When, Where, What Time?

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Chapter One: First Day

"Bulma? Honey? It is seven ten, time for you to get up and get ready for school," Mrs. Briefs stood at the bottom of the stairs yelling up towards her sleeping daughter.

"Ugh, I hate school!" Bulma groaned while lazily crawling out of bed to her bathroom. She quickly took her shower and finished her hygiene necessities and quickly walked to her closet. She stopped, starred, "What to wear?" Bulma smiled, she had to wear the best outfit she could find to impress everyone at her school, and she was a senior so she had to get off on a good start. Bulma quickly found a blue halter-top, with a blue and green mini skirt to match and some blue sandals. She smiled, "That's Hot."

Bulma grabbed her stuff and hopped downstairs to the kitchen, "Good morning daddy, and mommy."

"Well good morning sweetie, you look lovely today, doesn't she honey," Mrs. Briefs smiled while Dr. Briefs grunted and said 'yes' in reply without looking. "Mmk, well I hope you have a wonderful day at school. Drive safe."

"Oh Bulma dear," Bulma stopped waling and turned around. "I am going to need you to meet me at the office tonight. We have a new proto-type in the shop and we need your advice on a few things since I have other things to attend to, I thought you could help?"

"Yes daddy, I'll be there right after school," Bulma smiled and walked to her car, a black 2005 eclipse, and drove off.

-At the School Parking Lot-

Bulma pulled into her parking space beside a black Hummer H2 and a pearl Jaguar. She smiled and stepped out of her car leaning against ChiChi's Jaguar, "Nice Jag Chi, did you get it this summer?"

"Yup, my parentals finally decided on a car that I could have, 'Now ChiChi, you cannot have a race car, no little lady should race…its not refined,'" ChiChi mocked her mother.

"Ha. Sounds like mine sometimes, but they still got me what I wanted, but this is a nice car. I just wonder how Mister Goku got himself a Hummer H2? I thought he said his parents didn't want him to have a muscle car?" Bulma asked.

"I don't know," ChiChi shrugged her shoulders. "Oh how rude of me, B, I love your outfit, it is so cute."

"Thanks, I love it myself, but you look so cute too," Bulma smiled and examined her best friends sense of style, always dressed up. ChiChi was wearing a black, tight skirt that went before her knees with a slit and a white halter-top and black high heels. "You always know how to show me up don't you?"

"Of course, it is my job," ChiChi winked at Bulma. Goku, Krillen, and 18 walked up to Bulma and ChiChi, "Hey you three, what took you guys so long?"

"We were checking out Goku's new car," Krillen smiled. Goku walked up to ChiChi and he kissed her passionately. "Get a room…"

"Okay children, this is not your home, and if it were, I do not think momma wants to see you two play tongue hickey, so break it up," 18 stated.

"They are like rabbits," Bulma curled her nose.

"Hush B," ChiChi and Goku stopped as Vegeta walked up to the gang. "Hey Vegeta."

"Hey man," Goku said and Vegeta nodded in response.

"I think I hear the bell, let's go to class," everyone started off for class while Bulma stayed for a second and was looking in Vegeta's direction, but not really looking at him.

"What are you starring at woman!" Vegeta looked at her with his usual scroll on his face.

"I am actually trying to figure that one out," Bulma stated with a smart remark and looked at him up and down with pure disgust in her face.

"Whatever Bitch, you know you want me," Vegeta started to walk towards the school while he noticed Bulma's eyes steadily following him. "Take a picture, it last longer."

"Ugh, you wish!" Bulma was pissed, and with that last comment, she stomped to school.

Bulma, ChiChi, and 18 walked towards the school. This was no ordinary high school, no this was a high society school where only the best of the best, OF the best could attend. No, it wasn't quite a private school, but it was very difficult to get in if you weren't rich, famous, or popular.

You had the richest teenagers attend this high school, and everyone got everything they wanted. But, they were the same as any regular school; it was a food chain. You had the jocks, your geeks, and the cheerleaders. And no one was more on top then them…

Yes, that is right; the queen bees of the school. There was ChiChi, she was one of the most beautiful young ladies that attended the school. Perfect body, perfect hair, perfect everything. Black hair that could run for days and eyes to match. Her parents were big shots in the movie business, her mother was always trying to make her the prefect child, starting from the age of 3, and training with the dutchess of England.

