Dragon Ball GT: The Juunanagou Saga

Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I own all of Juunanagou's family, except of course Juunanagou himself. Juunanagou and the rest are all part of the DBGT universe, which I do not own.

The woman had green hair, long that went down to her mid back, with a black hair band holding some of it back. She had light crimson, almost pink eyes, like rubies. She had martial artist's shoes, and was wearing long brown baggy pants and a dark blue spaghetti strapped shirt, under that a white t-shirt. She also had a fluffy white tail, like a rabbit's, sticking out of her pants, and two large green bunny ears sticking out of the top of her head. Her skin was a light tan color, and she looked like she was in her mid twenties.

"Er… Who are you?" asked Juuhachigou. The woman turned to her and smiled.

"You must be Juu's sister! I am Banigaru Usagi, Juu's wife. Call me Bani though, everyone does." Explained the rabbit woman, before looking at Super 17, who had frozen upon seeing her.

"Juunana's… Married…?" spluttered Juuhachigou, the shock of this fact temporarily making her forget the situation.

"Bani…" murmured Super 17. His eyes flicked red, then blue, red once more, and back to blue again. "Hmph. You'll die like the rest of this pathetic race."

"Juu! Koi! I know you're in there!" yelled Bani. "Come on! Fight the evil!"

"Feh…" spat Super 17 as he held out an open palm towards Bani. "Prepare to die."

"You wouldn't…!" stammered Bani, floating higher up so, just in case, the blast wouldn't hit Juuhachigou and Goku.

"Oh, but I would…" replied Super 17. "Die."

He fired the energy blast, knocking Bani to the ground. Immediately, Super 17's eyes began flashing blue to red, over and over as Bani tried and failed to stand up and move.

"See Android Seventeen…? She is weak, just like your sister. We do not need her…"

"You hurt her! You… I'll kill you!"

"You know what…? YOU are the weak one! I don't need you anymore… I have MY other half, you, before the doctors, our masters, destroyed. Your original form, the weakling you call yourself, is no longer necessary. I only need the parts that were put in you to open hell to sustain this form."

"What do you mean…?"

"I don't need you anymore. I have plans of my own now. Goodbye."

Super Android 17 began laughing maliciously as his body glowed bright white, blinding everyone. When the light faded, the form of Juunanagou fell next to his wife.

"Without you inside me, I am free to do as I please!" cackled Super 17. "I am the perfect machine, no human at all! HAH!"

Smirking, Super 17 turned and flew towards the sky.

"I'll be back fools! Just you wait!" laughed the android as his form slowly faded into nothing.

"Bastard…" muttered Juuna as he looked over at Bani. "You okay?"

"Yeah…" murmured Bani. Juunanagou grinned, only for a moment, and turned to his sister. "Juuhachi… I am so sorry…"

"For what?" asked Juuhachi as she picked up Goku and Juunana put Bani on his back so he could carry her piggyback.

"For not being able to stop him from killing Krillin. I tried… And I failed. For that, I am sorry." With that, Juunanagou lifted off and flew off in the direction Banigaru came from.

"Goku…?" started Juuhachi, but was interrupted.

"I know. You haven't seen him since before Cell. Follow him, bring me with you. Now go before he's out of sight!" commanded Goku sternly.

"Thank you Goku…" replied Juuhachi as she blasted after Juunana.

"Don't worry. With the Dragon Balls, we'll get Krillin back, you'll see…" said Goku softly as he fell to sleep in Juuhachi's arms.


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