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The mabudachi trio were all sitting in Hatori's room engulfed in boredism. Shigure lay on Hatori's bed while Hatori sat at his desk. Ayame however, was in a chair in the middle of the room. Spinning.

"You're going to make yourself sick Ayame." Hatori told a blur of silver and flashes of gold as his eyes came into view then quickly faded as the chair turned.

"No I won't!" Ayame yelled.

"Then you'll make me sick." Shigure watched the silver blur known as Ayame. The chair moved slowly inch by inch toward Hatori's desk. Once it was close enough Hatori reached out and grabbed the first thing his hand came in contact with. This happened to be the backside of the chair sending Ayame flying onto the ground.

From Shigure's point of view it looked as though Ayame jerked forward headfirst. Shigure ran to the edge of the bed worried about his cousin. He saw Ayame on the floor, shoulders shaking. Shigure heard tears hit the floor and became very concerned for the young snake.

"Ayame?" He asked. "Are you okay?"

All Ayame could do was shake his head. Shigure jumped down form the bed, while Hatori rushed over, knocking the chair down. They both knelt by Ayame. Ayame, now on his knees, grasping his stomach, face red, and eyes watery, fell to his side on top of Shigure in a fit of giggles. Due to lack of breath Ayame's laughing was inaudible. Hatori and Shigure looked in astonishment at their cousin's behavior.

"Should we have you on some sort of medication Ayame?" Hatori asked.

"Or are you on something we should know about?" Shigure added. Ayame couldn't answer so again he shook his head. To Ayame the room was still spinning and for some reason he found this to be hilarious. Shigure and Hatori tried to help him up but Ayame only fell back down making him double over in a fit of laughter again.

At this time a little boy with silver hair passed by the open door. Seeing the sight before him he decided to give an explanation as to why his brother was acting the way he was.

"He had a lot of sugar this morning." He said in a simple whisper.

Hatori walked over to the boy. "Thank you Yuki, you should go back to your room before you get in trouble." He told the young rat.

"Okay…" he said walking off to his room.

"What did…hee hee hee…" Ayame tried speaking, failing miserably.

"He said…" Hatori turned around walked to Ayame and took his chin in his hand. "You've been a bad snake." He looked his cousin in the eye. Ayame however, busted out into another fit of giggles. Shigure ruffled Ayame's hair, and kissed his cheek. In turn, Ayame, again made inaudible laughs while holding his stomach.

"You know you're not supposed to have a lot of sugar in the morning." Shigure ran a finger down his cousin's jaw line. "Looks like we'll have to wear him out Haa-san." Shigure smiled at Hatori who smirked in response.

"It certainly does look that way Shigure." The lifted Ayame on to the bed, Shigure took the right side and Hatori the left. "Ready?" Hatori asked Shigure, not taking his eyes of his sugar high cousin.

"Ready." Shigure stated and got ready to have some fun wearing out his hyperactive cousin. Hatori and Shigure lifted their hands above Ayame.

"One…" Hatori started the count down.

"Two…" Shigure continued.

"Three!" They both yelled bringing their hands down to meet the delicate skin of the snake. Wiggling their fingers wherever their hands came in contact with. Ayame's body began to writhe underneath his cousins' hands and he began to try pushing away the intruding digits, to no avail. This went on for a good thirty minutes until Ayame was choking and his eyes were over flowing with tears due to lack of oxygen.

Hatori and Shigure lay on the bed next to Ayame, all trying to catch their breath, Ayame took the longest for this process. Hatori looked at the clock by his bed sat up and began stretching as if had just woken up.

"What's up Haa-san?" Shigure asked looking to his raising cousin.

"Let's go get something for lunch, it's 12:30 already."

"All right!" The two on the bed said in unison. They all headed to the kitchen where an enormous fridge awaited them.

"So, what does everyone want?" Hatori asked going through its contance.

"I know!" The still hyperactive snake announced.

"What?" Shigure chuckled watching his cousin bounce around the kitchen.

