Harry was walking on the clouds. He was the leader of the D.A. Even Umbridge didn't know about the secret Dumbledore's Army meetings. He just wanted to skip and he did so. Harry skipped all the way from the library (he was studying for O.W.L.S) to the Gryffindor Common Room. Only Fred was in the Common Room when Harry entered.

Harry asked, "Where's Ron?"

Fred choked, "He's up in the boy's dormitory…er…studying. Yeah that's it…studying."

Harry snickered, "That wizard."

Harry jumped up the stairs. He heard some slight moans. He tried to open the door but it was locked. He whispered, "Alohamora"

The lock clicked and Harry opened the door. Ron was on the bed and looked surprised. He hurriedly held the covers up to his neck. Hermione's picture was propped up in a picture frame on Ron's night stand. Her moving picture seemed to be taking off her clothes. Harry knew what was going on.

Harry said in a singsong voice, "Somebody's a Yankee!"

Ron stammered, "Wh… What are you talking about?"

Harry giggled, "Somebody's been playing with their special wand."

Ron grunted, "Fuck you."


Ron sighed, "What! No he didn't."

Harry said unconvincingly, "Well, maybe I errr, with held some information."


Harry pouted, "Fine," and ran out of the room.

Hermione was now the only person in the Common Room. She looked exhausted, but she was knitting those god forsaken house-elf clothes. Harry slapped as hard as her could.

She held her cheek and said, "What the fuck was that for?"

"It's for all this goddamn elf clothes bull-crap," he grabbed her face, "Get it through your head they don't want them! God put that energy to GOOD use. Invent the cure of being a werewolf or something! Not knit fucking elf clothes that they don't even want!"

Ron finally came out of the dormitory with his hair wild. Hermione giggled and Ron smiled back. Harry was confused.

He said hurriedly, "Let's go down to D.A. meeting."

Hermione said waving her hand and still staring at Ron, "Sure, whatever."

Harry yanked her up out of the chair and they left the Common Room. The trio finally reached the Room of Requirement. Ginny was waiting there; grinding up against Michael Corner.

Ron raised his fist but Hermione grabbed it. Ginny suddenly realized her brother and stopped abruptly. Michael made a 'pfft' sound.

Harry thought of a big room with pillows and magic spell books. He envisioned everything he wanted in that room. A door suddenly popped up on the wall. The five walked in the brightly lit room. There were Remebrals and all sorts of devises. There was even a Foe Glass. They all walked around examining everything in amazement. Every time there was something new.

Michael picked up a piece of paper from under a book. He snickered, "Oh, looky here, a nice photo of Cho Chang…nude."

Harry ran over and whispered, "That's for me… special…er… repelling spell."

Soon everyone apart of the D.A. arrived. Cho ran over to Harry and started crying. Everyone, except Harry, rolled their eyes.

"I miss Cedric so much!" she wiped her tears, "but you make me happy."

She shoved her tongue down his throat and they fell to the floor. He started to take off her robes.

Suddenly Ron coughed, "Whore!"

Cho stopped and screamed, "JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT GETTING ANY–––"

Ron interrupted, "I get plenty," he shot a look at Hermione.

Harry stood up and said, "Well let's get started––"

Suddenly Dobby ran in breathless. He collapsed on the floor and was saying something. Harry ran over to him and slapped the house elf across the face.

Harry screamed, "What is it!"

Dobby wheezed, "She's coming."


"The…the old toad woman; the one with the ass-face," Dobby squeaked.

Everyone screamed, "UMBRIDGE!"

They ran around the room chaotically. Ron started to strangle Dobby. Dobby started to turn blue. Ron finally let go and then Cho started to hump Dobby, screaming, "I don't want to die a virgin!"

Harry screamed, "CALM THE FUCK DOWN!"

Everyone stopped. Harry said, "Thank you. SHIT! Now I'll get you out with the Marauder's Map. So cool it."

Harry stood at the door and pushed two or three kid at a time out. He kept checking if the coast was clear. When everyone was gone except him, Ron and Hermione, Harry, like an idiot, didn't check the map and walked out. Malfoy was standing there with Pansy Parkinson behind him. Pansy started to grind up against Malfoy and like his ear.

He turned around and said, "Either you stop that or…go to the right and faster," she followed his second suggestion.

"Ha! I've caught you Potter and there's…yeah that's..." he smacked Pansy and said, "and there's nothing you can do about it. Professor I got him!"

The hideous creature walked up. Hermione grimaced and shuddered.

Umbridge croaked, "What was that for Miss Granger?"

Hermione said, "I threw up in my mouth a little."

Umbridge choked, "Well congradu-fucking-lations! I can't help the way I look. Just because you're judgmental doesn't mean we all have to be sex symbols," she then yelled, "Now, let's go see the headmaster!"

Hermione was grabbed by Pansy, Ron by Crabbe and Harry by Goyle. Malfoy just sucked up to Umbridge. He literally did suck up to her; he was latched onto her teat. Malfoy just hung there while Umbridge trudged along. They finally reached the entrance to Dumbledore's office.

Umbridge cried, "Sausage Wallet!"

Ron laughed, "That's another name for vag–––"

Suddenly, a staircase appeared and they walked up into Dumbledore's office. Dumbledore was staring into the Pensieve. He then stuck his face in it and stared to lick it. Dumbledore then groaned and whispered inaudible words. Umbridge coughed loudly.

Dumbledore shot up, "Oh, er, I was reengaging in my thoughts. Yeah that's it."

