When? Where? What Time?

Chapter Fifteen:

"Bulma, sweetie," Bunni walked into Bulma's room. Two weeks had gone by quickly for the gang, it was already the Graduation Day. It was only eight in the morning, and their graduation was at three, call time at two.

"Huh?" Bulma mumbled.

Bunni smiled gently as Bulma sleepily rolled over to face her mother, "you need to wait up sweetie." She sat down beside Bulma on the bed as Bulma placed her head on Bunni's lap, "You graduate today."

"I know, isn't it exciting?" Bulma smiled as she looked at Bunni.

"Are you going to Victoria's for your nails?"

"Yea, I have an appointment about twelve, then I was going to come home to do my hair and make up," Bulma smiled. "Are you picking up my cap and gown?"

"Yes I am dear," Bunni smiled and stood up. "Now, get ready for the day, you have a lot to do, and I have to plan for this party after your special moment."

"Okay," Bulma stood up as Bunni left the room and walked downstairs. Bulma walked into her bathroom and began to take her shower and proceeded to get ready.

When Bulma had finished her shower, she was dressed lazily. She was dressed in only in a pair of cheerleading shorts and a white tank top and a pair of white flip-flops. Grabbing her purse, she threw it on her shoulder and pulled her hair back into a loss pony tail and walked downstairs.

She walked into the kitchen smiling, greeted by her parents and a few other relatives, "Good morning Bulma." Dr, Briefs kissed Bulma's forehead, "Your Uncle Rick is here with Aunt Cindy, but she is in the bathroom with the twins. They are ten now Bulma, expecting another. And-"

"Grammy!" Bulma smiled and ran up to her grandmother. She had dark silver hair, when she was younger, she had dark purple hair and was a knock-out.

"Hey there child," she grinned. "How do you feel little Miss Graduate?"

"I feel great," Bulma smiled. "But I have to go, I have a big day, is everyone going to be here for the graduation and then the party?"

"Yes they are, no one is going anywhere, and we have more family coming," Bunni grinned. "No go on sweetie, see you in a few."

A long two to three hours had long been passed, Bulma was in her bedroom straightening her hair and placing on her make up. Bulma placed her lip gloss on her mother walked into her bedroom.

"Bulma honey, I have your cap and gown, along with your honor wrap," Bunni looked around her bedroom and hung the stuff on her closet door. "Are you almost ready, we only have thirty minutes to take pictures before you have to leave."

Bulma walked out of her bedroom in a dress, strapless and white high heels, "Does my make up look good?"

"Yes sweetie, you look beautiful," Bunni smiled as she helped Bulma place on her dangling pearl earrings and pearl necklace. "Now, put everything on and meet you downstairs for some pictures."

Bulma nodded and looked into her mirror. She smiled, she was graduating and soon, she'd be gone. Picking up her cell phone she called ChiChi and 18 on three way.


"Hey you guys," Bulma smiled. "Can you guys believe it, almost two hours away from our last summer together, are you guys nervous?"

"Oh yea," ChiChi stated.

"Sort of, I mean, it is just kind of nice to finally be able to leave," 18 stated. "And besides, we still have holidays, so please, I am tired or this good bye/nervous crap you two seem to be in to. But, we still have a party to go to, and a whole summer!"

Bulma rolled her eyes, "Oh well, but hey, I have to go downstairs and take pictures, but don't forget, party is here! I hope everyone is coming!"

"Okay, see you at the grad," they hung up and Bulma looked at her cap and gown. She smiled, placing them on, then her Honor's Wrap, and fixed her hair.

"Bulma, are you almost ready?" Bunni shouted from the living room.

"I'm coming," Bulma smiled and walked downstairs with her purse and speech in hand. She walked into the living room greeted by her family and pictures.

Bulma sat in her car, talking to her mother trying to leave, "Now, we'll be there soon, I promise, we just have to get things ready for afterwards."

"Okay," Bulma bulked up.

"You have everything right?" Dr. Briefs asked.

"Yes," Bulma nodded.

"Good, now be careful," Bulma smiled and drove off. "My baby is all grown up."

"I know," Dr. Briefs watched Bulma drive off.

"Okay, I need to go inside, I am about to cry," Bunni left and walked inside.

At Graduation

Bulma stood at the podium, the Graduation class sat in front of her in their chairs. Everyone sat with his or her diploma covers in hand. She was the closing speaking, with a smile, she began her long awaited speech.

"Well, it has been a long year that has just passed for us all. There has been had times and then there has been the greatest moments of our lives that we will never forget. This year was an all time best for many of us. We went to the Bahamas, did a few things, had a few laughs, then came home back to school. We were waiting our Prom night, one of many young girls' dreams since Middle School. We made the grades, tried to make our parents proud and made some disappointments. And now, I stand before all of you, my class, my Senior Class of 2005…choosing our colleges and what is going to happen next. I wish everyone the best of luck, the Real World is waiting, lets make them proud."

Bulma threw her cap in the air followed by everyone else, laughing and cheering. Bulma smiled and she looked over to Vegeta. He gave a smirk and clapped his hands softly.

"Great speech Bulma," Mrs. Ox patted her on the back as she took a drink of her coke. "My husband and I thought you guys did great."

"Thank you-"

"Bulma, you did wonderful, and you looked great," It was Mr. Son and his wife, they gave Bulma a smile and she nodded and walked through her busy backyard party.

"Bulma, please, go talk to some of the guests more, you have all summer with your friends, besides, they all want to congratulate you on your speech," Bunni whispered in her ear. "So please, go on."

Bulma rolled her eyes before walking away. She smiled at everyone who was busy talking and congratulating her. She smiled when she noticed Vegeta standing by a tree, he walked away and around the corner. Bulma grinned, and followed. Trying to make her way through the crowd. Smiling and nodding in her direction as she disappeared around the same corner as Vegeta.

She was quickly pulled and placed between a wall and Vegeta, "Hey."

"Hey," Bulma grinned as Vegeta pressed a firm kiss against her lips. He ran his hands up her back, holding her closer.

"I'd like to make an announcement," It was Goku tapping on his glass cup, standing beside ChiChi. Bulma pushed Vegeta away and looked at him.

"Goku is proposing now?" Vegeta shrugged and they walked around the corner and saw Goku grinning.

"As everyone knows, ChiChi and I have been together for a long time and I think it is time for me to do this. And I am so happy that everyone is here. Friends, family, I'd like to share with you all this special moment for me." Goku smiled and looked at ChiChi who was standing there stunned. Goku got down on his knee and pulled out a ring, "I would be the happiest man if you marry me?"

"Yes…" ChiChi smiled and hugged Goku. ChiChi mother however, stood there appalled at the situation while his husband clapped and smiled for ChiChi.

"Well, I guess that is everything huh?" Bulma looked at Vegeta smiled. "Everyone is going off, this is the last year?"

The End!

Author's Note:

Hey there everyone! I know, finally! That is all I gotta say! And I am kind of disappointed at the fact that this story didn't do as good as compared to when I first wrote it back in 2000, but hey, I re-posted and it was a good enough hit. Over 34 reviews and over 211 hits, and only 50 of those did not go on and finish reading. I am proud enough to say that I am happy that people read it! .

But anyway, I am so happy to have finally completed this story. Maybe, I can have a sequel to show what happened to everyone, or better yet, maybe the kids will come in and I could have something different, like BETTER drama, haha. But I don't know, maybe if someone says, I think there should be one, maybe I'll find out…