranma to gaze at it with some curiosity. It was a small golden brooch with a sideways crescent moon in its center beneath a pink circle. Around the edges were four small colored circles: one red, one blue, one green and one gold.

"A brooch? Sorry, but I'm not really into brooches." Ranma said and leaned back against the wall. Luna grumbled a bit to herself, not expecting that reaction.

"Just put it on." The small cat said.

"It's a brooch. Brooches are for girls." Ranma shot back.

"You are a girl!" Luna responded, she was starting to get angry.

"I'm a guy! I'm not even in my girl form right now. I ain't putting on no brooch." Ranma was a bit annoyed that Luna thought he was a girl; he was also annoyed that she was insisting he put on some stupid brooch.

"Then wear it as a necklace!" Luna was getting very angry by this point, her eye was twitching and everything.

"Pssh! That'd be a pretty girly looking necklace." Ranma said indignantly, causing Luna to finally snap. She growled in anger and stood on the boys lap, setting her front paws against his neck and shoving her head in his face.

"Just put it on already! Or so help me Ranma I'll get all my cat friends to come here and eat you!" Ranma panicked and grabbed the brooch off the ground. He spotted a small leather strip sitting near a garbage can and grabbed it, slipping it through a small hole on the brooch and putting on his new necklace.

"There. That's better. Now then, as I was saying before..." Luna said, getting off Ranma and sitting in front of him. She raised one paw to her mouth and appeared to cough into it in a rather comical display before putting it back down and recalling the prepared speech she had ready.

"You are a chosen warrior, Ranma. There are weird things happening around Tokyo, enemies that the police can't fight. You have to fight these enemies. And your other mission is to find our princess and the other warriors like you." Ranma looked at the small moon cat as if the creature before him was insane. He wasn't sure what else to do.

"So you want me to fight monsters and find a princess?" Ranma asked sarcastically, causing Luna to grumble to herself again.

"Just do me a favor and say 'moon prism power make up,' okay?" The cat muttered as Ranma just blinked.

"Moon prism power, make up? What kinda..." Ranma was cut off as the brooch turned pendant started to glow. He jumped to his feet and gasped in shock as his body was engulfed in a rainbow light. He could feel his body rising into the air and spinning about as thin strings of energy poured out of the pendant that was floating beside him. The energy pierced his body, seeming to wrap around him as his clothes vanished and his masculine body started to become feminine. Soon he was in his girl form once more and the pendant attached itself to his chest as she finally stopped spinning around. Red ribbons of an unknown fabric shot out of the metallic surface of the pendant and wrapped around her torso. With a flash of light it turned into a white leotard with a red bow above her breasts and a sailor fuku flap going from the collar and down her back. More ribbons appeared and wrapped around her hands and legs, becoming white gloves and knee length boots respectively. A skirt manifested around her waist with another red bow tied at her back. A jewel appeared on her forehead and glowed briefly before a tiara grew out of it and clung to her head. A pair of earrings appeared in her ears and a red hair ornament blinked into existence near the base of her pigtail. With this the transformation was completed and Ranma's feet found themselves on the ground once more, the rainbow light that surrounded her vanishing. The entire transformation took about a full minute, and Ranma was left staring at her current state of dress with a look of shock and horror.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me." The red head mumbled, feeling the use of profanity to be perfectly acceptable with his current predicament. This was an outfit not even Happosai was perverted enough to come up with.

"Ranma, you have become Sailor Moon. With your new disguise you can fight these new enemies in the name of love and justice!" Luna announced as Ranma was still looking down at the horrible get up she was in.

"You don't actually expect me to go out into public dressed like this, do you? I'll be the laughing stock of the town! Ryoga would never let me live it down, and Akane would pound me into the street for being a pervert." Ranma muttered. She was still wondering what happened to her normal clothes.

"Don't worry, no one should be able to recognize you as long as you are transformed." Luna said, causing Ranma to briefly sigh in relief.

"That's good to know. You can tell me how to change back now." Ranma said with an annoyed tone. She had just about enough of her uniform. It hugged her in all the places she did not want to be hugged.

