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neoKOS-MOS: Well, I'm back. For those of you who don't know, this is the sequel to When Worlds Rip Together. But, never fear! If you haven't read it, this chapter is actually a summary of the first story. I hope it does a good job, but maybe after you read it, you'll want to go back and read WWRT.

I actually found writing this kind of boring, since I had the first one all finished already. For that reason, it's in first person format. Torey's actually rather fun to write as. I'll let him take it away…


All that crazy stuff started again about a month ago. That was even before Rika knew about me, although I could still get her to listen to me by screaming into her head. We had been seeing things for about a month before that. I had been waiting all my life for them to surface. In the back of my mind, I had always known that we were a seer, and had just been waiting for the first of the dreams to come.

But, I'm getting a little ahead of myself, aren't I? At least for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about.

Rika had dreamed of the rip. Even I hadn't believed it right away. She had never thought she would get back to the digital world. So, naturally, as soon as she was faced with the possibility of a return, she had gone out to see if it was real. With a little prodding, at least. And it had been there. A rip in the air, a portal between our world and the digital one. But, that wasn't the end of the strangeness, because when she and Renamon went through it, they found someone who wasn't supposed to exist. Davis Motomiya.

Maybe the digital world Rika found wasn't the one the Tamers had gone to the first time. Maybe it was another digital world; the one Davis and his friends had saved. But, nevertheless, it was mind blowing.

And, that started the whole process. Rika brought all the Tamers to the rip the next day, and Davis brought everyone else. They went through the process of trying to find out where the rip had come from, and why it had shown up at that time.

Now, that's a pretty exciting story in itself, but that's not the end. Rika's dreams didn't stop just because she found the rip. And Davis was having problems of his own. You see, Jun wasn't going through the best of times, and he was pretty worried about her. When your sister is sleeping with a scum bag and taking all the drugs she can get her hands on, you have grounds for being worried. Plus there was the fact that his beloved Kari had started dating Izzy, of all people.

Rika had dreamt that there was another rip somewhere in Davis's world. When she found it, the goggle head decided to tag along, since he wasn't too happy about seeing Kari with someone else. Through that rip, Rika found something that changed her life even more. Me.

Her father, who had left so long ago, had finally found her. He was a seer too, and had somehow been able to send her a dream to lead her to him. There, he told her that she was special. That she could see the future, and if she so wished, change it. There are three factors for someone to be able to see. Rika had always wondered where her purple eyes came from. They were factor number one. I was factor number two. A seer needs to truly know themselves, and the only way to accomplish that, is to know your soul. Most people's souls stay invisible and passive their entire lives, but a seer's becomes forever tangible, and by growing to know their soul, they can understand themselves.

And that is what I am: Rika's soul. A miniature lynx, and a perfect description of her personality. Oh, and my name is Torey, by the way. As for factor three, we're still figuring that one out.

But, the story still doesn't end yet. When a rogue digimon appeared in the Tamers world, Rika dreamed about it first. She also foresaw death. So, when she brought Davis with to help tip the tables, she thought we would win. Instead, it was Davis that got attacked. He almost died, and we all thought that he was, until he showed up at Rika's doorstep, chipper as always. Veemon had gotten him to the digital world, where time passed faster, and his healing process seemed to fly by in real world time. Which was when they both realized that they were developing more than just a friendship relationship.

Then, after Sora had taken Jeri to Primary Village to get Leomon back, Davis made a stupid mistake. Ken had been going through some really bad stuff at home, and Davis got mad at him, not knowing what was going on. Ken's dad was furious when he found his son's room empty late at night. The boy had retreated to the digital world, and when he came back he found his father waiting for him.

With Yolei out of town and Davis mad at him, Ken showed up on Rika's doorstep, sporting a nasty black eye. Rika helped him keep control of his own mind, avoiding a close brush with the Kaiser.

Rika made Davis and Ken stop fighting, and everything seemed to go back to normal for a while, beside the fact that Ken had officially run away from home and was living at Davis's house. And that's where we are now. Hope I didn't confuse you too much. The dreams keep coming, and Davis and Rika keep getting closer. But, I have a feeling that something else is coming up. A seer is only in the calm of the storm for so long...

neoKOS-MOS: Alrighty. All done. Thank you, Torey for that wonderful little summary. Now, if you haven't read WWRT, go on to the next chapter. For everyone else:

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