Walking down the hall, next to her side was 18. She wasn't the prettiest thing, but she was hot, and short. 18, only one word could describe her- unrivaled. She was unique in all her features and actions. Very strong, loved to fight and be fought and still loved to retain her individuality. Although she loved to be an anti-conformer, she still loved the attention and the drama she received from being on the top.

18 smiled and looked to her right, Bulma Briefs. Beautiful, smart, sexy, wild, and crazy. She loved life and what was thrown in her face. Thriving off of school drama and being the best was what she lived for. Brushing her blue locks of hair away from her eyes, the younger high school boys starred in awe. Her father was the famous Dr. Briefs, the smartest man and billion-dollar man of the world.

The girls were followed by the guys; the hottest boys in high school. Guys wanted to be them, girls wanted them. Goku Son, head of the football team, but not the smartest in the bunch which added to his cute-ness…and he was taken, all ChiChi's man and more. He too was rich and famous, his father was dead and mother was a one-woman show. She was a showgirl in Vegas, only a few hours away from home.

Then there was Krillen. Short, bald, and loaded. Not only was he on the football team, soccer team, and the baseball team, he was taken too. 18 was his gal and he loved it. Although Krillen was a guy of small words, everyone stopped in awe at his presence.

Bulma looked over her shoulder, it was the last of the gang…Vegeta Ouji. Black spiked hair with eyes that were as black and deep as space. Buff and muscular, plays football and baseball. He laid every girl he dated, and they loved it. Vegeta smirked and the girls melted at his divine lips that curled, imaging them on their bodies.


"Hey B, you still pissed from this morning? You know, with Vegeta and all?" ChiChi asked and 18 turned about to hear the new gossip.

"Hell yes, I mean, he thinks everyone wants him and that he is God's gift, more like God's pest. Ugh, I hate him so much," Bulma curled her lip and crossed her arms in fury.

"Well B, I hate to be the barrier of bad news but everyone does want him, but then again, everyone wants you too…so it is a coin toss." ChiChi had confused herself.

"See B, this is what I do not understand about the two of you: you both are like that most popular students here at our school, and in the country, you both have been in magazines for the hottest teens and hell, you bot are stubborn asses," 18 said.

Bulma looked at her, "Your point?"

"You two are so much alike, how come you two don't just date and get it over with?"

"Excuse me?" Bulma looked puzzled.

"18 does have a point B," ChiChi chimed in.

"First of all, we couldn't be anymore alike. And me and him? Eww, are you trying to make me through up? He is the meanest, most rudest boy around," Bulma stated, 'but positively hot and yummy' Bulma thought.

"Jeez B, you don't need to get so mean about it, it was just a theory," 18 said. "So what do you guys have on your schedules?"

"I have aerobics'/gym, Drivers Ed 'cause it lowers the insurance or something like that, World History, Advance Calculus, Lunch and then study hour, and then they had that thingy where anyone and everyone who had completed all their academic requirements classes, I chose Swim class. Easy A," Bulma said with a smile.

"Yup me two, same classes," ChiChi said.

"ChiChi we should all have the same classes, we all signed up for the same," 18 stated. "Surprising though, for once we all have the same classes."

"I know, we haven't had more then three class together since sixth grade," ChiChi said with a sigh. "It is quite depressing actually."

"Very true," Bulma said and 18 nodded.

"Hey B, I have a question?" ChiChi asked.

"Sure, what is it…"

"Goku had said something went on between you and Yamacha over the summer…what happened?" ChiChi asked.

"Well-" the bell interrupted, "Darn it, I will tell you later, alright?" ChiChi nodded, and with that the girls were off to their first period.

-First Period-

The girls walked into the gym with the guys following close behind. Once they were finally inside the gym, they had quickly spotted some empty bleachers and they all sat down. Once the late bell rang, the two coaches walked in, one male and one female.

"Hey there class, we are your coaches for this year. I am Coach or Miss McQueen," she stated with a smile. She was a beautiful young teacher. Probably one of the youngest. But Bulma figured it was because they wanted someone young to coach their cheerleaders.

