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Chapter 6- The Dark Past

The bright orange sun rose and light flooded into little Legolas' room. The young prince moaned softly and covered his eyes, shielding them from the bright morning sun.

"Time to rise, little ones." Gwelwen came in and gently shook all of the slumbering forms. He came to Legolas, the prince's tunic in hand, and shook him gently. "Wake up, Legolas. Your adar wants you to come down to breakfast."

"No, no now. Later." Legolas' words slurred together as he pushed Gwelwen's hand away.

The servant chortled softly and roused the little elfling from his bed with a little effort. "You must be dressed and down to breakfast soon, little prince." He wrestled Legolas' nightclothes off, being careful not to make the prince too ornery. Next, he pulled Legolas' tunic and leggings on with some forced effort. It seems that Legolas found it quite amusing to kick Gwelwen in the face every now and again.

"There," Gwelwen said, trying his hardest not to be angry with the little prince, "we are finished."

Just now waking up, Tirnen and Elvellon yawned and stretched their tiny bodies.

"Oh!" Gwelwen gasped, now remembering the other children in the room. "You need to get dressed as well."

"We can do it ourselves." Elvellon smiled proudly.

Both Elvellon and Tirnen stumbled out of their soft feather beds and stepped onto the cold wood floor. Elvellon, not so much as Tirnen, had a bit of trouble getting his clothes off. But once off, he could fairly swiftly pull some clean clothes on.

"I finished first." Tirnen smirked, half mocking the little human child.

"So?" Elvellon feigned that he didn't care, "You probably cheated!"

"No I didn't!" Tirnen started to get offensive about the way he finished first, "You're just sore you lost!"

"Boys! Stop this!" Gwelwen stepped in-between the two feuding children. "We must hurry down to the dining hall before we are late!" He hurriedly pushed the three children out the door and to the stairs. The three children followed close behind like lost sheep after a shepherd.

After a very long walk through the twisting, winding halls of the king's palace, the four of them finally came upon the dining hall. Each of them took their respected place and awaited the king.

When Thranduil walked in the room, everyone sitting rose to show their sign of respect. The king wore regal olive green robes that trailed swiftly behind him. He wore a silver circlet with leaves and berries entwined in the delicately crafted item. And his hair shone like gold in the morning light.

The king took his seat at the head of the table and everyone followed his action. "I have a few announcements before breakfast. One is that the on going threats of the spiders have subsided." A wave of approved murmurs followed the statement. "And, we have a guest in our midst. Elvellon, please stand up." Elvellon hesitated a little before standing nervously. "Elvellon will be staying here for a while. And I expect that he will be welcomed with open arms." Thranduil nodded for Elvellon to sit, which he eagerly did. "So that concludes the announcements."

Almost immediately, every elf began to eat and talk amongst each other. The hall was soon filled with laughter, polite conversation, and the quiet clinking of silverware against china.

"How do you like it here, Elvellon?" Gwelwen looked down to the little human trying to drink from such a large glass.

"It's nice." Elvellon replied quietly, now picking up his fork and sticking it in a slice of apple.

Gwelwen smiled a little and took a sip of his wine. "When do you think your father will be found, little one?"

"Never, I hope…" Elvellon whispered under his breath.

"What was that? I am sorry, I must have misheard you… you do not want your father back?"

"No. He's mean to me." Elvellon said quietly, "He hurt me… I… I never lost him in the woods… I ran away from him…"

Gwelwen could suddenly feel a rush of sympathy for the little child, "… why does he hurt you?"

"He says I'm bad. He says that I am no good for anything…"

The tall elf quietly wrapped his long slender arms around the trembling child. He rubbed his back comfortingly. "Do not think about it…"

Elvellon sniffled softly, holding back his tears. "I… I like you Gwel… you're nice."

The servant smiled happily and kissed the top of Elvellon's brow. "I like you too, Elvellon. You are a very nice boy.

"If I ever have children, Elvellon, I hope that all of them are as nice as you."

This got Elvellon to giggle. "You're nice."

"Thank you, Elvellon." Gwelwen smiled and quit his embrace. "Elvellon…"


"I just thought of something…"


"Well, since I do not have any children of my own… and you do not like your father… well… I was wondering if I could adopt you."

"A..a..dopt? What's that?"

"It is when you come to live with me and I take care of you. Would you like that?"

"Yea! I wanna live with you!"

Gwelwen smiled happily and ruffled the little boy's hair lovingly. "Finish eating and I will fill out the papers."