"We can make our own recipe!" Ayame continued bouncing.

"You're the snake not the rabbit." Hatori replied calmly. "Stop. Jumping."

"OKAY!" Ayame almost yelled as he came to a halt.

"Now, what were you saying?"

"We. Can. Make. Our. Own. Recipe." Ayame said slowly, mocking the dragon. (A/n: seahorse!)

"With what?" Shigure was now interested in what Ayame was going on bout.

"Anything and everything!" Ayame exclaimed as he began to bounce again. One cold look from Hatori brought him to an abrupt stop. "But we need lots and lots of sugar!" Ayame's voice echoed through the kitchen.

Ayame had taken out the flour, butter, eggs, milk, and everything he felt he might need to make his new 'recipe'. Ayame was in front of a huge bowl from, only God knows where, flour everywhere, just stirring the contence of the bowl. Every so often looking around and putting something new in. Hatori and Shigure had given up long ago.

"Are you going to eat it?" Shigure asked his green-eyed cousin sitting across the table from him.

"That depends." Hatori looked to Shigure, maybe a look of worry crossed his face, but with that boy you just couldn't tell.

"On what?" Shigure looked back to his golden eyed cousin, Hatori did the same.

"On what he puts in it, if it looks eatable, if it smells halfway decent," he ticked each of his qualifications off on his fingers. "And if Ayame manages to keep his hair out of it."

"He seems to be doing a good job." Shigure noted.

"We'll see…"

Ayame poured his concoction into one pan and then took out a spoon and began to make what seemed to Hatori and Shigure to be cookies. Ayame had flour and doe on his face and in his hair but didn't seem to care. He took the last bit of doe on his finger and stuck it in Hatori's mouth. Hatori hadn't expected this so for about thirty seconds he just sat there with Ayame's finger in his mouth. Finally he realized what he was supposed to do and aye the doe off of his cousin's slender digit.

"Mmm. It tasted pretty good." Hatori looked at Shigure then back to Ayame.

"Really?" He said beaming. Shigure wanted to know what exactly he was missing so he leaned over and ran his hand down Ayame's cheek where there was quite a bit of doe. He popped his finger in his mouth and looked thoughtful for a while before taking the digit out and complimenting his cousin's work.

"Delicious!" He told his pale, still hyper cousin.

"I was hoping it would be!" Ayame ran back to the counter. "Wow! This is a huge mess!" He put is hands on his hips. "I should get this cleaned up!" He raised his fist in the air. Ayame began to put all the dishes in the sink when he looked to the two at the table. "Well?" He asked.

"Well what?" Shigure chuckled his question out. Seeing Ayame excited about cleaning was something that never happened.

"Well, aren't you going to help me with this big mess?" He asked the two putting his hands on his hips. Shigure smiled and turned to Hatori who was already getting up.

"Chop! Chop!" Ayame clapped his hands together twice for emphasis. Then a realization dawned on him. He ran to the oven in a quick blur of silver. Ayame Sohma in all his excitement had forgotten the most important thing.

"I forgot to say suercalifragilisticexpialidojous to my creations!" He was utterly horrified that his 'creations' wouldn't cook right if he didn't say this.

"What?" Hatori said flatly.

"You don't have to say anything to it." Shigure laughed.

"But…I say it to everything I make in the kitchen!"

"This is the first time you've made anything in the kitchen Ayame." Hatori looked at the form of Shigure that was rolling around on the floor laughing and getting flour and who knows what else all over his clothes.

"GASP!" Ayame exclaimed "the first time I make something and I didn't tell it supercali--"

"Don't. Say it. Again." Hatori commanded.

"Well back to cleaning!" Ayame insisted. Shigure laughed through the whole process. Hatori stayed quiet and Ayame, when ever Hatori wasn't looking, bounced around while doing his share; although he didn't really finish it. It took roughly about an hour for them to finish everything.

'BEEP BEEP' the timer on the oven went off.

