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Kevin listened to his sisters words. He suddenly realized that she was right. He loved Grace because of her experiences, not her personality. As much as he loved her, he knew they couldn't be together, at least for now. Losing a brother for a good friend was not a sacrifice he was willing to make. If he was, he knew it would be true love.

He set off towards Joan's room to find Grace. Thankfully Joan wasn't in the room. Kevin suspected that she knew she wasn't particularly welcome at the moment.

"Hey," he murmured.

She looked at Kevin and gave a tiny smile.

Grace, I really need to tell you something. And I don't know if you'll like it, but it has to be said," began Kevin in a very shaky voice. He hoped he had made the right decision.

Grace nodded. She sort of knew what was coming.

"Grace, as much as I love you, we can't be together, in an intimate relationship. I hardly know you. And you hardly know me. And I couldn't do in front of Luke. Maybe one day, we can be more than friends, but not now,"

Grace felt a tear slide down her face, but she understood what Kevin was saying.

"The fact is, Luke has been more than a brother to me, he's been a friend, a problem solver, a teacher, a care-giver and so much more. We've just been crying buddies. I don't mean we should never see each other again, but we should be just that - crying buddies.

Grace gave a solemn nod as Kevin left the room. She sort of felt at peace with everyone at that moment - with Kevin, with Luke, with Joan, and whatever happened next didn't matter. As far as she could see, her boyfriend had just walked out the door, but her friend had only just entered. And she was grateful for that.

But Kevin had more business to attend to. He entered his brother's room, and saw his brother sitting on his bed, very still, with a blank face.

"Luke," he said softly.

Luke's eyes quickly darted at Kevin before retreating to some place on the wall.

"I'm sorry."

Luke this time had a long stare at his brother, and gave a look that showed he was ready to hear him out.

"I know how wrong it was of me to take advantage of your only just ex-girlfriend, but we won't be seeing each other as partners anymore, just friends. Is that cool?" he asked.

Luke gave out a scratchy word, "Yeah"

Kevin was relieved, and set off to say one last thing.

"Luke, you have been through everything with me. You put up with me when I would take away all the attention from you. You put up with me when I bragged about baseball. You put up with me not being able to dress myself, but I know you could never put up with me being with Grace. The thing is, as a brother, we have a stronger bond than a girlfriend and boyfriend could ever have. I am not going to lose that, not for some girl who may not even be the one."

Luke was misty eyed. He got up, and gave his brother a big hug. Luke and Kevin were both content with the situation, and had never been happier to be each others brother.