"Just concentrate on changing back and you should de-transform." The black cat said. Ranma nodded and closed her eyes to concentrate. Suddenly her fuku reverted back into ribbons and disappeared, being replaced by Ranma's usual clothing. Unfortunately, the change did not put Ranma back into his male form.

"Ah crap, now I have to change back again." The red head grumbled. However, the sound of the school bell ringing in the distance stopped her from heading back to the mansion.

"Crap, I'm gonna be late!" Ranma shouted and started to run off. Luna briefly realized that she was going to get left behind and immediately set off after the red head. She managed to catch up as Ranma turned a corner and quickly leapt onto her head, holding on for dear life as Ranma just ignored her presence and kept running.

Ranma walked into class, once again male. He had managed to get some hot water from the bathroom on his way in and was happy that he wasn't stuck as a girl or anything. As the pigtailed boy made his way to his seat, he noticed that everyone's eyes were on him. He wasn't sure why. He's late all the time, so what were they staring at?

"What are you guys staring at?" Ranma asked, seeing a few people try to compose themselves as the rest just looked at him slack jawed.

"Ranma...are...are you feeling ok?" Akane asked, sounding a bit nervous. She was looking at him like a dear caught in headlights and she seemed to be sweating a bit.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" Ranma looked around the room at everyone who was staring at him in shock. Even Miss Hinako seemed frozen in place. Ranma looked down at his chest, missing the flinch that seemed to pass through the class as he looked at the brooch he had turned into a pendant.

"What, this? Its just some necklace I got. Big deal." He looked back up and noticed that everyone seemed to be standing further back than they were before. Ranma was getting close to losing it and stood up, slapping his hands against his desk.

"What's the problem!" He shouted. Finally someone spoke up, it was one of the boy's whose name he never bothered to learn.

"Your...your head..." He said, pointing at Ranma's head. Ranma just looked at the boy confused.

"What about my head?" The pigtailed boy asked.

"Ranma, There's a cat on your head!" Ukyo finally blurted it out and Ranma's face turned pale. Everyone in the room promptly took cover as Ranma reached up and felt his head, feeling his fingers touching fur. He picked up the creature off his head and held it in front of his face, getting a good look at Luna as she stared back at him with a nervous grin. Ranma merely put Luna back on his head and sat down, seeming to calm down.

"Nah, this ain't a cat. This is Luna." Ranma responded. Everyone face faulted, not expecting that response.

"Ranma, that's a cat on your head. It's a cat." Akane was excellent at stating the obvious, it seemed.

"Luna ain't a cat I told you! So just drop it already." With that, Ranma turned his attention towards Hinako with full intent for her to start teaching. Thus, everyone returned to their seats and things went back to normal. Well, semi normal at least.

'I think Ranma has finally lost it...' Akane thought, sending a glance Ranma's way worriedly. The cat was still lying on his head and he seemed to not care at all. It was just weird.

Somewhere on the other side of the world, hidden deep within a cavern in the earth, sat a woman in a long gown. Her red hair fell freely from her head and down her back. Her eyes, which were an unusual yellow and red in color, stared almost lifelessly out at the dark mass of monsters that stood before her. Her hands were held out in front of her face, waving pointlessly in the air around a blank crystal ball that floated there. She also seemed to have a boomerang attached to her head. Why? Who cares, she's weird.

"Have you found the legendary silver crystal yet?" The woman asked, still waving her hands around like an idiot.

"No." The words echoed from the army before her as every last monster within it answered in an equally bored unison. It seemed every last one of them was totally uninterested in the crazy woman that sat in front of them.

"Our ruler requires energy. If you cannot find the silver crystal, then let us give our ruler human energy." The woman spoke once more, her hands still waving around without reason. A blue orb of fire suddenly appeared before her and increased in size to show a blonde haired man within it.

"Queen Beryl. Will you leave that duty to me?" He made his request with a small bow, wanting to show respect to the mad woman. Sure she was crazy, but she was still capable of killing the whole lot of them. And she didn't even have to stop waving her hands around to do it.