"Yay!" Ayame hurried over to his cookies and whatever he meant the pan to be. Ayame opened the oven door and was about to grab the pans when Hatori's hands clasped onto Ayame's stopping him from his goal.

"Use potholders." He told his shorter cousin simply.

"Of course, Tori-san!" Ayame replied cheerfully and put on potholders.

Upon cooling Ayame couldn't keep still. He was sitting at the table but he was bouncing in his seat.

"Ayame." Hatori began to scold him.

"What day is it?" Ayame asked him cutting off his statement.

"March 15th."

"OH MY GOD!" Ayame exclaimed. "It's the Ides of March! Akito don't go out and have a meeting! No wait, go ahead…" Ayame waved a hand in the air as if to be dismissing the Akito that wasn't there. "No one else go to any meeting!"

"Why?" Shigure asked, not entirely understanding his cousin's ranting.

"If we do then we'll be stabbed in the back by everyone else, including our best friends!" Ayame looked a bit scared but covered for it with the smile that was plastered on his face. "You wouldn't do that to me would you?"

Shigure and Hatori looked at each other then busted out laughing.

"What are you talking about Ayame?" Hatori managed to get out.

"Julius Caesar!" Ayame exclaimed. "Oh! The cookies and brownies should be done now!"

"If I didn't know better I would say that he was having mood swings." Shigure laughed.

"Mood swings?" Hatori found himself asking.

"Mmm. Hmm. Like a pregnant woman has mood swings." Shigure explained to his dark eyed cousin.

"They're done!" Ayame cooed and walked to the table with a plate of cookies and some brownies. Shigure and Hatori each took one cookie, looked it over then took a small bite from it. Hatori looked to Ayame who was now back at the counter cutting more brownies out.

"ow." Came a soft yelp from the kitchen.

"What happened?" Hatori was up and at Ayame's side quick as a flash.

"Nothing Tori-san! I'm fine!" He held his hand protectively.

"Let me see Ayame." Hatori held his hand out.

"No really I'm fine." Hatori grabbed Ayame's arm and pulled his hand out in front of them. Shigure sat at the table eating cookies, watching silently. Hatori looked at Ayame's hand, examining it. He found on Ayame's index finger a huge gash across the digit! Okay, maybe just a little cut running across it but still, it's all the same, non-? (A/n: giggles)

"Come on." Hatori pulled Ayame by his wrist into a bathroom down the hall. "Now lets get this clean." He reached in the cabinet pulling out cotton balls, peroxide and a Band-Aid.

"How's that?" Hatori asked dabbing Ayame's cut with a cotton ball that had some peroxide on it.

Ayame giggled before answering. "I think you'll make a great doctor Tori-san!"

"Maybe," Hatori chuckled softly. "But for now I'll stick to taking care of you." He placed the Band-Aid on Ayame's cleaned injury.

"Now, now, no scenes in the bathroom without me!" Shigure walked in.

"Gure-san! You ruined the moment!" Ayame pouted.

"Are you finally back to normal?" Hatori asked looking to Ayame.

"What do you Tori-san?"

"You've been extremely hyper all morning." Shigure piped in.

"Really I don't know what either of you are talking about…but I do know that I owe both of you a tickle attack for earlier!" Ayame jumped on Hatori effectively knocking him to the ground.

"OW!" He yelped as his head came in contact with the tile floor of the bathroom.

"OH! Tori-san! I'm sorry I didn't mean to!" Ayame panicked. "Uh…um! ICE!" He exclaimed. "I'll get ice! He ran out of the room towards the kitchen.

"I'll take that as a 'no'." Hatori said rubbing the back of his head.

"I'd say so" Ayame cane running back in with a big frozen steak in his hands. Hatori, still sitting on the bathroom floor, and Shigure, kneeling next to the wounded dragon (a/n: seahorsey!), did nothing but stare at their cousin.

"I heard some where, that when you get a bruise or something to put steak on it!" He explained walking towards Hatori.