"And I am Coach McGret, and I and the boys' coach while she is the girls. You will follow all directions at all times and there will be no horse playing, or there will be consequences. Starting Next week you will need to have a small gym locker and that following week we will all start dressing out. If you do not dress out for any reason, you will not take part in any of the class activities…. Which means, no grade…and you probably will not look that smart if you fail gym…"Bulma began to trail off in the listening process and began examining Vegeta, keeping 18's theory in mind. 'Vegeta is pretty cute, oh who am I fooling, he is hott. Probably one of the hottest, most sexiest men here at school. I wonder why we never really dated? Oh wait, I know…Yamacha. Why did I date him again? And for five years? I feel like I have wasted my whole entire high school life on him, gr.…well it is my senior year…maybe something will happen?' Bulma giggled while she was unknowingly looked Vegeta up and down. 'Why does she keep starring at me for, it is like I am a piece of meat to her.' Vegeta looked away, "So today just talk with one another or whatever you kids like to call it these days and leave us the hell alone."

Once the coaches were gone, 18 and ChiChi turned to Bulma, "So are you going to tell up what went on between you and Yamacha?"

Bulma nodded, " Well, you guys remember when we three got back from our trip in Paris, well, when that week after, I went to the mall with my mother for some new school clothes. My mother and me saw him there. And we were about to say 'hi', but he wasn't alone. Heck no, it was worse, he was with Tasha! And they weren't just talking, they sat in public just macking at each others lips and months like they were hungry or something. I was horrified. So I walked up to them and me and Yamacha got into this huge verbal feud and we ended up making this horrific scene. But I was about to leave and then Tasha started running her whorish mouth, so me and her ended up into a fist fight." Bulma sighed and then continued, "Then three weeks later, he decides to call me up and saying that he loves me and he wants me back. That made me even madder! Why did it take him three whole weeks?"

"Oh my gosh, what an ass hole," Chichi said.

"How rude," 18 said. "Well, you can look at it like this; it is our senior year of high school, you are finally free from that prick and it is time for some fun!"

Hell Yeah!" ChiChi said, smiling.

"Well, you know I am always up for a club? And with my parentals leaving for a few weeks or so, it will be pure bliss…heaven even." Bulma smiled, "Holy crap! The bell is about to ring in like one second!" She was right, the bell rang and the gang walked to their second period.

-Second Period-

"Man, I am so sleepy…what about you guys?" 18 asked and received nods in reply, " I want this day to be over with and I want to go to the mall. So what are your guys' plans for tonight?"

Umm, maybe go to the mall for awhile? Well, maybe the three of us can whereas the boys will probably like to go play video games. But maybe, we can rent movies this time too, but it is the boys turns to buy this time," ChiChi said.

"Oh shoot, I have to go to the office right after school today…" Bulma said.


"My dad wants me to go to the office to test out this new proto-type or whatever, but I can catch up with you guys tonight? My parents are leaving right after lunchtime to head for a business trip. We can bring the movies to my house and you guys can stay the night," Bulma said.

"Sounds good, but it you finish early or whatever, call my cell phone, we might still be at the mall," ChiChi said.

"Hello class, I am Mr. Steve and I am your Driver's Ed teacher. First, I'd like to discuss a field trip that all seniors take every year." He started passing out papers, "Now, we don't quite know where we are going yet, last year it was Rome, and we are kind of going towards a cruise or maybe to the Bahamas. But if there are any questions, I am one of the teachers that are heading up this program. Anyway, this trip has a certain amount of money that needs to be paid. If you read the packet of papers in which I have given to you, you should know how much to pay and by when. This is not part of your class dues. There will also be a vote with the whole class on this matter in a few weeks on where we might go. This trip is usually a month or two before prom and will last a good two weeks, maybe more or less…this depends on the seniors. So I urge everyone to plan and schedule ahead and get all papers signed and ran by with your parents or guardians and turned in."

-Third Period-

"Oh my gosh B, I cannot wait till this trip, it is going to be awesome!" 18 said with a smile.

"Oh I know, can you just see it, roaming the Bahamas," ChiChi said. "It is going to be simple perfect," she began to daydream of her and Goku.

