Welcome to one of many fanfictions that are coming this week. This fanfiction is basically about Kagome's spring break and she gets to take the entire gang along. The thing is that she has to get them through the massive culture shock of the modern day world, especially cause in order to get to Hawaii they have to get through the airport and be on a very long plane flight. Not to mention the Hawaiian girls will be catching Miroku's eye... and the girls may enjoy the shirtless hanyou... chaos ensues.

Warning: This story may take a while… I started writing it and I realized I have a lot to get through, so… sorry if it takes a while…


Spring Break

Chapter 1

Culture Shock


"WAHOO! SPRING BREAK!" The bell rang as the students cheered. Kagome quickly gathered up her things and ran out the door, ignoring her friend's call and running all the way home. Upon reaching the shrine she took the stairs two at a time as she rushed to get home. She ran in the door and dropped her bag, running up to her room. She walked over to the closet and pulled out her suitcase, tossing it on the bed.

"Ouch! What was that for!"


She looked up to see Inuyasha sitting cross-legged on the bed, glaring at her while rubbing the side of his head. She picked the suitcase up off the floor and opened it beside him, "Gomen Inuyasha, I was so excited about the trip I didn't see you there."

"Keh, baka."

She shrugged and opened up her drawers, pulling out her clothes and packing them in the suitcase, the hanyou watched with curiosity as she laid the carefully folded clothing in place,

"What are you doing, you can't take that to Sengoku Jidai!"

"I am no going to Sengoku Jidai, except to… well yeah we are going on a trip!"


"You and me and my family and our friends all have tickets to HAWAII!"

"Where? What? What's a ti-ck-et? And why aren't we shard hunting!"

She slapped her forehead, "Just let me finish packing and we can get everyone else."

"You didn't answer the question."

'Trust me Inuyasha we could ALL use this vacation!"


She rolled her eyes as she finished packing necessities and put some sandals in. She went to the closet and pulled out a familiar old bag.

"Hey! That's one of the snorkeling bags from when we had that day playing water games!"

She smiled, "You bet."

Inuyasha just sat back, leaning tetsuiga against his shoulder and watching carelessly. Eventually he saw all the little things she was packing, his ears perking up as she packed several tank tops and shorts, and everyone's swimsuit. Then she moved to hair and restroom stuff, adding in a CD player and some CDs in their case. She sighed and sat on the bed, between the luggage and the hanyou.


"What's all that stuff for?"

"We are going to be there a week, I will need clothes to change into. Speaking of which… we are gonna have to take you guys shopping."


"Yeah, come on!"

She zipped up her luggage and pulled out the handle, tugging it along as she headed down the hall. she picked it up and lugged it down the stairs, putting it by the door. Inuyasha had grabbed the snorkeling bag and placed it beside hers. she put her hands to her mouth and Inuyasha's ears pinned to his head as she yelled, "MOM I'LL BE RIGHT BACK! I GOT TO GO GET MY FRIENDS!"

They heard her mother from upstairs, "Ok honey, I'll finish packing and have lunch ready when you get back!"

Inuyasha and Kagome headed to the well and jumped in, coming out the other side they saw their friend sitting in the grass, enjoying the warm afternoon. Shippo smelled his surrogate mother before he saw them jump out of the well, so naturally he threw himself in their direction, yelling, "KAGOME!"

The hanyou landed, releasing the girl just in time for her to catch the kitsune flying towards them. She gave Shippo a hug and let him perch himself on her shoulder, she looked up at her friends and smiled, "Hey guys."

"Hello Kagome-sama, come to join us for lunch?"

"Nope, I've got something else in mind."

They all blinked and exchanged glances, wondering what she meant. Inuyasha put his hands in his sleeves, 'I wonder how she is gonna pull this off?'

"What do you mean Kagome?"

The miko turned her head and gave the kit a playful tap on the nose, "didn't you always tell me you wanted to visit my time?"

Shippo's eyes glittered with excitement, "Really Kagome?"

"Yeah! All of you get to come with me and my family on our spring break vacation!"


"Yeah, pack up anything you want to bring!"

They all stood up and Sango started heading off towards the village.

"Where are you going?"

"We need food don't we?"

The miko laughed, "Food will be the last thing you need in my time."

Inuyasha nodded in agreement, "They have more food in one gro-cer-y store than you could eat in a lifetime!"

Kagome gave a hand to the taijya, pulling her off the grass, "Inuyasha I will take Sango and Shippo, and Kirara over… you can take Miroku."

The hanyou watched as she stepped up on the edge of the well, helping Sango up as well. they led hands and on three they jumped in, allowing the blue light to overtake them…


Sango held her friend's hand tightly as the blue light overtook them. Kirara growled and her small claws clung to her master's shoulder, receiving a comforting pat on the head from her master. Sango felt the weightless consume them and gazed upon the bluish light and white spheres that hung, suspended around the small group. She looked over to see how the kit was doing, finding him clinging tightly to Kagome as she smiled down at the kit, hugging him comfortingly.

She felt the ground beneath her once again, and looked up into the rafters of the well house. Kagome started climbing up the ladder, the kit returning to his previous position on her shoulder. Sango followed shortly after. She was about half way up when she saw the blue light out of the corner of her eye, she looked down to see Inuyasha and a smiling Miroku, who was clearly not looking at her eyes.