Hermione whispered in Harry's ear, "Somebody's in desperate need of some hanky-panky."

Dumbledore sat at his desk and sighed, "What is it now, Dolores? You caught Hermione and Ron? Please, that's old news."

Ron's face turned bright red as well as Hermione's. Umbridge exhaled, "No, Albus I caught these three practicing in an illegal club."

"Well, you could hardly call it illegal, but it was against the rules," Dumbledore said.

Ron coughed. Dumbledore quickly said, "But I'm sure you're over reacting."

Umbridge yelled, "Where the hell is Fudge! He's such a flake."

Everyone else moaned, "Tell me about it."

Dumbledore added, "And a dumbass, don't forget dumbass."

Umbridge sat down, "You don't know the half of it. I work for him! He thinks his asshole is his dead twin's underdeveloped mouth. "

Fudge burst though the door that second. His hat was astray and he had chocolate around the edges of his mouth. He giggled, "Oh, I see I'm late. I had very important, er, Ministry work. Oh yeah that one girl that told you about all this, stuff, is waiting outside too."

"Why?" Umbridge asked as if she was to a mentally handicapped child.

He put a finger to his lips, "Because."

"Damn it, I don't feel like arguing with you Cornelius! Marietta come in!" Umbridge shouted.

The girl walked in shielding her face. Hermione looked excited. So excited, Harry said, "Calm down or you'll piss yourself."

Hermione smiled, "I already did!" she then spat, "Show your fucking face you stupid bitch!"

Marietta cried, "Shut your butt-ugly face. I look prettier than you do right now!"

"Prettier than my ass maybe and that's a big maybe."

Marietta raised her head to show on her forehead was written DRY and across her cheeks, VAGINA.

Harry whispered to Hermione, "Whoa, that went over my head I was expecting, 'sneak' but you're the quote-un-quote 'brightest witch of your age.'"

She giggled, "Well, this was more creative. You should have seen what I did for the boys…RODENT HUNG."

Umbridge slapped Hermione across the face, "Just because other people have genital problems doesn't mean you have to remind them!"

"I don't have a dry vagina!" Marietta cried.

Umbridge said quickly, "I wasn't talking about you," she went on, "Well anyway I found a piece of paper that said Dumbledore's Army on it."


Dumbledore said though his teeth, while smacking Harry in the back of the head, "You just had to bring me in this…as usual," he looked up and said nicely, "Well, the shit really hit the fan this time. He, he, um well, I'm off!"

There was a blast of smoke and Dumbledore was gone. Fudge contently sat there picking his nose and Umbridge cried in a fetal position.

Hermione sighed, "He always pulls this crap. Whenever we need hi he has to poof off to some random place."

They all left and Harry spotted Cho. She was crying. He ran up to her.

He asked, "What's wrong?"

"What you're friend, and possible lover, Hermione, did a really mean thing to Marietta."

"Well your bitch of a friend was about to get you expelled," Harry spat.

"No! She didn't do it! She just likes to compulsively stretch the truth."


He then grabbed Cho by the throat. She choked, "Oh, you like it rough."

Harry let go and yelled, "I don't get you! Are literally on your period every fucking day! You hate me, love me, miss Cedric, are sad, happy, and every emotion at the same time. Also, horny through out each and every other feeling I just listed!"

Cho was about to speak when Fudge came skipping down the hall eating a candy bar. He giggled and then saw them. Fudge looked like a deer in the headlights. Harry and Cho stared back. There was an awkward silence. This is when there was a loud squeak. Soon after, there was a terrible smell.

Harry gagged, "My God! It smells like a rotting corpse that's been rolled around in a pile of hot dog crap."

Fudge sniggered, "I tooted."

"Now I understand why he doesn't believe my whole shit-fit about Voldemort," Harry declared.

Cho giggled, "He has a kind of retarded puppy cuteness to him."

At that time Hermione and Ron walked up. Hermione made a grimace.

She said, "Bitch, I don't know what your deal is, but there will be snow on the tops of the mountains in hell before Fudge has a hint of cuteness to him."

Cho was angry. She stuck her face in Hermione's and said, "Oh, don't even talk about taste in men with me bitch. Just because you're the President of the Itty-Bitty Titty Committee doesn't mean the rest of us are whores."

At that point Hermione couldn't take it; she spat in Cho's face. Cho reacted with ripping off Hermione's sleeve. Hermione then ripped off Cho's pant leg.

Ron and Harry stood staring at the fight. They wanted to stop it, and then they didn't. They saw Cho rip Hermione's blouse. Ron and Harry leaned close to each other. They both bit their fists. Hermione and Cho were on the floor now and Cho was on top of Hermione.

Harry whispered, "She does like to be on top."

Suddenly, the two girls stopped and the boys groaned. Cho and Hermione stood up and brushed themselves off. Hermione was left with ripped pants and her bra. Cho only had on her torn shirt and revealing panties.

Hermione shook her head, "Look at those two. They always have to make it about sex."

Cho agreed, "I guess it was a little hot though. I'm sorry about the small boob statement; you've got some knockers on you."

"I'm sorry I indirectly called you a whore. Where the hell is Fudge?"

Cho sighed, "Who cares he's a freak."

Hermione added, "And a dumbass, don't forget dumbass. Well he's getting fired anyway," she sighed, "Oh well."

They walked over to red-faced Ron and Harry. The boys smiled awkwardly.

Ron coughed, "Er, we're going to go beat some Bludgers."

Cho said excitedly, "You're going to play Quidditch!"

Harry said hurriedly, "Err, no."