Bulma rolled her eyes and turns to 18, "What about you 18…? I really wish it was sooner, but I think it will be pretty cool to do that trip before our prom. I think this year is going to be perfect."

"Yeah, but this year will probably go by really fast, we probably won't even notice. Just think, soon it is going to be graduation and then college. I am just still hopping for Princeton, Yale, or Harvard letters like you two," 18 said.

"Everyone, turn around, time for class," an overweight teacher walked in. "I am your World History teacher, my name is Mrs. Kees." She steadily walked to the back of the room and grabbed thick books and began passing them out. A classroom on sighs and cries, "Oh no, you have me mistaken, I hate giving students books, and seeing as though most of you guys are seniors, you won't care, so I will only have a class set. So that means, a lot of notes and you will have to keep up with everything to pass your tests…." She began telling them about her class and what was required. Bulma started to trail off, thinking to herself, 'God, this freaking class is going to be a toughie. Hmm, I wonder what Vegeta is thinking about…' Vegeta looked up and saw Bulma looked at him again. 'What is up with this woman, why does she keep looking at me.' All of a sudden, the bell rang and Bulma jumped out of her seat, scared shitless.

"What the hell B, what's the matter, what were you in your own little dream world again?" ChiChi looked at Bulma, she shrugged and started of for their fourth period.

Bulma blushed, "B, one day you are going to get caught and you are going to get into so much trouble when a teacher finds out that you barely pay attention in class."

-Fourth Period-

It was only fourth period, and gang was already tired of school. It was only the first day and they wanted it to be over. Fortunately, the teacher never showed up for class and they ended up being released for lunch early.

"Ugh, I am so hungry," Bulma said. "I am so ready for a chicken wrap and a water." 18 and ChiChi nodded in response as they walked into the lunchroom. Once they got their food they all sat down at their table. As usual, and in every high school known, the lunchroom was divided. Of course, the gang sat at the rich table near the jocks and preps while the other type of people sat elsewhere.

"So, what movies are you three planning on getting for us tonight?" 18 asked.

You guys will have to wait and see when we get to Bulma's house," Krillen said. "Are we all staying the night?"

"Yea," Bulma replied. "We probably we be at my house at about eight at the latest, because I have to go to work for a second then I am meeting the girls at the mall."

"We will call you when we are done, okay?" ChiChi asked the guys, they nodded and aproved.

-Sixth Period-

They finally walked out of their study hall class when the bells sounded. "Crap, we have to go clear across school to get there, we need to go you guys," Bulma sighed and they gang ran through the halls trying to get to their swim class while the boys went off to their boxing class. The girls walked into their class as the bell sounded.

"You three were almost late," the teacher smiled. "Please take a quick seat. Hello girls and welcome to my swim class. I know you girls are all probably extremely tired but I cannot allow anyone to take a swim today. But everyone, remember to bring anything to school tomorrow because we will be swimming. But first things are first, My name is Mrs. Hucklebing, I know, it isn't a nice name, but I will survive. This area over here," she pointed over to the area pass the fence, "Is where the sparring of the guys that are in Mr. Bucks' Boxing class." Bulma secretly smiled, maybe she'd get Vegeta to look at her evey once and awhile.

The bell sounded after fifty-minutes time and the first day of school was over. Bulma smiled, "I'll meet you guys at the cars." Bulma walked off to her locker…she sighed, there Yamacha was. 'And I thought this day was going okay, why is he here.' "Yes Yamacha?"

"Hey there sweetie, I haven't seen you all day."

"First off, I am not your sweetie, nor will I ever be again. Second of all, you are a ass hole. Go back to your lost puppy over there, Tasha."

"Oh whatever B, Tasha means nothing to me, besides I dropped her. She was going behind my back with Vegeta."

"Ha. At least you got something right, at least she left you for something better."

"B, why do you have to be like this? I told you I was sorry-"

"Yeah, I remember, it took you three months to say you were sorry! Just forget about it Yamacha, go away please. You are ruining my day." Bulma smirked and walked off to her car.

"Hey B, what took you so long?" ChiChi asked.