"I will leave it to you, Jadeite." It seemed the queen wasn't all that interested in the matter. Either that or she always spoke in a monotone. Wait, she does always speak in a monotone. Jadeite nodded at his queen and then left in a showy fireball, much like the way he entered. He needed to get into position, after all.

About a week passed and thus far there had been no incidents that required Sailor Moon's interference. Ranma had all but forgotten about the transformation as the days passed. And if it wasn't for the pendant Luna insisted he wear or the fact that Luna slept on his head or shoulder all day, Ranma would have forgotten. At the moment, Ranma was in the dojo doing one handed pushups. Luna was kind enough to lay on his head as he did so to add weight to his exercise. Every now and again she'd jump off and leave the dojo, coming back with a rock and putting it on Ranma's back before getting back on his head.

"Luna...do you have to...keep doing that...?" Ranma asked through a grunt. He was sweating profusely as he continued his up and down motion on one arm. He had a stack of about 30 rocks on his back and a rather lazy black cat on his head.

"Well I would use Akane's cinderblocks, but they are so hard to move when you don't have hands." Was the cat's reply. Ranma just grunted in response as he continued his exercise, counting silently to himself. He was nearing 495 when Kasumi walked in.

"Ranma? Akane and her friends went to get some ice cream at a new shop that opened a few days ago." Kasumi muttered, looking on with mild interest at the scene before her. It always was nice to see Ranma exercise, but even she was a little nervous about Ranma's proximity to a cat.

"Yeah, what about it Kasumi?" Ranma had to grunt to get the words out as he continued to exert his muscles. He turned his head towards the door and noticed a concerned look on Kasumi's face, causing him to pause his pushups.

"Well, that was hours ago, and she still hasn't come back yet. I'm getting worried. Could you go check on her?" The sound of rocks clattering to the ground echoed around the empty dojo as Ranma got to his feet. Luna almost instinctively shifted her weight in order to stay on the boy's head as he moved towards the door.

"Sure Kasumi. I'll go check on her right now." Ranma muttered as he left. Within seconds of stepping out of the dojo he was in the air and hopping from roof to roof. He had heard Akane talking about the ice cream shop earlier in the day, so he was pretty sure he knew where it was.

"I've got a bad feeling about this Ranma." Luna muttered from atop his head. She got bad feelings about a lot of stuff. A few days ago she said she had a bad feeling about the peanut butter and jelly sandwich he was trying to feed her. Of course, Akane had made it, so that was probably why. Plus it smelt like garlic and was dripping some kind of fluid.

"It's probably nothing. She just lost track of time and is talking about a bunch of girly stuff like girls do. No big deal." Ranma said back. Truth be told he was a little worried too, but he wasn't gonna admit to it. A few moments later Ranma reached the ice cream parlor and made his descent, landing just in front of the door. He turned and looked in the door to see a strange woman laughing to herself as she stood over the collapsed bodies of the patrons. In the far corner, Ranma could see Akane's unconscious body lying on the floor.

"Ranma, she's a youma! Quick, change into Sailor Moon!" Luna whispered from his shoulder. It seemed she had moved at some point during the run here. Ranma was about to scoff and make a snide remark about the uniform and how he didn't need to transform to beat some woman, but Luna stopped any argument by placing her claws directly in Ranma's face and waving them threateningly.

"Just do it!" She hissed, and Ranma just nodded his head nervously.

"Moon prism power, Makeup!" The words echoed mysteriously as Ranma was enveloped in his transformation, quickly becoming a girl and getting clothed in her uniform in a minute long transformation sequence. When she was finished, Sailor moon stood in the doorway of the ice cream parlor in all her glory, staring down the confused Youma that stood there.

"Who are you?" The youma muttered, her body shifting from human looking to monstrous.

"Tell her you're sailor moon!" Ranma hear Luna whisper the words from behind the doorway and nodded before pointing to her self.

"I'm sailor moon! And if you don't tell me what you've done to all these people, I'm gonna be forced to kick your ass!" Ranma shouted, causing the Youma to laugh maniacally to itself.

