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Summary- Legolas, a little seven-year-old Elfling, disobeys his father and goes deep into Mirkwood's forest. There he falls into the black stream that causes him get something that no Elf in Middle-Earth has gotten before; ill.

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Chapter 1- Always Listen to Your Ada

"An enchanted stream flows through Mirkwood. Black are its waters, and powerful are its effects." King Thranduil warned his only son, "Never play in its waters."

"Alright, ada." Legolas, an Elfling of only seven years, continued to play with his friend.

"Promise me, Legolas." The Elf-king picked his young son up.

"I promise, ada. Now let me play with Tir." The little Elfling squirmed in his father's strong arms.

The Elvenking sighed and set the little blond-haired Elfling down to play with his Sindarin friend. "Ada, can I and Tir go outside?"

"'May Tirnen and I go outside." Thranduil corrected his son's grammar.

"Why would you want to go outside with Tir?"

Thranduil laughed heartily. "Never mind, little one. Yes, you may go outside to play with Tirnen." The Elvenking said. "But you must stay out of the forest." He added, warning his son of the danger of the forest.

Legolas nodded happily and pulled his dark-haired friend outside of the palace to a huge oak tree. "This, Tir, is the best tree to climb in all of Arda!" Legolas pulled a dried tan vine free from one of the tree's many great boughs. He climbed up the vine to a bough that stuck out from the tree's massive trunk. "Come on up, Tir!" He shouted down to the grounded Elfling.

"'Kay!" Tirnen, also an Elfling of seven-years-old, climbed the vine up to his friend perched in the tree.

"Come on, Tir, let's climb up higher." Legolas was a very hyper and energetic Elfling who loved to climb up to high places.

The two Elflings climbed up as high as they could. Once at the top, Tirnen looked to the dirt ground some ten meters below. "We're so high up!" He exclaimed, amazed at how high the tree grew.

"I know! Isn't the view pretty?" Legolas admired Mirkwood's beauty. He soon became fascinated with the wonderful butterflies that gently floated on top of Mirwood's dense canopy.

"Oh! What's that?" Tirnen pointed to a hunched figure slyly picking its way through the forest floor.

"I don't know." Legolas began to climb down the massive tree trunk. "Let's go find out!"

Tirnen followed his blonde-haired friend down to the bottom of the tree's base.

"It was over here!" Legolas ran as fast as his short legs could carry him. He led the way into the forest that his father specifically said never to go into.

"Legolas, didn't your ada say not to go into the forest?" Tirnen became cautious.

"Yah, but don't worry. I always go in this forest and I never get hurt." Legolas tried to sound as convincing as he could, even though this was his first time actually exploring the dark forest.

Tirnen nodded and followed his friend to the area where the mysterious creature was last seen sneaking around in. "It's not here anymore…"

Legolas sulked around; he really wanted to see the creature. Maybe it was Orc or a Warg, or something exciting like that. "Hey, what's that?" He pointed to a black stream flowing swiftly through Mirkwood's forest. Without hearing Tirnen's response, Legolas ran over to the stream and bent over its bank, looking at his reflection in the dark water.

"Legolas, I think we should go now." Tirnen wasn't used to the dark forest, so he was beginning to become scared.

"Hang on, Tir." Legolas bent over further to drink from the stream, but he lost his footing and fell into the rushing, black water.

"Legolas!" Tirnen screamed, running after his friend who was being swiftly carried away by the stream's current.

"Help!" Legolas' blonde head bobbed in the stream's strong current. "Tir," The small prince's head dunked under the water. When it reappeared, he spluttered and gasped for breath.

"Legolas!" Tirnen ran as fast as he could, ignoring the pain in his tiring limbs. "Grab that root!"

Legolas looked ahead and noticed a tree root protruding from the stream's bank. When he passed by it, though, he missed the root, but his suede tunic did not. The small green tunic snagged onto the tree's root. Legolas grasped the root, but he wasn't strong enough to pull himself free of the current.

Tirnen caught up to him moments later. He knelt down and grabbed the prince's wrist. With the help of Tirnen, Legolas was able to pull himself out of the freezing water and out onto the dry green grass.

"Thanks, Tir…" Legolas yawned; feeling rather tired.

"Tired?" Tirnen stuck his shoulder under Legolas' and helped him to his feet.

Legolas yawned again and nodded. "Can we stop here and take a nap?"

Tirnen wanted to get out of the forest as soon as he could. "Can you nap at home?"

Legolas shook his head. "Too sleepy to walk home…"

Tirnen frowned and let Legolas lay down on the grass, hoping that Legolas would take a quick nap, so then they could get back to Thranduil as quickly as they could.


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