"Oh, nothing really, I just got distracted by an insect that just wouldn't leave me alone." Bulma remarked. "Okay you three guys, here is some money for the movies and a key to my house. We will call you guys when we are all done, okay? And don't forget to bring you extra change of clothes.."

"Sure Bulma, no problem," Krillen said as Bulma handed Vegeta the key and money.

"I'll see you two in a few," Bulma said to ChiChi and 18.

"Please B, don't be long, the mall won't be that much fun without you," ChiChi said.

Bulma smiled, "I'll call, okay?" They nodded and Bulma turned on her car, quickly rolling down the windows and blasting her Green Day cd. (Sorry, I am in love with them. .) Bulma back out and speed off.

"Well, we will see you guys later." Every parted, ChiChi and 18 were off to the mall and Goku, Vegeta, and Krillen were off to lord knows where.

-At the Office-

"Hello Gladis," Bulma walked into the office, greeted by he secretary. "Are there any calls?"

"Yes ma'am, your father called to say he and your mother left at noon and to give them a call before you leave today and then he left the papers for the project on you desk. He wanted you to make some notes and look at the proto-type then close out."

"Thank you Gladis," Bulma smiled and walked into her office. She sighed. Bulma had only taken an hour to look over the paper work and making quick notes as she went. Looking over the new project she smiled, "I can't believe it work. Hmm, maybe I can suggest a few things to it though?"

Bulma walked over to her phone and dialed her father's cell, "Yes, Dr. Briefs' cell phone, Dr. Briefs speaking?"

"Yes, hey there daddy, I am just calling from the office."

"Ah yes, so what do you think? I think it might need some adjustments."

"I was just about to say the same thing. I really is a good idea, and is very handy, but how do we know if the robot maid and butler won't go psycho. I think I will take a week to test it and then maybe update it and add some extra features."

"Sounds wonderful darling, I know I hired you for a reason! Well I must go darling, I am about to go into the first meeting of the week to help promote the I-Robot proto-type."

"Okay daddy send mother my love."

"Okay dear, love you, bye." Bulma hung up the phone and packed up her information into a capsule and two proto-type maids and butlers. She pulled her cell phone out and began to dial as she walked out of her office, locking it behind her.

"Okay Gladis, I am finish, I guess you and the other can go home now," Gladis nodded and began to leave. "Hello…Hey there Chi. Yea. I am finally done I know, it took me forever. Yea. Well hey, it is only five so I mean I guess I will meet you guys at the mall. Okay. Well I will call your cell once I get to the parking lot to see where you guys are. Oh. You guys are there? Okay. You are sure you'll still be there once I get there?" Bulma finally reached her car and sat in it. "Okay, I am on my way, ha. Okay, bye." Bulma put her phone down and speed off to the mall.

-At the Mall-

Bulma smiled and walked into the store 18 and ChiChi were in, Ralph Lauren. "Hey you two, what have you guys bought without me?"

"Nothing at all. We've been at this store for ages. Everyone keeps trying to get in her and taking pictures," ChiChi stated.

"Duh, Chi, where do you ever go without pictures being taken?" ChiChi shrugged her shoulders. "You are a senators daughter, 18 is the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, and I am Dr. Briefs daughter…we are always followed. And lets face it, Vegeta, Goku, and Krillen have it just as bad as us. But hey, let's try to forget about it and shop!" They all smiled and agreed.

-At the Movie Warehouse-

"So, what movies should we get you guys? B gave us a good hundred dollars. But I think part of it is for snacks, right?" Goku stated, and Krillen nodded in reply.

"But let us not get anything that is mushy and cheesey like ChiChi picked oout last time. I can't take anymore love crap. It always has the same story line as the last one," Krillen moaned.

"I am with cue ball here, let's get something good this time," Vegeta said.

"Hey Vegeta," Goku said.

"What?" Vegeta asked in an annoyed tone.

"Why were you and B exchanging so many looks and stares at one another all day for?" Goku asked.

"You know what? That is a good question, I'd like to know the answer to that one myself," Vegeta replied.

"What is that supposed to mean," Krillen asked.

"It means, dumbass, that I don't know why Bulma kept looking at me, and when I noticed, Goku thought I was starring back, that is what it means."

"Oh you know you liked it," Krillen said.