"I think that's for black eyes, Aaya." Shigure sweat dropped.

"Oh…" Ayame looked at the floor then began to walk out the door.

"Bumps on the head, black eyes, it's all the same ne? Besides it's the thought that counts." Hatori smiled to the back of his cousin's head.

"I guess…"Ayame shrugged. "I just wanted to make you feel better Tori-san."

"And you have." Hatori explained getting up with the help of Shigure.

"Just knowing you're thinking about them can make one feel fit as a fiddle!" Shigure helped Hatori with his explanation.

"Shall we head back up to Tori-san's room now?" Ayame asked smiling at the two.

"Sure." Hatori relied. "But first put the stead in the freezer."

"Okay! I'll bring cookies and brownies up too!" Ayame skipped down the hall as Hatori and Shigure headed up stairs to Hatori's bedroom.

"Do you think he'll be okay by himself?" Shigure asked his green-eyed cousin who was currently reading a book. Hatori looked up from the book to see Shigure on his back lying on his (Hatori's) bed tossing a wadded paper ball in the air and catching it. Just as he was about to answer his cousin there was a loud crashing sound coming from the stairs. The two darted out the door fearing it was their favorite cousin.

"Ayame?" Hatori asked running down the stairs to see the snake passed out on the floor.

"Shigure, go get my father!" Hatori told him kneeling down next to his fallen cousin.

"Right!" Shigure nodded and ran towards the doctors' office.

"Hurry! Come quick!" Shigure slammed the door open. "Ayame! He!" Shigure said through gasps of breath.

"Shigure, calm down. Tell me what happened, what about Ayame?"

Shigure took a deep breath then said, "he fell. Down the stairs. Hatori and I. We found him at the bottom. He passed out."

"Did he transform?" Hatori's father and Shigure were already running down the hall.

"no but he looks bad."

Hatori during this time was checking Ayame's pulse and making sure his breathing was stable.

"Ayame, please be okay."

Hatori's father and Shigure came running up to the two. Hatori moved out of the way to let his father examine his beloved cousin.

"How is he?" Shigure asked seemingly reading his taller cousin's mind.

"He'll be fine, but he's long over due for a check up." He joked. Then picked up the silver haired youth and walked back to his office. There, he laid Ayame on a bed and began his examination to make sure all the internal organs were still functioning properly. Hatori and Shigure waited patiently out side the door, that is, until ten minutes had passed. Hatori began pacing while Shigure sat with his back to the wall.

"You're going to make a hole in the floor Haa-san…" Shigure broke the malevolent silence. Hatori stopped, looked at the dog, and then continued pacing up and down the hall.

"Don't worry Haa-san!" Shigure smiled at his nerve racked, sweating and pacing friend.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity the door opened revealing a very confused looking doctor.

"Would you two please follow me?" He asked the two zodiac members.

"Sure, how's aya?" Shigure asked following the older man into the room, Hatori swift behind him.

"That's what I need to talk to you about."

"What is it?" Hatori asked sitting down.

"How the hell is Ayame pregnant?"

"What!" Shigure and Hatori asked in unison.

"Ayame is pregnant and I want to know how the hell it happened!"

"But Ayame's a guy, if any of us could, I thought for sure it would be Hatori." Shigure said pointing his thumb over to his dragon-cousin. For this Shigure received a glare from Hatori.

"Well according to my records, Ayame is the first male snake. This could probably be the reason he acts the way does."

"Honestly father, I don't know." Hatori told his father, racking his brain for any possible explanation.

"Hatori…" Shigure commented looking at Ayame in deep thought. "Do you remember what happened after about eight, that night we went to that all boys party around three weeks ago?"

"We came home…" Hatori replied.

"Do you remember going to sleep? Or even whose house we went to?" Shigure questioned.

"We went to Ayame's because…" Hatori's eyes widened in realization "no one else would be there." Hatori hung his head, forgetting his father had just heard his confession.

"You what, Hatori?"