"I love this time!"

Sango groaned and rolled her eyes as Kirara growled, the taijya quickly climbed out of the well, Inuyasha jumped over the edge as the monk came up over the ladder, flopping clumsily over the edge. Kagome laughed and they all followed her up the stairs, stopping she turned to her friends, she smiled, "Welcome… to my time." She drew the sliding door back and they group blinked at the sunlight. They stepped out of the well house to the modern world, looking at everything from the shrine to the buildings beyond to the concrete to…

"WOW Kagome what is that?" Shippo pointed up.

"That is an airplane, we will be on one of those this evening."

They all gawked at the world around them observing at how vastly different it was from their own. Shippo reeled at the smells of the new world, he turned to the hanyou, "How can you stand it!"

:"you get used to it."

The humans exchanged glances and turned as they heard a little boy run up, "Inu no niichan!"

The friends watched in shock as the boy hugged the hanyou's leg. Inuyasha ruffled his hair awkwardly. Kagome smiled, "This is my little brother Souta."

"Inu no niichan are you gonna play with us in Hawaii?"

Miroku and Sango exchanged glances, "Inu no niichan?"

The hanyou blushed and pried the kid off him, "Uh… yeah sure kid."

The friends smiled at each other at his uncharacteristic behavior. Shippo watched in surprise, not believing that the jerk of a hanyou could be nice to anyone besides Kagome. Things were so different in this time he was already blown away, and he had just stepped out of the well house!

Souta looked up at the other people in the group and his eyes fell on Kirara, "Awesome, its got two tails!"

Sango patted the fire cat on the head, "Yeah, Kirara is a fire neko-youkai."

"Whoa, what else can she do?"

"Transform into a larger size of herself."

"Wow! Can I see?"

"Uh, she only does it when there is trouble about."

"Oh, well can she do anything else?"

"Uh, we ride her in her big form, and she can fly-"


Sango blushed slightly at receiving all this attention for her pet, Kirara hopped down and walked around the young boy, flicking her tails and rubbing up against his legs, "Wow, she usually doesn't open up so quick."

"Well he does smell like Kagome."

"I what?"

"Since you are blood relatives you smell similarly."

Souta blinked at his hero's explanation. "Uh ok..." he turned to the taijya, "So you must be Sango… and this is Kirara." he gave the cat a pet as she continued circling him.


"And judging by that hand you must be Miroku." The monk's hand immediately retreated and he blushed, "Uh yeah."

Souta rolled his eyes, Kagome had warned him about the monk's hentai behavior, and he was glad he wasn't born a girl. He turned back to Kagome and Shippo, "And you are…"


"That's right!"

"Can you show me some of your kitsune magic sometime?"

"Sure that would be fun."

He jumped down from the miko's shoulder and landed on the concrete, "OUCH! that is HARD!"

"Yeah concrete is a big building material in this time, it makes roads, highways, buildings…"

Kagome gestured towards the skyline beyond the trees of the shrine grounds. The friend's once again looked around and mouths dropped at the sheer height of the buildings, and the noise of rush hour. The fire cat on Sango's shoulder was growling threateningly. Kagome picked up on the warning.

"Ok guys there are some rules in this time. I know things are new and probably freaky but I am telling you now that you can't attack anything unless I tell you otherwise. Most of it is technology and the noises that come out of no where are usually from cars or alarms or phones or things like that. So Kirara, I know the cars sound freaky, but you can't transform… That's another thing. in this time Inuyasha and Shippo will have to wear a hat and Kirara can't transform in public."

"Why Kagome-chan?"

"Sango, if Kirara transformed she would immediately be taken by scientists who wanted to find where she is from and what she is, you would probably never see her again…"

Sango held her fire cat as they heard another sound, turning to the source they saw an old man holding a broom and pattering over to them. Kagome rolled her eyes, "Ok guys this could take a while…"

"Kagome who are your friends? And why are they dressed in medieval clothing?"

"Jii-chan I… uh."

"We were rehearsing a play!"

Kagome mouthed a thank you to her little brother as their grandpa shrugged his shoulders and sauntered off towards the house, "By the way Jii-chan are you finished packing?"

"Yes as a matter of fact. My suitcases are next to yours… are these the friends you were gonna bring with us."

"Hai Jii-chan."

"Good I will inform your mother, you should show them around the shrine."

"Hai Jii-chan."

The friends looked around at what used to be an empty field and Kagome looked at Souta, "How about you? are you done packing?"

Souta grimaced and walked towards the house without another word. Kagome turned to Inuyasha and her friends, "Well what do you want to know?"

"How old is the shrine?"

"Jii-chan says its 500 years old, but I have the feeling its not as old as he think, considering that there are no plans for a shrine back in your time, so its not really known how old it is. of course Jii-chan thinks a lot of things… by the way, don't believe anything he says."

She took them around the shrine, answering patiently the numerous questions thrown her way. As they finished the tour her mom stepped out of the door and called to the group, "Lunch kids, come on in, its on the table!"

Shippo sniffed the air, "Inuyasha I don't smell any smoke from a fire."

Inuyasha smiled, "You have a lot to learn about Kagome's time, there are ton of things that can only be shown, not explained."

Miroku leaned towards Sango, "Wow, Inuyasha actually seems relaxed in this time!"

"I heard that."