"You know what?" Krillen looked at him, "Go fuck yourself, how about that?"

"Well, I still want to know why you two never dated. Everyone in the gang had always figured you two would end up together." Goku said. Vegeta rolled his eyes.

-At the Mall-

18, ChiChi, and Bulma were in the dressing room, each girl had over a dozen outfits, "So B, What do you really think about Vegeta. I mean, he has changed a little, more buff and more masculine. I mean, I'd bang 'em."

"Then maybe you should," Bulma said with a smark remark at 18 for her comment with a hint of jealousy.

"I think you two would be cute together," ChiChi said.

"Well, I must admit, I do think he is rather sexy, and part of me wonders what could have happened, but I was with Yamacha for so long, I think I'd date something different."

"Vegeta is different, besides, he kept looking at you today," 18 stated.

"Yeah, probably because I kept looking at him because you told me your stupid theory and I had it in my brain all damn day."

"Ha. I am sorry about that," 18 replied.

"Oh I think I have found what I wanted, sad to say this is going to cost me about two hundred dollars," Bulma sighed.

"B, this is the fourth store that you've bought that much," ChiChi stated.

"Oh whatever, you two have done the exact same too." Bulma replied.

-At the Capsule Corp.-

"So, what are we going to play first?" Krillen asked.

"I don't know?" Krillen replied.

"Well, we can't play anything if I can't find the damn Playstation 2," Vegeta said angrily.

"It is right there beside the television," Goku said.

-At the Mall-

"Hey B, it is already seven, I think we should head home," ChiChi said.

"Yeah, and I think we've bought enough." Bulma smiled and pulled out the capsules and placed their bags into one. "Okay, that makes things a lot easier for us."

"Hey Chi, why don't you call the guys and tell them we are on our way," ChiChi nodded.

"Hey there you guys, keeping out of trouble. Yes I love you too baby. Uh huh. Yea. Well we are on our way. Mmk, sounds good. We'll be there in about ten or fifteen minutes." ChiChi hung her phone up, "So I'll meet you guys at B's house?" They nodded and walked to their cars and drove of quickly.

-At the Capsule Corp.-

"Hey you guys, did you guys destroy my house?" Bulma asked as the three girls walked into the house, the three boys sitting on the phone playing video games.

"I can see all their brain cells dissolving into those games," ChiChi said.

"Ha. I think their brain cells have been long gone since before video games," 18 stated. "So boys, stop playing and tell us what you got us to watch?"

Bulma was one step ahead of them and looked into the bag, "hmm, they got…Napoleon Dynamite, Dawn of the Dead, and Resident Evil."

"Wow…you guys suck at picking movies," ChiChi said.

"No Chi, all you like mushy movies, sometimes we like better movies," Bulma stated while the boys nodded in agreement.

"Okay, so let's watch a movie," 18 said while Goku popped in Napoleon Dynamite and everyone snuggled up. ChiChi and Goku cuddled up on the floor on top of pillows while Krillen and 18 were on the love seat while Bulma and Vegeta were stuck on the other long length chair.

It was about twelve when Bulma noticed everyone was asleep and Bulma decided to turn off the TV and call it a night. Bulma looked beside her, Vegeta was still awake. "Well, I am going to bed, I suggest you do the same, school in the morning."

"Woman, you are not my mother, and besides, I am not sleeping down here with all these snoring idiots…give me one of your guest bedrooms," Vegeta demanded.

"Can I get a please?" Bulma looked Vegeta, he said nothing, "Fine, follow me." They walked up stairs to a guest bedroom that was across from her own room. "Well here we, enjoy your sleep."

Bulma walked to her bedroom and began to get ready for bed. When she walked out of her bathroom and towards her bed, Vegeta was spotted by her doorway. "Yes?" Vegeta walked up to her and pulled her into a kiss. Bulma moaned softly and wrapped her arms around Vegeta's neck, gracing his face with her fingers while Vegeta placed a firm grip on her hips. Vegeta stopped as Bulma released a third moan and pulled away from Bulma.

"I'm sorry…" Vegeta turned away and left quickly, closing the door behind him. Bulma stood there in awe, touching her lips… 'So warm and soft,' she thought.