Hatori trembled, if he was a dog his tail would be curled underneath him, but that was Shigure's job.

"I-I-I-…" Hatori stuttered. There was no way he could repeat what he just said.

Hatori's father sighed. "I guess I can't exactly blame you…" Hatori looked up. "If I were in the same situation I would probably do the same. After all, whom could it hurt right? You're all male so, not as many safety precautions."

Hatori hung his head low again, Shigure couldn't figure out how this would be considered a lecture; but those words cut Hatori deep. His father was using the 'I'm very disappointed in you' voice and Hatori knew it well…too well.

"I'm sorry father."

"Don't tell me, tell Ayame."

"Um…Aaya…" Shigure told his sleeping form.

"Not now you idiot." Hatori's father lightly hit him on the head. "Now get out of here, I'll call you when he wakes up."

"Yes father."

"See you later Mr. Hatori's dad!" Shigure joked as he left with Hatori.

"How are we going to explain this to Akito?" Hatori asked.

"Does she really have to know?" Shigure nearly pleaded.

"How would we keep something like that from her?"

"Um…" Shigure began. "That's a good question. That would be your area of expertise haa-san! I'm no good at planning things out."

"I know…Shigure,"


"Remind me never to drink again." Hatori said opening the door to his room.

"Well you have to admit we did have fun!"

"But at what cost?" Hatori looked to a picture of the trio sitting on his desk. Shigure followed his gaze.

"So who do you think is the father?" Shigure quirked an eyebrow.

"I don't think it was you, since you were on the bottom the whole time." Hatori smirked.

"I was not!" Shigure exclaimed.

"Yes you were…"

"As long as people at school don't know, I don't care what you say." Then realization dawned on Hatori. School. What were they to do when Ayame actually started having bad mood swings? Or when he started showing? There's no way they could just say he was getting fat.

"Come on." Shigure said heading to the door again. It had only been about ten…fifteen minutes, was Ayame already up? "Come on Haa-san! You're father's calling us!" Shigure almost ran out the door. Shigure ran down the hall Hatori on his tail. (Not literally people) they approached the stairs and Shigure in his rush, almost fell down the stairs, luckily Hatori caught him.

"We don't need another concussion..." With this said they continued their path to the Sohma doctor's quarters, in which Ayame awaited them. They slid the door open to find the father of the dragon's bastard offspring sitting in a chair; alone.

"Where's Aaya?" Shigure's always the first to speak ne? Hatori's father looked to a door separating the room from a bathroom, then back to the troubled teens.

It didn't take the two but a minute to realize the meaning of the gesture and they opened the said door. There they saw the long hair of their cousin tied back in a ponytail with his head over the porcelain bowl, breathing heavily. Hatori and Shigure ran to their cousin's side.

"Are you okay?" Hatori asked, sitting down next to the golden eyed youth.

Ayame sat back and leaned into Hatori nodding silently. Then looked up at the bathroom counter searching for something. Shigure followed his searching eyes to the counter, got up and grabbed the mouthwash and looked to Ayame questioningly. Ayame nodded again holding his hand out. Shigure gave his cousin the bottle, which he accepted taking a swig, sloshed it around in his mouth, gargled then spit it out in the white bowl.

"Thanks," he smiled. "I needed to get rid of that horrid taste. I couldn't even speak." Ayame fell back onto Hatori. "He told me…" he closed his eyes. "About…you know…" he laid an arm over his stomach. "I'm sorry." His voice squeaked as he tried to conceal the lump in his throat.

"What are you sorry for?" Hatori asked wrapping his arms around the snake.

"If anything we should be sorry." Shigure took Ayame's hands in his. Since they left the door open Hatori's father looked in on the three. He smiled when he saw the three figures together.

"This just might work out." He mused to himself. "Hatori." He called. Hatori obliged, getting up and walking to where his father's desk was.


"I want you to make sure Ayame eats right." He said handing his son a piece of paper with what Ayame was not allowed to eat on it.

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