"Foolish human! I have stolen their life energy as an offering to my master. You've seen too much, I guess I'll have to kill you!" With that the monster lunged, her hands turning into claws as she intended to slash Ranma in two. Ranma simply leapt over the monster's head, grabbing the creature's arm as she went with the intent to get her in an arm lock. Instead, the arm broke off like a petrified tree limb. Needless to say, Ranma was a bit surprised.

"You little bitch! You'll pay for that!" The creature screeched, growing a new arm and pouncing at Ranma again. A quick four hit combo to the monster's mid section tore it in half as its legs and upper body clattered to the ground in two different places. Ranma just stared at it dumbly.

"Jeez, you sure are brittle as hell." Ranma didn't know what else to say. She had never fought an opponent that broke so easily before. The youma yowled in anger and put herself back together before getting to her feet.

"Sailor Moon, your attacks have no effect on it! You need to use magic, hit her with your Tiara! Moon tiara action!" Luna's words caused Ranma to shrug in indifference as she pulled her tiara off her head. The small metal accessory suddenly transformed into a discus of light, much to Ranma's surprise.

"Die!" The youma screamed, once again attacking. Ranma couldn't help but sigh in annoyance at the futility of the creature. It really was stupid.

"Moon tiara action!" Ranma shouted the words like any other attack name and hurled the discus like a shuriken. It tore through the air and the Youma with equal ease, except the youma disintegrated when it got hit. The discus circled around and Ranma caught it in mid air before putting the tiara back on her head. She looked down at the pile of sand that used to be a monster in curiosity, just as everyone began to come to.

"Well that was unusually simple." Ranma muttered as she looked about. She noticed that everyone was coming to and figured it was best for her to leave. After all, she would die of embarrassment if anyone saw her in that stupid fuku.

"Kasumi, we're back!" Ranma called out upon entering the house. He had managed to change back into a male shortly after changing out of his sailor moon outfit and had gone back into the ice cream shop. He feigned ignorance to everything that happened and had managed to get Akane up and moving and out the door. Unfortunately, she wouldn't shut up about Sailor moon. Apparently Akane had been more coherent during the fight than Ranma had thought.

"Come on, Ranma! You must have seen her! She was so heroic and amazing! And she was so skilled too, she could probably even give you a run for your money! Oh I wish I could meet her in person." It was just as Ranma had feared, apparently his fiancée was his number one fan. Of all the luck.

"Oh hello Akane, did you have fun with your friends?" Kasumi's voice echoed easily to Ranma's ears as he walked up the stairs. The sound of Akane ranting about her new hero also easily traveled up the stairs to him, much to his annoyance.

"Damn it, Luna. I'm not sure what I would prefer. Akane beating me up for dressing like that or kissing the ground I walk on as if I'm some kind of role model." Ranma grumbled, causing the cat on his head to chuckle to herself at his dilemma.

"Don't worry Ranma. She'll get over it. She might even become a fan of one of the other Senshi once we find them." Luna sounded reassuring as she said it, but in reality she was trying to trick him into actually searching for the other Senshi. She had a sneaking suspicion that he wouldn't give a damn otherwise.

"Yeah, maybe. We should find them as soon as possible then. They've got to be around here somewhere, right?" Ranma said a bit hopefully. However, he had a foreboding feeling that the other Senshi were a lot closer than he thought. Why did he get the feeling he wasn't going to like who they turned out to be?

To Be Continued… eventually…

(Author's Notes)

As I said before, I'm aware I have too many fics as it is. But hey, I couldn't get this idea out of my head. Now that I wrote it, I'll be able to concentrate on updating something. Anything. I'll update my fics eventually, just have some patience. It's not like I'm the slowest updater in the world. I mean, look at Carrotglace. When was the last time he updated something?

Next time: Jadeite figures it's a good idea to sell Compasses that steal life energy. But when the only person that actually buys one is Ryoga, his plan kinda fails miserably. Now Ranma and Akane are lost in a horrible trap with Ryoga and a Youma. How are they going to get out? Can Ranma fight a monster and a mind-controlled Ryoga? How can he transform without Akane finding out? You'll just have to wait for the next chapter of Bishonen Senshi Sailor Moon: The Power of Mercury.